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attain to this dignity. I will teach there a voice raised in his defence : you, if it please God, the good and " his lovers and kinsmen stood the right way: but I must previously afar off !” Thus," he came to his draw your attention to another coro- own, but his own received him nation, distinct from either of the not.” two which we have yet considered. Nevertheless, (strange, my breth

In the former instances we have ren, as it may appear,) to this perseen, that by this ceremony the autho- sonage, thus despised and rejected, rity of the person crowned was ac- I must direct you. He is still the knowledged; but the coronation, to King of glory; and his submitting which I am about to allude, has this to this last act of abasement for our remarkable difference,—that the per- sakes, is the crown of all his glory. son crowned was thus distinguished. It is on this very account, that God as a mark that his people disowned hath highly exalted him, and given his authority, and preferred to be him a name which is above every the slaves of a tyrant! He was the name; “ that at the name of JESUS most legitimate of all kings; and every knee should bow, of things came to the people who professed to in heaven and things in earth; and be waiting for him; yet was he de- " that every tongue should confess spised and rejected!

" that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the How then was the ceremony con

glory of God the Father.” ducted ? Did they set a crown of If then you would be crowned in pure gold upon his head ? No ; the world to come, you must make rude and barbarous hands plaited a him your crown of rejoicing here. crown of thorns and forced them If you would sit down to the baninto his brows ! Did they anoint quet in glory, you must first eat his him with oil ? No; filthy sinners flesh and drink his blood in his spispat in his face, and covered him ritual kingdom. To him we must with loathsome rheum! Did they look for every rich and spiritual put a sceptre in his hand ? No; it blessing: for the pardon of our sins; was a reed, with which they after- for that righteousness, which must wards beat the head they had in- be our title to eternal life; and for sulted! Thus mocked and cruelly that strength which can alone enable entreated, he was brought forth to us to keep his commandments, and the people; and he who led him become fitted for his heavenly kingcried, • Behold your king !"

And dom. We must likewise submit, in what then ? did they clap their some measure, to be crowned by the hands and shout, God save the world even as he was. We must be king”? no; they cried, Away content to endure his reproach, to with him, crucify him!” And 0! deny ourselves, and to be despised to what sort of a banquet did they and rejected by them who despised then lead him ?-and what nobility and rejected him. surrounded him ?_and who was the

" if we would reign with champion that rode forth on his be- him, we must also suffer with him.” half ? Alas! alas !-his banquet But if we do enter into the spirit was gall, and vinegar, and the bit of his life and conversation, we shall terness of death !--thuse who were find, that he will crown us with placed at his right and left hand were mercy and loving kindness in this malefactors and outcasts !-nor was life; and make us sit down with him

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No cross,



o Philippians ii, 9, 10,

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in his throne in the life to come.

watch over the dearest and best inBehold, then, “ the way, the truth,

terests of his people, depends, in a and the life !" Look unto him as the measure, upon the righteousness of author and finisher of your faith : He the whole lump, out of which he is is the creator of all thrones, whether chosen. " If


follow the Lord,” in heaven or earth : and in his pre- saith the Prophet, " then shall the sence those who are heirs of glory king that reigneth over you contitake off their crowns and cast them nue to follow the Lord ; but if ye before him.

will not obey the voice of the Lord, then shall the hand of the

Lord be against you.” p Observe Let me now make a few con- upon what depends a nation's happicluding remarks;—and may the Spi- ness: not upon its wealth, its fleets, rit of the Lord be with us and ren- its armies, its commerce, its public der them profitable !

credit, nor its laws; but upon attenFirst, with regard to that corona

tion and obedience to the commandtion which I presume has taken ments of God. Now one commandplace; I would ask the question, ment of Scripture is, " to pray for Do you, my brethren, take any kings, and for all who are in authorinterest in it? and, if so, I would next ity;"q but, alas ! what is it we beinquire, What sort of interest do you hold instead ? The prevailing disfeel ? The pomp and pageantry, position of the age is to scoff at of which we read, consist in things kings, to murmur at governments, which perish with the using, and a

and to resist or cavil at the powers few hours bring them to an end. which be. O, what an anomaly Have we then no interest in the in a christian country! How many transactions of the day, beyond the seem to resemble those of whom St. present moment ? Is the mere en

that they despise gojoyment of a show, or of a feast, all vernment, are presumptuous, selfwe have to do with the coronation willed, and are not afraid to speak of our King? Is it not a concern to evil of dignities !”? us, that what is solemn and sacred 2. In the next place, I have in the proceedings of the day, should shewn, in the progress of this disso far outweigh what is only glitter discourse, that we ourselves may all and ceremony, as to leave the heart become kings and priests unto God. of the Sovereign deeply impressed Let me then ask, how it is, that so with the importance and responsi- few appear desirous of obtaining that bility of his trust ? It is of great crown, or of sitting down to the concern. If we are really christians, marriage supper of the Lamb. and, more especially, if we are mem- see many in earnest to obtain a little bers of the Church of England, we worldly distinction or wealth ;—they cannot be ignorant, “ that the hearts are eager for those things which in “ of kings are in God's rule and the long run must perish and come

governance; and that he disposes to nought ;-and they often fret « and turns them as seemeth best themselves through life about that, "s to his godly wisdom.” The Scrip- which, after all, they never possess : tures likewise seem to imply, that but the things which are eternal, whether we are to have a king, who within their grasp, which the Lord shall reign in righteousness, and hath made sure in Jesus, and which

Peter says,


P 1 Sam. xii, 14.

91 Tim. ii, 2.

r 2 Pet. ii, 10.

(let them raise their expectations as looking for his appearing : but they please) will still exceed all that how cold and indifferent they betray they can ask or think,—these things themselves to be in regard to that apare neglected and despised! It is pearing and kingdom ;-how some want of faith : they cannot enter will make light of it, when the subin because of unbelief. It is one ject is seriously brought before thing to talk about loving Christ, them ;-how they neglect and turn and being with him : it is quite an- from those prophecies which speak other to shew, by holy obedience, of it! How are we to reconcile this that we do really desire what we with that Spirit of adoption, which is profess. When one who sat at meat the earnest of the inheritance ? with Jesus cried, Blessed are they with that Spirit, which waits for the “ who shall eat bread in the king- manifestation of the sons of God, “ dom of heaven,” Jesus immedi- and groans for the redemption of the ately spake the parable of the certain body ? man who made a great supper ; Go then, my hearers, such of you whereby he shewed, how many of as want faith to believe the glorious the professing friends of God, al- things spoken of Zion-and such as though invited to come and sit want hearts to relish the gracious down, do nevertheless make ex- and spiritual things of God-go and cuse, and prefer the world, And pray, that you may have the Spirit how frequently do we now see it the of wisdom and of revelation in the case, that people can talk well of knowledge of God,—that you may religion; and yet, when they are know the hope of your calling,—the called upon to act it, they shrink riches of Christ's inheritance in the back and make some excuse ! We saints,--and the exceeding power behold them in their ordinary life which worketh in them that believe and conversation, as it were without to prepare them for the inheritance. God;—they make no effort to imi- Go also and pray for grace, to entate the example of Christ;—they able you to take up the cross --to prefer their own will, and their own deny and mortify all fileshly and way. The real language of their worldly lusts,—and to be conformed hearts is, We will not have this to the blessed nature of Jesus. man to rule over us." They seem And you who are thus likened to to think they have no king but Cæ- his death, shall be planted also sar: i. e. they obey the laws of an in the likeness of his resurrection : earthly monarch; but make no ac- “ Henceforth (saith the Apostle) count of Him who sitteth at the - there is laid up for me, a crown of right hand of God.

righteousness, which the Lord, the The conduct of some appears even “ righteous judge, shall give me in still more inconsistent. They are " that day ;—and not unto me only, called to be kings, and to reign with but unto all them also that love Christ ;—they profess in words to be “ his appearing.”



No. V.

The Participation of the Saints

It will be useful, before we pro- to be insisted on, because there are ceed further, just to notice in the many, who, whilst they admit a way of summary those principal cir

those principal cir- Millennium of glory on earth, concumstances, which I trust have now fine it nevertheless to a portion been demonstrated. First, it has only of the Church of God. Some been shewn, that the expectation of for instance limit it to the Jews, the Church is (throughout the Scrip- some to those only who have suffered tures, and the New Testament more martyrdom for Christ, and some especially) connected with the se- to that generation, which shall be cond coming of the Lord Jesus living at the commencement of the Christ: to which event the saints' Millennium ; excluding all the dehope of reward and glory is generally parted saints, and the Lord Jesus referred. Secondly, that the pro- himself, from any visible participamises concerning the kingdom of tion. I conclude however, that the God and Christ, however they may whole of the saints, from the days include the intermediate gospel dis- of the first Adam up to the period pensation, do principally make the of the glorious advent of the second manifestation of the kingdom to be Adam,

Adam, will together enjoy their future. Thirdly, that the scene of resurrection glory at the beginning that manifestation is to be the earth of the Millennium; and that their in a renewed state, and more glory is altogether distinct from the especially Palestina and Jerusalem. condition of that portion of Israel,

Though much of the evidence who will then be redeemed in the brought to bear on these points flesh; and also from the spiritual must already have led to the con- state of those gentile nations, who clusion, that the saints in generul shall then likewise be in the flesh. will participate in this glorious state I have only to request of the Reader, of things; yet I consider it to be a if difficulties and objections present matter of so much importance and themselves to his mind on the interest to the Church to have it perusal of this statement, that he proved distinctly, that I have re- will at least suspend them, until I served many scripture testimonies have gone through the whole series for this purpose ; which testimonies of essays in which I am now enwill likewise further corroborate gaged; in the course of which it is the view which I have taken of probable that some of those diffithe kingdom of the Son of man. culties may be removed. I proceed therefore to shew, that

1. I trust it is not necessary to all the promises of this glory belong dwell long upon the antediluvian equally to the saints of the Old and saints : these may be all included New Testaments, in whatsoever age in one verse of Jude's Epistle ; of the Church they may have lived. " Enoch also, the seventh from 1. This point is the more necessary

“ Adam, prophesied to these, say


ing, Behold the Lord cometh with mean to deny, (though we are now myriads of his saints, to execute enabled clearly to infer the facts

judgement, &c.”a This was there. above stated,) that in the previous fore the expectation of the Church periods the mystery of the fulness in Enoch's time. And as respects of the gentiles was in great measure the saints from the time of Noah to hidden : for the Apostle tells us, Abraham, we may clearly infer their that in other ages was not made expectation from the eleventh chap- known unto the sons of men, as it is ter of Hebrews; Noah being at the now revealed unto the holy apostles seventh verse instanced as one of “ and prophets by the Spirit, that those, of whom in the thirty-ninth “ the gentiles should be fellow- heirs, and following verses it is said, that " and of the same body, and partakers they obtained a good report through " of his promise in Christ by the faith, but received not the promise ; Gospel.”d But the same Apostle God having designed, that they

that they does nevertheless quote, in the ninth should be perfected with us.

chapter of his Epistle to the Romans, 2. In regard to the promises to many places, from which it might Abraham and to his seed, I have have been inferred, that the Gentile already proved that Christ is the was to rejoice with the Jew; among seed principally intended, and by which I would especially instance consequence all those who are his The chief particular in the members. This is further evident promise to the seed of Abraham from Romans iv, 16, in which place was, that God engaged himself to the Apostle tells us, that the promise be their God, and by consequence is not only to be made sure to that to make them his PEOPLE. From seed which is of the law, “but to Hosea therefore might every Jew " that also which is of the faith have decidedly concluded, that the “ of Abraham, who is the father of time would arrive when the Gentiles

So also in Galatians : would be called in : for So Paul " Know ye therefore, that they presses on them the words ; “ I will ~ which are of faith, the same are call them my people which were " the children of Abraham.b And not my people; and her beloved, again, "Ye are all the children of " which was not beloved ; and it God by faith in Christ Jesus, &c. shall come to pass, that in the " there is neither Jew nor Greek, place where it was said unto « bond nor free, male nor female ; them, ye are not my people, there " for ye are all one in Christ Jesus : " shall they be called the children " and if ye be Christ's, then are ye “ of the living God.”e Peter also " Abraham's seed and heirs according presses the same “ Ye are a chosen to the promise.

“ generation, a royal priesthood, a 3. When the Church afterwards holy nation, a peculiar people; &c. assumed a still more distinct and “ which in time past were not a separate form in the Israelitish

people, but are now the people of nation, to whom all the promises then appear to be more immediately And though some have concluded, addressed, I grant that a greater from certain passages, that strangers degree of obscurity is thrown and foreigners were not to partake over this circumstance. Nor do I of the same promises with Israel ;

us all."


a v. 14.

b Gal. iii, 7.

c Ibid. iii, 26-29. d Ephes. iii, 5, 6. Rom. ix, 25, 26. fi Peter ii, 9, 10.

e Hosea i, 10 ; &

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