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3. All things in the new covenant, being proposed unto us by the
way of promise, it is by faith alone that we may attain a parti-
cipation of them,



God, and thereon of obedience unto him, are effects of the grace

of the covenant,

$. The work of grace in the new covenant, passeth on the whole

soul in all its faculties, powers and affections, unto their change

and renovation,

9. To take away the necessity and efficacy of renewing, changing,
sanctifying grace, consisting in an internal, efficacious operation

of the principles, habits, and acts of internal grace and obedi-

ence, is plainly to overthrow and reject the new covenant,

10. We bring nothing to the new covenant but our hearts, as ta-

bles to be written in, with the sense of the insufficiency of the

precepts and promises of the law, with respect to our own abi.

lity to comply with them,

11. The Lord Christ, God and man, undertaking to be the medi

ator between God and man, and a surety on our behalf, is the

spring and head of the new covenant, which is made and esta-

blished with us in him,

12. As nothing less than God becoming our God, could relieve,

help, and save us, so nothing more can be required thereunto,

13. The efficacy, security, and glory of this covenant, depend ori-

ginally on the nature of God, immediately and actually on the

mediation of Christ,

14. It is from the engagement of the properties of the divine na-

ture, that this covenant is ordered in all things, and sure,

15. As the grace of this covenant is inexpressible, so are the obli-

gations it puts upon us unto obedience,

16. God doth as well undertake for our being his people, as he

17. Those whom God makes a covenant withal, are his in a pecu-

liar manner,

18. The instructive ministry of the old testament, as it was such,

and as it had respect to the carnal rites thereof, was a ministry

of the letter, and not of the Spirit, which did not really effect

in the hearts of men the things which it taught,

19. There is a duty incumbent on every man to instruct others,

according to his ability and opportunity, in the knowledge of


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3. No man, by his utmost endeavours in the use of outward means,
can obtain the least beam of saving light, unless it be communi-
cated unto him by Christ, who is the only fountain and cause of it, ib.

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