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State can seize upon, therein following a common practise in recent American statutes of the sort. In other respects, however, the Massachusetts Act is more moderate. As to shares in railway, street railway, telegraph or telephone companies, incorporated in the State and also in some other State, it is provided that “so much only of each share as is proportional to the part of such company's line lying within this Commonwealth shall be considered as ... within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth for the purposes of this act.” The property of a resident of Massachusetts which is not in the State at the time of his death is not taxable if subject to a like tax in another State or country; or, if subject to an inheritance tax of less amount, it is taxable only for the difference. Finally, there is a reciprocity provision as to non-residents holding Massachusetts property. "Property of a non-resident decedent which is within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth at the time of his death" is not taxable, if subject to a like tax in the State or country of his residence, or is taxable only for the excess of the Massachusetts rate. But this alleviation is permitted only if a like exemption is made by the laws of the other State in favor of citizens of Massachusetts. This offer of reciprocity is significant and commendable. The practise in many States of levying inheritance taxes with respect to shares in all corporations within the jurisdiction of the State is leading to an accumulation of levies, which the Massachusetts statute wisely endeavors to prevent.

Some further provisions may be noted. The tax is chargeable to the executor, administrator, or trustee. Every such person is required to file within three months an inventory of the estate under penalty of $1,000. He is in any case individually liable for the whole amount of the tax. The tax is levied on the actual value of the estate or distributive share at the time of death or at the time when the beneficiary becomes entitled to the property. Provision is made for an equitable valuation of future interests and of life interests. In the administration of the tax the probate courts are given no small competence, their supervision of executors and trustees rendering them effective parts of the machinery. Gifts "made or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment after the death of the grantor" are also subject to the tax; but it would seem that gifts inter vivos are not otherwise affected. The old collateral inheritance tax of 5 per cent. is repealed. The new act took effect on the 1st of September of the current year.

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I. General Works. Theory and its Hig- VIII. Money, Banking and Exchange. tory.

IX. Finance and Taxation. II. The Labor Problem.

X. Capital and its Organization: Com. III. Socialism.

binations. IV. Land and Agrarian Problems.

XI. Economic History. V. Population and Migration.

XII. Description of Industries and Ro. VI. Transportation.

sources. VII. Foreign Trade and Colonization. XIII. Statistical Theory and Practice.

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