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DAVENPORT (H. J.). The Working

of Restricted Credit. Journ. Polit.

Econ., Jan. GARIEL (G.). Les chèques et vire

ments postaux en Suisse. Rev. Econ. Intern., Oct. (Describes also the Austrian and Hungarian

methods.] HEILIGENSTADT (C.). Der deutsche

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1907, Heft 4. HEINEMANN (E.). Die Scheck

frage und das Trennungs-problem in Bankwesen. Jahrb. f.

Nat. Oek., Nov. KEMMERER (E. W.). An Agricult

ural Bank for the Philippines. Yale Rev., Nov.

[The conditions which make such a bank desirable, and the U.S. act of 1907 for establishing one. The author of this paper has taken chief part in investigating the subject and bringing the legis

lation to pass.] KNAPP (G. F.). Die Währungs

frage, vom Staate aus betrachtet.

Jahrb. f. Gesetzg., 1907, Heft 4. LAUGHLIN (J. L.). Currency Re

form. Journ. Polit. Econ., Dec.

(A discussion of pending proposals, and concluding suggestion that

“Commission of high order" might be put in charge of emergency issues.)

The Recent Bond Issues.
Journ. Polit. Econ., Jan.
NOYES (C. D.). The Fall in the

World's Markets. Forum, Oct.-

The Financial Panic in the
United States. Forum, Jan.-

March. [A narrative account.] SCHMIDT (F.). Die französischen

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Knappsche Geldtheorie und das
Wesen des Geldes. Jahrb. f.

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TIPPER (Henry). Bank Charter

Act, 1844. Journal of the Institute of Bankers, Oct. (An examination of conditions in 1844 and in 1907, with suggestions for

amendment of the act.) WARSCHAUER (O.). Die Organi

sation des Scheckverkehrs in Deutschland. Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek., Nov.



CHARPENTIER (C.). La progres

sion dans les impôts indirects en Allemagne. Paris: Alcan. 1907.

5 fr. GREEF (G. de). L'Économie pub

lique et la science des finances.

Paris: Alcan. 1907. 9 fr. Gros (G.). L'impôt sur le revenu.

Essai d'économie financière.
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10 fr. HECKEL (M.). Lehrbuch der

Finanzwissenschaft. 1 Band. Leipzig: C. L. Hirschfeld. 1907. pp. 525. 10 m.

(A systematic treatise in three volumes, the second and third of which are expected to appear

within two years.) KLOSE (W.). Die Finanzpolitik der

preussischen Grossstädte. Berlin: F. Siemenroth. 1907. pp. 268. 5.50 m.

OBERHOLTZER (E. P.). Jay Cooke:

Financier of the Civil War. Philadelphia: George W. Jacobs. 1907. 2 vols.

pp. 658, 548. $7.50.

[An excellent and exhaustive biography of one of America's best-known financiers. The author had access to Jay Cooke's private papers, and has used

them freely.] RIEMANN (E.). Die Wertzuwachs

steuer und Umsatzsteuer in Breslau. Kommentar zur Steuerordnung v. 20. Juni, 1907. Breslau: W. G. Korn. 1907.


COMMERCE AND LABOR. Inheritance-Tax Laws. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1907.

[A convenient compendium.]

pp. 92.

pp. 69.

[blocks in formation]

DES CILLEULS (A.). Vues et con

séquences financières relatives à l'opération des domaines nationaux en France. Rev. de sci. et

de lég. fin., V. 4. GRENLICH (E.). Die finanzielle

Belastung der Gesellschaften mit beschränkster Haftung. Ann. des deutsch. Reichs, 1907, 10 and 11. [A study of double taxation in income-tax laws of the

German states.] JÈZE (G.). Le budget au point de

vue juridique. Rev. de sci. et de

lég. fin., V. 3. LE ROSSIGNOL (J. E.) and STEWARD

(W. D.). Rating of Unimproved Land in New Zealand. Journ.

Polit. Econ., Jan. MANICKE (A.). Die deutsche

Schaumweinsteuer. Fin. Archiv,

24, 2. REVILLON (A.). L'impôt sur le

Rev. de sci. et de lég. fin., V. 3. Rocca (E. P.). Lo iluppo delle

società per azioni e il nostro sistema tributario. Riforma Soc.,

Sept.-Oct. TANGORRA (V.). La technica finan

ziaria come materia d'indagine · teorica e di studi teorico-descrittivi. Giorn. degli Econ.,

Nov. WEBER (Ad.). Ueber die Wertzu

wachssteuer. Krit. Blätter, Nov., Dec. [Review of recent publications on the subject by one

not disposed to favor this tax.) ZWIEDINECK-SÜDENHORST (O. von).

Der Abschluss der badischen Steuerreform. Fin. Archiv, 24, 2. [An account of the property tax established by the law of 1906.)

In Periodicals. Adams (T. S.). Separation of the

Sources of State and Local Rey

enues. Journ. Polit. Econ., Jan. BaligaUD (A. von). Die projek

tierte Aufhebung der staatlichen und kommunalen Oktrois in

Spanien. Fin. Archiv, 24, 2. BROOKS (R. C.). The New Un

earned Increment Taxes in Germany. Yale Rev., Nov. (An excellent account of those taxes, of their fiscal effects and relations

to other taxes.] Coun (G.). Eisenbahnüberschüsse

und Steuern im preussischen Staatshaushalte. Zeitschr. f. d.

ges. Staatsw., 1907, Heft 4. Conn (Gustav). Government and

Public Finance. Econ. Journ.,

Dec. Cohn (I.). Government and Pub

lic Finance. Econ. Journ., Dec. [Remarks on public works as sources of revenue, with a prophecy for Germany of higher pro

gressive taxes on the well-to-do.] DAVENPORT (H. J.). A Permissive

Habitation Tax. Journ. Polit.
Econ., Dec.

Tax Legislation by Constitutional Amendment. Journ. Polit. Econ., Dec.


X. CAPITAL AND ITS ORGANIZATION: COMBINATIONS. CARR (C. T.). Collective Owner- ship. London: Murray. 1907.

ship Otherwise than by Cor- 8vo. pp. 166. 2s. 60.
porations or by Means of the [Four lectures delivered at

Harvard University, 1907.)
Trust. London: Camb. Univ.
Press. 1907. 8vo. pp. 138. 58.

FAIRLIE (J. A.). Essays in Munici

pal Administration. New York: [Yorke Prize Essay, 1905.)

Macmillan. pp. 374. DARWIN (L.).

Municipal Owner- [A collection of essays, chiefly


reprinted, all of excellent quality. Economic problems are touched in those on Public Works Administration, Municipal Ownership, Electric Lighting in Detroit, Street Railways in Chicago, and Municipal Conditions in for

eign countries.) KNOOP (Douglas). American Busi

ness Enterprise. A Study in Industrial Organization.

Manchester: The University Press. 1907. pp. 110.

[A report by a Gartside scholar of the University of Manchester, based on a journey of investigation. Well done, but not containing much new to American

students.] LANDER (A. E.). The Municipal

Manual: A Description of the Con-
stitution and Functions of Urban
Local Authorities. London: P.S.
King. 1907. pp. 300. 38. 6d.

(Covers, among other subjects, "extra municipal powers,” such

water supply, gas works, telephones, and the like, and

1 m.
A re-

Federation. 1907. pp. about
2,500. $10.

[A noteworthy investigation by a commission of experts representing different points of

view.] RIESSER.

Stand und Aussicht der Börsengesetzreform. Berlin: L. Simion. 1908. pp. 42.

[In Volksw. Zeitfragen. port to the German Bankers' Congress of 1907. The author

is a professor of law.] UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF

COMMERCE AND LABOR. Commissioner of Corporations. Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on the Petroleum Industry. Part II. Washington: Government Printing Office. pp. 965.

[Considers prices and profits in the petroleum industry.)

finance and poor laws.] MEYER (Hugo R.). The British State Telegraphs. New York: Macmillan Co. 1907. $1.50.

Public Ownership and the Telephone in Great Britain. New York: Macmillan. 1907. pp. 404. $1.50.

[In these volumes the author again reaches conclusions against public management. In that on the telephone, national and municipal administrations are roundly condemned. In that on the telegraph, most stress is laid on the pressure of the House of Commons to bring about lower rates and that of the civil servant to secure higher pay and slack discipline. Both volumes rest on painstaking use of the sources, and are to be reck


PORT. Municipal and Private Operation of Public Utilities. 3 vol. New York: National Civic

pp. 425.

In Periodicals. ARBUTHNOT (C. C.). The Factor

System as related to Industrial Combinations. Journ. Polit. Econ., Dec. (A good review of the methods practised and the opinions of business men, with conclusion that the system is

not open to serious objection.] CONANT (Chas. A.). The World's

Wealth in Negotiable Securities.

Atlantic, Jan.
Forbes (Urquhart A.). The Water

Supply of the United Kingdom. Quart. Rev., Oct. [Urges a treatment of the English watersystem on scientific principles.] MONTEMARTINI (G.). La politica

municipale nei grandi centri

urbani. Giorn. degli Econ., Dec. SABATIER (C.). Le morcellisme

dans l'industrie. Rev. d'Écon. Pol., Nov.-Dec. (Examines the reasons for the increase in small

ZARTMANN (L. W.). Control of

Life Insurance Companies.
Journ. Polit. Econ., Nov.

[On the mode in which policy-holders may vote and affect management, with considerations of the recent legislation of New York.]

XI, ECONOMIC HISTORY. Beer (George Louis). British KOCH (H.). Geschichte des Seiden

Colonial Policy, 1754-65. Lon- gewerbes in Köln vom 13. bis don: Macmillan Co. 1907. pp. zum 18. Jahrhundert. Leipzig: 340. 88. 6d.

Duncker & Humblot. 1907. [The author has been a lecturer pp. 139. 3.20 m. in history at Columbia Univer- [In Schmoller's Forschungen.) sity.]


Studi sulla proBISHOP (A. L.). The State Works prietà fondiaria nel medio evo:

of Pennsylvania. New Haven: II. (Oneri pubblici e diritti Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor. signorili). Verona-Padua: Fra1907. pp. 148.

telli Drucker. 1907. 8vo. pp. [A careful history, based on 157. the sources, of the Pennsylvania MEYNIEL (S.). Un facteur de la state canals and railways, to révolution française. La querelle their sale in 1858-59.

The au

des impôts au Parlement franthor is instructor in Yale Uni- çais en 1788–1789. Paris: Giard versity. The monograph is re- et Brière. 1907. 5 fr. printed from the Proceedings of MILIOUKOV (P.). La crise russe. the Connecticut Academy of Son origine, son évolution, ses Arts and Sciences.)

conséquences. Paris: Libr. univ. BOGART (E. L.). The Economic 1907. 15 fr.

History of the United States. SALONE (E.). La colonisation New York: Longmans, Green de la Nouvelle-France. Étude & Co. 1907. pp. 535. $1.75.

sur les origines de la nation cana(An excellent text-book for dienne français. 2me édition. colleges and

high schools, Paris : Guilmots. 1907. 7.50 fr. equipped with bibliographical SARGENT (A. J.). Anglo-Chinese aids, maps, good illustrations.

Commerce and Diplomacy The best book yet published on (mainly in the nineteenth centhe subject.]

tury). Oxford and New York: Casta-LUMIO (L.).

Étude his- Clarendon Press. 1907. pp. torique sur les origines de l'émi- 344. $4.15. gration reglementée dans nos [An excellent account of Britanciennes colonies de la Ré- ish trade with China, beginning union, la Guadeloupe, la Mar- with a sketch of the East India tinique, et la Guyane. Paris:

Company's rule, and proceedLarose. 1907. pp. 208.

ing chronologically to the presFISCHER (Kurt). Eine Studie über ent. The author is teacher at the

die Elbschiffahrt in den letzten London School of Economics.] 100 Jahren, mit bes. Berück- SMYTH (Eleanor C.). Sir Rowland sichtigung der Erhebung der Hill: The Story of a Great ReSchiffahrtsabgaben. Jena: G. form. London: Unwin. 1907. Fischer. 1907. pp. 283. 7.50 m. 8vo.

5s. [In Conrad's Abhandl.]

ZEYSS (R.). Die Entstehung der GAFFAREL (P.). La politique co- Handelskammern und die In

loniale en France de 1789 à 1830. dustrie am Niederrhein während Paris: Alcan. 1907. 7 fr.

der französ. Herrschaft. Beitrag KIESSELBACH (G. A.). Die wirt- zur Wirtschaftspolitik Napoleon's. schaftlichen Grundlagen

der I. Leipzig: Duncker & Humdeutschen Hanse und die Han- blot. 1907. delsstellung Hamburgs bis in die 2. Hälfte des 14. Jahrhunderts.

In Periodicals. Berlin: G. Reimer. 1908. 6 m. BRAKEL (S. van). Die Entwickelung w (Announced.

und Organisation der Merchant

pp. 344.

pp. 292.

7 m.

Adventurers. Vierteljahrschr. f.
Social- u. Wirtschaftsgesch., 1907,

Heft 3.
CARO (G.). Probleme der deutschen

Agrargeschichte. Vierteljahrschr. f. Social- u. Wirtschafts

gesch., 1907, Heft 3. GYGAX (P.). Augsburg, das ein

stige Geldreservoir des Platzes St. Gallen, 1835–1850. Jahrb. f.

Gesetzg., 1907, Heft 4. HARMS (B.). Die Steuern und

Anleihen im öffentlichen Haushalt der Stadt Basel, 1361-1500. Zeitschr. f. d. ges. Staatsw., 1907,

Heft 4. LEVY (H.). Englische Kartelle der

Vergangenheit. II. Jahrb. f.

Gesetzg., 1907, Heft 4. (A second

instalment of this study.) MÜLLER (T.). Geleitswesen und

Güterverkehr zwischen Nürnberg
und Frankfurt a. M. im 15.
Jahrhundert. Vierteljahrschr. f.
Social- u. Wirtschaftsgesch., 1907,

Heft 3. RACHFAHL (F.). Zur ältesten Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Germanen. Jahrb. f. Gesetzg., 1907, Heft 4. (A criticism of some points in the second edition of Brunner's Rechts

geschichte.) SCHACHNER (R.). Australien als

selbständiger Produktionsstaat. Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek., Oct., Dec.


pp. 592.

pp. 551.

BARKER (J. E.). Modern Germany.

Her Political and Economic Problems. London: E. Smith. 1907. 8vo.

108. 6d. [2d and very greatly enlarged edition.] CENTRO INDUSTRIAL DO BRASIL. O

Brasil, suas riquezas naturas, suas industrias. Rio de Janeiro: M. Orosco & Co. 1907.

(A French translation of the introduction of this work has

also been issued.) CRONBACH (Else). “Die oesterreich

ische Spitzenhausindustrie. Beitrag zur Hausindustriepolitik. Vienna: F. Deuticke. 1907. pp. 217.

[In Wiener Staatsw. Studien.] DEMANGEON (A.). L'industrie au

rifère en Colombie. Paris: Dunod

et Pinat. 1907. FERNEHEM (M. de). Les richesses

du Portugal. Paris: Dujarric.

1907. 1.50 fr. FREEMAN(W.G.), CHANDLER (S. E.),

and Others. The World's Commercial Products. Boston: Ginn & Co. 1907. pp. 391. $3.50.

(A valuable treatise on the economic plants of the world and their commercial uses, with many

excellent illustrations.] GOFFART (M. F.).

La mise en

5 m.

valeur du Congo. L'immigration des capitaux privés. Gand: Gomaere. 1907.

[Examines the large investment of international capital in

the region of the Congo.] GROTEWALD (Chr.). Die Tabak

industrie: Rohmaterial, Technik, volksw. Bedeutung. Stuttgart: E. H. Moritz 1907. pp. 152. 2.50 m.

Die Zuckerindustrie: Rohmaterial, Technik, volksw. Bedeutung. Stuttgart: E.

H. Moritz. 1907. pp. 178. 2.50 m.

[Popular illustrated handbooks, in a series edited by this

author.) HAARMAN (H. J.). Die ökono

mische Bedeutung der Technik in der Seeschiffahrt. Leipzig: W. Klinkhardt. 1907. pp. 114.

[In the series of Technischvolksw. Monographien, edited by

L. Sinzheimer.] HALLE (E., editor). Die Weltwirt

schaft. II. Jahrgang, 1907. II. Teil: Deutschland. Leipzig: Teubner. 1907. pp. 291. 4 m.

[This second part, on Germany, appears earlier than Part I. (International Surveys) and Part III. (Foreign countries). The

3 m.

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