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3 m.

of Wisconsin. 1907. pp. 182.50 cents.

[Gives results of extensive investigation of actual condi

tions.) SCHLUNK (A. F.). Die Berliner

Arbeiterkolonie, ihre Entwickelung und Arbeit. Berlin: G. Nauck. 1908. pp. 50. 80 m.

[An account by the director of this institution, prepared for its managing board on the twenty

fifth anniversary of foundation.] SKARZYNSKI (Graf L.). Arbeits

ausstände und Arbeiterverbände. Aus dem Russischen von Dr. Claus. Berlin: C. Heymann. 1908. pp. 278. 8 m. WEBER A.). À travers la mutu

alité. Étude critique sur les sociétés de

mutuels. Paris: Rivière. 1908. 8vo.

5 fr. WHITEHOUSE (John) and Others.

Report of an Enquiry into Working Boys' Homes in London. London: A. Fairbairns. 1908.

18. WHITIN (E. S.). Factory Legisla

tion in Maine. New York: Longmans, Green & Co.

1908. pp. 145. $1.

[In Columbia Univ. Studies.]


anarchy," and proposes remedies designed to give to public interest a share in the control of in

dustry.) KÖPPE (E.). Der Arbeitstarif

vertrag als Gesetzgebungsproblem. Jena: G. Fischer, 9 m.

(Announced.] LAUER (F.). Die Praxis des öf

fentlichen Arbeitsnachweises. Im Auftrage des Verbandes deutscher Arbeitsnachweise. Berlin: G. Reimer.

1908. Pp. 98. MÉTIN (A.). Les Traités Ouvriers.

Paris: Librairie Armand Colin. 1908. pp. 272. 3.50 fr.

[Accords Internationaux de Prévoyance et de Travail. Textes officiels. Commentaires

et historiques.) MÜLLER (R.). Die Bekämpfung

der Bleigefahr in Bleihütten. Jena: G. Fischer. 1908. pp. 213. 3.50 m.

[A prize essay, crowned by the International Association

for Labor Legislation. The author is an engineer and mine man

ager.) Pic (P.). Traité élémentaire de

législation industrielle. Les lois ouvrières. Troisième édition. Entièrement refondue. Paris :

Rousseau. 1908. 12.50 fr. POULET (H.). Sociétés de secours

mutuels. Législation et jurisprudence. Paris : Dupont.

1908. 8vo. 4 fr. RASTALL (B. M.). The Labor His

tory of the Cripple Creek District: A Study in Industrial Evolution. Madison, Wis.: Bulletin of Univ. of Wisconsin. 1908. pp. 166. 50 cents.

[A valuable account of the labor disturbances, with some

what rash conclusions.] SAINT-GIRONS (P.). L'assurance

paternale contre la grève. Paris: Larose et Tenin. 1908. 8vo.

7.50 fr. SCHAFFNER (Margaret A.). The

Labor Contract from Individual to Collective Bargaining. Madison, Wis.: Bulletin of the Univ.

pp. 300.

In Periodicals. BallOD (C.). Wohnungsfrage und

Gartenstadtproblem. Jahrb. f.

Gesetzg., Heft 2. BEHR (F. B.). The Housing of the

Working Classes. A Problem and its Solution. Nat. Rev., June. [The "solution” lies in the installation of a mono-rail railroad, thereby immensely improving London's connections

with its suburbs.] BEVERIDGE (W. H.). Unemploy

ment and its Cure: The First Step. Contemp. Rev., April. (A scheme to make casual employment regular by the organiza

tion of labor exchanges.] BRODNITZ (G.). Arbeiter-Studien

reisen. Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek., May. CARTER (J.). The Factories of

Osaka. Econ. Rev., April. (Sumway, Denmark, Germany, and

Switzerland.) MARRIOTT (J. A. R.). The “Right

to Work." Nineteenth Cent., June. (A discussion provoked by a recent bill before Parliament providing for government

employment of the unemployed.] MARTELL (P.). Das Lehrlings

wesen in den Vereinigten Staaten. Zeitschr. f. Socialw.,

May: MÜNSTERBERG (E.). Bericht über

die 27. Jahres versammlung des Deutschen Vereins für Armenpflege und Wohltätigkeit. Jahrb.

f. Gesetzg., Heft 2. PFÜTZE-GROTTEWITZ (A.). Kon

sum vereine und Detailhandel im Königreich Sachsen. Zeitschr. f. d. ges. Staatsw., Heft 2.

Die Konsumvereine in Italien. Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek, May. SEUTEMANN (K.). Die Barmer

Textilindustrie und die Lohnund Einkommens verhältnisse ihrer Arbeiter. Jahrb. f. Nat.

Oek., April SUTHERLAND (William). Old-age

Pensions and the Budget. Als bany Rev., June. [A discussion and criticism of the English government's old-age pension proposal.] WARSCHAUER (O.). Die Treuhand

Gesellschaften und die Aufsichtsratsfrage in Deutschland. Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek., April. WEBB (Sidney). The Necessary

Basis of Society. Contemp. Rev., June. [The enforcement of a national minimum of leisure, wage, sanitation, etc., is to occupy the statesmanship of the twenti

eth century.] UNSIGNED. Eight Hours' Day in

Coal Mines. Quarterly Rev., Jan. [Concludes that the establishment of a statutory, eight-hour day for labor in and connected with coal mines must result in a contraction in output and rise in


prices:he Right to Work. Quar


marizes the labor conditions in

the second largest city in Japan.) FEHLINGER (H.). Die Arbeitszeit

in den Fabriksbetrieben Oesterreichs. Ann. des Deutsch.

Reichs, 1908, 4.
FRANKENBERG (H. von). Die Mei-
sterprüfungen. Ann. des Deutsch.

Reichs, 1918, 4.
FYFE (W. Hamilton). The Re-

muneration of Women's Work.
Econ. Rev., April. [Points
out the low wage received by
women, and urges inspection and
licensing as likely to do imme-

diate good.) GERLOFF (W.). Die zehnjährige

Tätigkeit des Vermittlungsamtes des Kantons Basel-Stadt. Zeitschr. f. ges. Staatsw., Heft 2.

Ein beachtenswerter Tarifvertrag: Archiv f. Sozialw., May. [A Zürich wage agree

ment.) HERBIG. Das Verhältnis des Lohns

zur Leistung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Bergbaus.

Jahrb. f. Gesetzg., Heft 2. HOFMANN (E.). Die Gesetzent

würfe betr. Arbeitslosigkeit in
Baselstadt. Archiv f. Sozialw.,

HowGRAVE (Walter). A Socio-

logical View of Unemployment.

Westm. Rev., April.
HUTCHINS (B. L.). Gaps in our

Factory Legislation. Econ.
Journ., June. [Suggestions as to
hours of work for the young,
health and safety, payments of
wages and fines.]
KALCKSTEIN (W. von). Was

lehren uns die im Deutschen Reiche schon bestehenden Wohnungs- und Einlogiererordnungen?

Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek., May. KLEEBERG (A.). Zur Termino

logie der Lohntarifgemein-
schaft.” Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek.,

LEO (V.). Examen critique de

l'évolution contemporaine en ma-
tière d'assurance contre le cho-
mage. Rev. Écon. Intern., May.
(Examines the Ghent system and
its development in France, Nor-

terly Rev., Jan. [A criticism along familiar lines of the proposal for State provision for the unemployed.)


BERNSTEIN (Ed.). Sozialismus und

Demokratie in der grossen englischen Revolution. Zweite vermehrte und illustrierte Ausgabe. Stuttgart: Dietz. 1908.

pp. 380. 3.50 m. CLAYTON (Joseph). Robert Owen,

Pioneer of Social Reforms. Lon

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Church, and the Poor. London:

Hodder & S. 1908. pp. 82. 18. KAUTSKY (K.). Die historische

Leistung von Karl Marx. Zum 25 Todestage des Meisters. Berlin: Vorwärts. 1908. pp. 48.

rent and interest and "regula

tion" of population.] STRACHEY (J. St. L.). Problems

and Perils of Socialism. London and New York: Macmillan. 1908. pp. 126. 12d.

[In the form of letters to a workingman.)

In Periodicals.

1 m.

LATOUCHE (Peter). Anarchy! An

Authentic Exposition of the
Methods of Anarchists and the
Aims of Anarchism. London:

Everett. 1908. pp. 248. 6s. LEWIS (A. M.). Evolution, Social

and Organic. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co. 1908. pp. 186. 50 cents.

[Standard Socialist Series.) LONDON MUNICIPAL SOCIETY. The

Case against Socialism: A Handbook for Speakers and Candidates. New York: Macmillan; London: G. Allen & Sons. 1908.

pp. 537.

[With a prefatory letter by Hon. A. J. Balfour.) MAYNE (John D.). The Triumph

of Socialism. London: Sonnen

schein. 1908. pp. 148. 1s. PRATO (G.). Rassegne statistiche

ed economiche. Torino: Società Tipografico-Editrice Nazionale. 1908. pp. 309.

[Deals chiefly with questions of emigration and labor. SPARGO (John). The Common

Sense of Socialism. Chicago:
C. H. Kerr. 1908. pp. 184.

[In the form of a series of letters.] STANTON (R.). An Essay on the

Distribution of Livelihood. New York: C. O. Farwell. 1908. pp. 125. $1.50.

[Advocates "absorption"

BARDOUX (J.). Le socialisme et le

mouvement ouvrier en Angle

terre. Rev. Écon. Intern., April. BARROW (F. H.). Socialism in His

tory. Westm. Rev., May. CROZIER (John Beattie). A Chal

lenge to Socialism. III. The Fabians and Parliamentarians.

Fortn. Rev., May. DARNTON-FRASER (H. J.). Social

ism and Agrarian Problems Hungary. Westm. Rev., June. [Briefly descriptive and histori

cal.] FABBRI (L.). Die historischen und

sachlichen Zusammenhänge zwischen Marxismus und Anarch

ismus. Archiv f. Sozialw., May. HOARE (H. W.). The Impotence

of Socialism. A Rejoinder. Nineteenth Cent., April. [In answer to Mr. Ramsay Macdonald's article in the February number of

the same periodical.] JENKS (Edward). Mr. Mallock on

Socialism. Albany Rev., June. [An attack on Mr. Mallock's

recent book.] MACDONALD (J. Ramsay). Social

ism and Politics. A Reply to Dr. Beattie-Crozier. Fortn. Rev.,

June. MALLOCK (W. H.). Persuasive So

cialism. Nineteenth Cent., May. [A reply to publications by H. G.

Wells and Ramsay Macdonald.)
SIMKHOVITCH (V. G.). Marxism v.

Socialism. I. Pol. Sci. Quart.,
June. [An examination of the
actual content of Marx's doc-
trines: not ethical, but resting

primarily on the economic interpretation of history. To be

continued.) SNOWDEN (Philip). Social Justice

and Evolution. Fortn. Rev., April. [A defence of socialism, following earlier articles by

Messrs. Crozier and Blatchford.] VANDERVELDE (E.). Der General

streik. Archiv f. Sozialw., May. [A discussion by the well-known

leader of the Belgian socialist party of the function of the gen

eral strike.] WILLIAMS (J. Leon). An Experi

ment in Socialism and What came of it. Fortn. Rev., April. (A brief account of a socialistic col

ony planted in Mexico.] UNSIGNED. The Ideas of Mr. H. G.

Wells. Quarterly Rev., April. [A hostile criticism.]


that pays.

ALLEN (Thomas). Small Farming

London: Cable Pub.
Co. 1908. 18.
BERNHARD (L.). Das Polnische

Gemeinwesen im Preussischen
Staat. Leipzig: Duncker &
Humblot. 1908. pp. 697. 6 m.

[The author, professor at Kiel, confines himself chiefly to a narration of the struggle of the Poles to retain their land. Book I. Organization of the Poles in Posen and West Prussia, Westphalia, Silesia; II. Financial Resources; III. The Struggle

for the Land.) CADBURY (George) and BRYAN

(Tom). The Land and the Landless. London: Headley. 1908.

pp. 190. 18. 6d. McCONNELL (Primrose). The Diary

of a Working Farmer: Being the True History of a Year's Farming in Essex. London: Cable

Pub. Co. 1908. pp. 302. 28. SEATTLE REAL ESTATE AssociA

TION. Reports on City Real Estate Values. Seattle. 1907.

agrario: la mezzadria toscana. Florence. 1908. pp. 166. 1.501.

In Periodicals. LECARPENTIER (G.). Le problème

agraire de l'Angleterre. Rev. Écon. Intern., May. (Study of the Small Holdings Act of 1907, and the conditions out of which

it developed.) RACHFAHL (F.). Nomadentum und

Ackerbau. Jahrb. f. Gesetzg.,

Heft 2. SMITH (Wm.). Back to the Land.

Econ. Journ., June. [By various measures, a fair number of the industrious and thrifty may be

got back.) STEELE (A. R.). The Small Hold

ings. Some Causes of their Success in Denmark. Westm. Rev.,

May. STENGEL (K. von). La question

foncière et les sociétés concessionnaires dans les colonies allemandes. Rev. Écon. Intern.,

April VIRGILII (F.). Il costo di produ

zione del grano in Italia. Giorn. degli Econ., April. [Concluding article; emphasizes need of increased investment of capital in Italian agriculture.]

pp. 115.

[Avaluable compilation of data for forty-eight American

cities.] SERRAGLI (P. F.). Un contratto


In Periodicals. sation du travail par nationalités GURADZE (H.). Der Einfluss der à Paris. Paris: Rousseau. 1908. Eingemeindung auf die Bevölk12mo. 2 fr.

erungsbewegung der Grossstädte. Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek., May.

pp. 174.


édition revue et mise à jour. 3 vols. Paris: Béranger.

8vo. 50 fr.
WELD (L. D. H.). Private Freight

Cars and American Railways.
New York: Longmans, Green &
Co. 1908. pp. 185. $1.50.

[Deals with history, present conditions, and proposed remedies for evils.]

pp. 126.

pp. 412.

Byers (M. L.). Economics of Rail

road Operation. Engineering

News Pub. Co. 1908.
DAVIES (A. Emil). The National-

ization of Railways. London:
Black. 1908.

*GRÜNZEL (J.). System der Ver-

kehrspolitik. Leipzig: Duncker
& Humblot. 1908.
8.40 m.

[Similar in plan to the author's System der Industriepolitik (1905) and System der Handelspolitik (1906). System der Agrarpolitik is to follow. The present volume gives a compact survey, without originality or depth,

transportation,roads, railways, shipping, ports, -and on some other topics, such as money, banking, marine insur


In Periodicals.
DOUMER (P.). Les chemins de fer

du Brésil. Rev. Écon. Intern.,

Nouvion (G. de). Une expérience

de nationalisation. Le rachat de

ance.] HUMBERT (G.). Traité complet

des chemins de fer. Deuxième

l'Ouest. Journ. des Écon., May. REBOUD (P.). Les conséquences

financières du rachat des chemins de fer de l'Ouest. Rev. d'Écon. Pol., April. (A careful critical study.]


pp. 128.


VII. FOREIGN TRADE AND COLONIZATION. BELL (Lady). Down with the Tar- on the social problems. Most

iff: A Tale of Free Trade. Lon- space is given to Portuguese, don: A. L. Humphreys. 1908. Spanish, and Dutch colonization.

A concluding chapter considers CARANO-DONVITO (G.). Trattato di modern Italian and German colo

economia commerciale e di isti- nization. Neither British nor tuzioni doganali. Turin. 1907. French colonization is taken up 8vo. pp. 590. 61.

at all.] DEHERME (G.). L'Afrique occident- LEROY-BEAULIEU (Paul). De la ale française. Action politique,

colonisation chez les peuples action économique, action soci- modernes. 6me édition revue et ale. Paris: Blond. 1908. 8vo. augmentée. Paris: Alcan. 1908. pp. 528. 6 fr.

8vo. 20 fr. FONTANA-Russo (L.). Traité de TRESCHER (E.). Vorzugszölle. Ihr

politique commerciale. Traduit Geschichte und Wirkung im de l'italien. Paris : Giard et internationalen Warenverkehr. Brière. 8vo. 15 fr.

Berlin: F. Siemenroth. 1908. KELLER (A. G.). Colonization: A pp. 183. 3.60 m.

Study of the Founding of New
Societies. Boston: Ginn & Co.

In Periodicals. 1908. pp. 629.

[An able book, designed as a GARVIN (J. L.). The Demagogics text-book for the study of colo- of Free Trade. Nat. Rev., April. nization, the method being that GOOD (T.). The Real Conditions of historical narrative with stress of Industrial Germany. Westm.

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