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to the elective body of the people, Poetical Effays. By a young gende 8vo.

710 - man of Hertford College, Oxford, Parliament, the duty of a member of,

400.. clearly explained in a letter from a Poor, thoughts upon the means of nobleman to his son, 8vo.

preserving the health of the, by preThe true Patriot, a sermon, on the vention and suppression of epidemic

much lamented death of J. Howard, fevers. By the rev. fir W. Clerkc; LL. D. F.R. S. preached at Hack. bart. 8vo.

709 ney, his native place. Wich memoirs Popular commotions, considered as of his life and character. By S. Pal- figns of the approaching end of the mer, 8vo.


world. A sermon prcached in the Paul and Mary, an Indian story; 2 vols. metropolitan church of Canterbury, 12mo.


on Sunday, September 20, 1789; The Englis Peerage; or, a view of the with an occasional preface. By W.

ancient and prelent state of the Eng- Jones, M.A. F. R. S. 400. 75 lifh pobility. To which is subjoin. Small-Pox, a medical and political ina ed, a chronological account of such quiry into the. By R. Walker, citles as have become extinct, from M. D. 8vo. the Norman conquest to the begin. Les premices de me jeunesse, ou le peros ning of the year 1990, 3 vols. 4to. moderne dans le royaume de Cathai. Par 56 B. Frere, de Cherens, 12no.

716 The critical Period; or, seasonable Prerogative and influence, an histori. 1. truths relative to the general elec- cal sketch of, in a letter to a friend,

tion in Great Britain and Ireland, small 8vo. 8vo.

71 Psalms, a key to the, being an easy, Petition of the city of London : fa- concise, and familiar explanation of

vour of the tobacconists, oblervations words, allusions, and lentonces in on the, 8vo.

598 them, selected from substancial au.Philanthropic society, instituted Sep- thorities. By the fev. W. Coie, cember, 1788, for the prevention of A, M. 8vo.

114 crimes, the second report, and address of the, 8vo.

119 -, verses on the beaevolent institution of the. By the Uakers,, a letter to the people fo

rev. W. L. Bowles, 4to. 353 Philosophical Transactions of the Roy. quences to them of a repeal of the

al Society of London, vol. Ixxix. für corporation and test acts, 8vo. 347

the year 1789. part II. 400. 516 Diftrict of Quebec, introduction to the Phlogistic and antiphlogiltic theories, observations made by the judges of

a cumparative view of the, with ina the court of common pleas for the, ductions. To which is annexed, an upon the oral and written testimony analysis of the human calculus, with adduced upon che investigation into observations on its origin, &c. By the past adminisracion of justice, W. Higgins, of Pembroke College, 8vo. Oxford, 8vo.

545 Phosphorus, cxamination of. By M.

Physiognomy, essays on, for the pro-

mution of the knowledge and the from the Russ of M. Wocklow, love of mankind. Written in the 3 vols. 12mo.

118 German language, by J. C. Lavater, Raynsford Park, a novel. 4 vols. 357 and transated into English by Tho. Redemption, a new theory of, upon mas Holcroft,

265 principles equally agreeable to revePoems, by Susanna, 4to. 227 lation and reason, 2 vols. 8vo. 143

consisting of modern manners, The Reflc&or, a fele&ion of essays on Aurelia, the curate, and other pieces, various subjects of commun life. never before published. By the rev. From original papers, 2 vols, 1200, S. Hoole, s. M. 2 vols. 8vo. 589

235 -, by D, Deacon, jun. 4to. 526 Mrs, Régency, the death and dillec

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be spoken by the right homofile Sthe right hol, the lord mayor one

nor, funeral procession and will Discourse on the Love of our Coins of, 8vo.

119 try,' by Rich. Price, &c. Svo 233 Religious liberty in the case of the Dif. A Review of the pamphlet, intitled,

senters, Cacholics, and Jews, a colo • A Difcourse on the Love of our ledion of teftiniunies in favour of, Country," by R. Price, &c. 8vo. 8vo. 351

478 Some Remarks on the resolucions which A Rowland for an Oliver; or, a poe

were formed at a meeting of the tical answer to the Benevolent Epis. archdeaconry of Chester, held at the tle of Mr. Peter Pindar. Alfu the city of Chester, on Monday, Feb. manuscript odes, fongs, letters, &e. 15, 1790: with some observations of the above Mr. Peter Pindar, now on the late arguments of Mr. Pitt, fir& published, by Sylvanus Urban, and the conduct of Mr. Burke, re- 4to.

685 lative to the repeal of the test act. The Rural Economy of Gloucester

By the rev. J. Smith, 8vo. 467 shire, including its dairy. Together Remarks, a series of, upon a fermon with the dairy, management of ore

preached at St. Philip's church in chards, and fruit-liquor in Hereford. Birmingham, on Sunday January 3, Shire. By Mr. Marthall, a volt. 248 1990: intitled, “The Test Laws Defended,' by G. Croft, D.D. By the rev. s. Hobfon, 8vo. 468

S. Afbort Reply to the speech intended to

Acramental qualification, a letter to Fox, in favour of the repeal of the

corporation and test acts, 8vo. 349 the, with some observations oa the Reports of the special provision com- sermon preached before his lordship

mittee appointed by the court of on the roth Jan. 179C, 8vo. 345 guardians in the city of Norwich.

Teft, a plea for the, as By E. Rigby, 8vo.

234 a juft fecurity for the church eftae Representation of the lords of the com. blished, &c. 8vo.

349 mittee of council, appointed for the Salt, a new mural, deferibed by M. confideration of all matters relating Gmelin, 101.-Native mineral al. to trade and foreign plantations, up- kali, lately discovered in Switzeron the present state of the laws for land, and examined by M. Morel, regulating the importation and ex- · 102.-Method of separating the miportation of corn i and submitting neral alkali from Ica-fait, by M. in his majesty's consideration sume Weftrumb,

ib. further provisions, which are wane- Sarun, a letter to the clergy of the iog tu amend and improve the said diocese of; to which are added, di

rections relating to orders, instituApatic Researches ; or, transactions of tions, and licences. By Shute, word the society, instituted in Bengal, for bishop of Sarum, 8vo.

231 enquiring into the history and anti- Scirrhous tumors and cancers, &c. a quities, the arts, sciences, and li- treatise on the causes and effects of,

terature of Alia, vol. I. 4to. 522 by Henry Saffory, 8vo. 472 Resolutions passed at a meeting of Scotland, an inquiry into the history

the noblemen, gentlemen, and cler- of, preceding the reign of Malcolm gy of the county of Warwick, held III. in the year 1956. By J. Pinon Feb. 2, 1790, remarks on the; kerton, 2 vols. 8vo.

361 in three letters to the right hun. then, the antiquities of, by Francis earl of Aylesford, chairman of the Grofe, esq. P. A S. folio,

637 meeting, with fome occasional re- Scrofula, and other glandulous affecmarts on the resolutions at Bartlet's tions; the inveterate cutaneous dib. Buildings, 8vo.

494 cases, commonly called scurvy and Revelation and philosophy, thoughts leprofy; also ring-worms, tetters, fi

on the distinct provinces of, 46o. 119 philic scurfs, scabs, blotches, ulceraPublic Revenue of the British en:pire. tions, &c. By J. Rymer, furgeon, Part III. history of the, by fir John 8vo.

709 Sinclair, bart. 4to.

67 A Scourge for Dissenters; or, oonconReview yf the pamphlet, intitled, ' A furmity unmaked, 8vo,

laws, 4to.




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The Seaman's new vade meeun; con- berforce, esq. on the 13th of May,

taining a pradical efsay on naval 1789. By a West India merchant, book-keeping, with the method of 8vo. keeping the captain's hooks, &c. By Slave-trade, obfervations on the pro. R. Liddel, 8vo.


ject for abolishing the, and on the A Sermon preached for the benefit of reasonableness of attempting some

the charity-school, instituted at Up- practical mode of relieving the new ton upon Severn, in the year 1787.

groes, &vo.

708 By the rev. R. Sandılands, LL. B. Smuggling, reflections on the infamy 8vo.

113 of. To which is added an appendix, , preached as the primary containing a plan for rendering part visitation of the right rev. father in of the public revenúc more producGod, William, lord bishop of Chef- tive. By Edward Hankin, M. A. ter; held at Richmond, in York: 8vo.

589 fire, August 21, 1789. By Thomas Sonnets and miscellaneous poems. By Zouch, A. M. 4to.

231 the late T. Russel, feilow of New One bundred and twenty popular Sermons. College, Oxford, 4tv.

228 By Philip Pyle, M. A. 4 vols.


to Eliza, by Iver friend, 4to. Sermons, by W. Leechman, D.D. Jate

591 principal of the college of Olafyow. Horley-Green Spaw, near Halifax, exTo which is prefixed sonic account periments aud observations on the, of the author's life, and of his lece hy T. Garnet, M. D. 8vo.

473 tures, by James Wodrow, D. D. Tbe Speeches of lord North, on a nio2 vols. 8vo.

409 tion for a repeal of the corporation religious toleration, and test aus, 8vo.

349 preached in the church of Bowness The Speech of the right hon. W. Pitt, upon Windermere, WeAmorclaud. in the house of commons, on Tues By Samuel Beilby, D. D. 4to. 469 day the ad of March, 1790, respect

on education, including a ing the repeal of the corporation and display of parental duty, and the teft acts, 8vo.

471 proper objects of liberal instructions,

and propofition of the right preached before a fociety of Prute- hon. Henry Flood, in tlie house of ilane Diflenters at Bradford, York. commons of Great Britain, ThursMire, junc 28, 1789. By S. Carlow, day, March 4, 1790, on a reform of

470 the representation in 'parliament, on various subje&s. By the 8vo.

596 late rer. T. Leland, D.D. 3 vols. Tranfation of a Speech, spoken by the 8vo.

551 count Clermont Tonnere, Christmas-- to the poor. By S. Palmer, eve last, on the suliject of admitting

587 non-catholics, comedians, and Jews, Shakspeare's characters, remarks on to all the privileges of citizens, ac

fonie of, by the author of Observa- cording to the declaration of rights, tions on Modern Gardening,


715 Sheridan, the struggles of, or the mi. An autbentic Statement of all the facts nistry in full cry, 4to.


relative to Nootka Sound. In an ad. Silva-critico: fra, in auctore facros pro- dress to the king, 8vo.



595 fanosque commentarius pbilologus : con- Tbe Statue room, an historical tale, by cinnavit Gilbertus Wakefield, A.B. miss Ballin, 2 vols. 13mo.

477 8vo.

30 Some Strictures on a late publication, Slaves in the British plantations, and intitled, Reasons for seeking a re,

the slave-trade from Africa, reflcc. peal of the Corpo ation and Test tions on the present state of the, Acts, hy a Diffenter. By a Church. 8vo, 360 man, 8vo.

466 Slave-trade, strictures on the, and their Suicide, a differtation, 4to. 479

manner of treatment in the West Supplement to the elements of natural India idlands. In a letter to the history and chemistry of M. de Fourright hon. William Pitt. By a Gen

412 tleman, 8vo.

707 Surgical traes, by the lace J. O. Jul. The Slave-trade indispensable, in an- tanord, F.R.S.The whole col. (wer to the speech of William Wile lested and interspersed with ecca

croy, 8vo.

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tional notes and observations. By between a Churchraan and a Dife

William Houlton, 410. 641 senter, on the subject of the test Subnance of the speech of the right laws; in which the propriety of se

hon. Edmund Burke, in the debate pealing them is fuily dcnionstrated, on the army estimates, in the house Svo.

344 of commons, on Tuesday the gth of Teit ad, a letter to a fricad on ebe, Feb. 1790. Comprehending a dir- 8vo.

342 cussion of the present situation of af- a letter to carl Stanhope on the fairs in France. The fourth edition, subject of the, as objected to in z 8vo.

474 pamphlet, recommended by his lordSweden, a journey through, contain. fhip, 8vo.

344 ing a detailed account of its popula. aa, the danger of repealing. By tion, agriculture, commerce, and fi- a country freeholder, Svo. 345 nances. To which is added, an a. -act, the history of the, 8vo. ibid. bridged history of the kingdom, and a church of Englandman's an

of the different forms of govern- swer to the arguments and petition ment, from the accession of Gula- of Protestant Diflenters against the; vus Vafa, in 1623. Wäh sume par. Svo,

345 ziculars relating to the history of facramental, a full and fair dif. Denmark, and to the life of count casion of the pretensions of the Dir. Struenzee. Written in French by a senters to the repeal of the; first Dutch officer, and tranlated into published in 1733, and now reprimtEngliga by William Radcliffe, A.B. ed at the Clarendon press, 8vo. 346 8vo.


The Test laws defended.- A fermon, characters and anecdotes of preached at St. Philip's church ip the court of, 2 vols. 8vo. ,

Biriningham, on Sunday, Jan. 3, Sylvanus Urban, alias master John Nie 1799. By G, Croft, D. D. 8vo. 350 chols, printer, common-councilman Test and corporation acts, a short exaof Farringdon ward, and censor- mination of some of the principal general of literature, a benevolent reasons for the repeal of the. By a epistle to; not forgetting master clergyman of the church uf EngWilliam Hayley. To which is add- land, Svu.

464 ed, an elegy to Apullo : also sir Jo- against teft; or,'a view of the feph Banks and the boiled fleas, an measures proposed in the resolutions

ode. By Peter Pindar, esq. ato. 426 of the Diñenters to remove all tells, Peor Swift's tracts on the repeal of by imposing one of their own upon the tefl act, 8vo.

349 every candidate for a seat in the

house of commons, at the next general election. Folio, ibid.

and curporation acts; a letter to T.

the rev.Johu Martin, occafioned by

his intended speech on the repeal of CASTE, essays on the nature and the. By NO reverend Diflenter,


bald Alison, LL. B. F. R. S. Edin- laws, observations occasioned by burgh. 4to.

241, 4'5

the lace decision in parliament in The English Tavern at Berlin, a cone- favour of the; being a fermon, dy, in three acts, 8vo,

116 preached in a country chapel, on the Taxation, an enquiry into the prin- 7th of March, 1790, Svo.

ibid. ciples of, chiefly applicable to ar. --, and corporation acts, a hint of ticles of immediate consumption, advice, addressed to the Protestant 410.


Diffen:ers, on a late decision in the Tefts, sacramental, a discourse on, de- hon. house of commons, on a mo

Jivered at Cambridge, Odober 30, tion for a repeal of the, 8vo. 797

27.88 By R. Robinson, 8vo. 114 act, &c a country curate's ohTest and corporation acts, cursory re- servations on the advertisement (in

flections on the policy, justice, and the Morning Herald of Thursday, expediency of repealing the. By W. Jan. 18, 1790) from the Leeds clerBristow, esq. 8vo.

341 gy, relative to the; in a letter to a -laws, half an hour's conversacion, friend, Svų.

ibid, Thecdulius;


555, 601

which is prefixed an introductory Valentine, a novel, 2 vols. 1200.

Theodofius; or, a folemo admonition Tranjated from the French. Not

to protettant Diffenters, on the pro- trated with twelve copper-places, posed repeal of the test and corpora- 8vo.

13 tin acts, 8vo.

348 Travels in Sicily and Malta. Trans Pbilo-Theodosius; or, a new edition Jated from the French of M. De of Theodofius, with a new charac- Non, 8vo.

373 ter of Mr. Burke. By an old mem

to discover the source of the ber of parliament, 8vo. 465 Nile, in the years 1768,1769, 1770, Theological tracts in verse and prote,

1771, 1972, and 1773. By J. Bruce 8vo. 238 of Kinnaird, esq. F. R. S. 5

vois. The Theriad, an heroic-comic poem : 4to.

to which are subjoined some mis- Trentham Park, a poem. By Wilcellaneous pieces and notes. By a liam Fernyhough, A. B. 4to. IIS young gentleman, 8vo.

115 Truth vindicated; or, the specific dife Thoughts, in the form of maxims, ferences of mental diseases, ascertain

addressed to young ladies on their ed. By William Rowley, M. D. first establishment in the world. By 8vo.

710 the countess dowager of Carlife. The Turtle-dove. A tale. From the Sniall 8vn.

238 Freuch of M. de Florian, 8vo. 714 The Toast-mafer; being a genteel colle&ion of sentiments and toasts.


V. Tuleration, an enquiry into the principles of. By Joseph Fownes. To

477 preface, containing (.me account of Venereal disease, a compendious crea. the author. By A. Kippis, D. D. tise on the, gleets, &c. diverted of F. R. S. 8vo.

340 the technical terms; with the best and charity peculiar to the methods of cure, fu explained as to Christian religion. Translated from render medical advice in the cure of the French of A. B. bishop of must venereal cases unnecessary. la in Languedoc, 8vo.

which is given a lotion for the preA Tour through part of France, con- vention of that disagreeable comtaining a defcription of Paris, Cher.

plaint. By H. Deacon. 8vn.

229 bourg, and Ermenonville: with a The Genera Vermium of Linnæus, part rhapsody composed on the tomb of

ii. exemplified by several of the Rousseau. In a series of letters, rarest and most elegant subje&s ia 8vo.

173 the orders of the testacea, lithophyta, Tour from Bengal to Persia, in the and zouphyta animalia : accuraetiy years 1786, 7, observations made on

drawn from nature, by James Bara; with a short account of the res but. 4to. 21. 25. coloured, -plain mains of the celebrated palace of

628 Persepolis, and other interesing en Victorina, a novel, by the author of vents. by William Francklin, 8vo. Blansay, Louis, Nina, &c. Trans

305 lated from the French, 2 vols, 12mo. A Tour up the Straits, from Gibraltar

713 to Constantinople. With the lead. Victory over Death, a sermon, preaching events in the present war be. ed at Sudbury, in Suffolk, April the tween the Austrians, Ræfians, and 4th, 1790, on occasion of the death the Turks, to the commencement of Mrs. Elizabeth Ray, By Robert of the year 1789. By capt. Suther- Stevenson. 8vo.

587 land, of the 25th regiment, 8vo. A Vindication of the modern Diffene

ters against the aspersions of the rev. Travels in Spain; containing a new, William Hawkins, M. A. and the

accurate, and comprehensive view right rev. author of a review of the of the present state of that country. cafe of the Protestant Diflenters, By the Chevalier de Bourgoanne. with reference to the corporation To which are added, copious exo and test acts. By Samuel Palmer. fraes from the essays on Spain of 8vo.

467 1. Peyron. In ihree volumes. A Viudication of-speaking openly in




il. is.


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