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ture, letters addressed to the, izmo.

712 ROGAL Academy, obfervations on An Apology, for the two ordinances

the present state of the : with cha- of jesus Chrift: the holy communiracters of living painters, by an old on and baptism, seriously recom. artist, 4to.

page 596 mended to the consideration of the Acids, vegetable; information people called quakers, by Robert specting, by M. Crell, 103 Applegarch, 8vo.

117 Adions of the apokles, translated Archæologia, or miscellaneous tracts,

from the original Greek, by the relating to antiquity, published by sev. John Willis, B. D. vicar of the society of antiquaries of Lon Ridge, Herts, 8vo. 172 don, vol. ix. 4tn,

121, 371 An Address to the electors of Great Arulia, or the vidim of fenfibility,

Britain and Ireland, on the approach- a novel, by a young lady, 2 vull. ing general election, by an indepen.

357 dent freeholder, 8vo.

240 Afiatic Researches, &c. vol. i. con- to the inhabitants of cluded

613 Nottingham, occafioned by a letter Allembly's Norter catechism : an exa fent to the mayor, and some other polition, critical, doctrinal, and members of the corporation of that pradical of the, delivered in a sories town, with an appendix on the sub- of fabbath evening lectures, by Miject of the test laws, by G. Wake- chael Arthur, vol. i. 8vo. 61 field, B, A. 8vo.

342 to the dillidents of Eng. land, on their late defeat, 8vo. 466

B. to the freemen of Liverpool, 8vo.


retrospect of to the rev. Dr. , the conduct of, to some of the prin- sev. R.B, Gabriel, D. D. 8vo. Bell. cipal powers of Europe, in a letter And a Letter to R. B. Gabriel, in to a friend, 8vo.

710 answer to facts relating to the rev. The Adventures of John of Gaunt, duke Dr. White's Bampton-lectures, by a

of Laucaster. By James White, esq. member of one of the uviverlicies, author of Earl Strongbow, Conway 8vo. Gardner. -And an appeal to the

Castle, &c. 3 vols. 12mo. 713 membersof the University of Oxford, Exalted Affection : or Sophia Prin. relating to Dr. White's Bampton

gle, a poem, by the sev. w. Cole, ledures, by no academic, 8vo. 8vo. 352 Kearliey

63 Albert, the confidencial letters of, New Bath Guide, a postscript to

from his first attachment to Char. the, a poem, by Anthony Pasquin, lotte to her death. From the Surrows 8vo.

442 of Werter, 12mo.

357 Benjamin, experiments on the sale of, Alfred's appeal, containing his address by M. Hermstadt,

104 to the court of King's Bench, on the Bibliotbeca Americana, or, a chronolosubject of the marriage of Mary gical catalogue of the most curious Anne Fitzherbere, and her intrigue and interesting books, pamphlets,

with count Bellois, 8vo. 238 ftate-papers, &c. upon the subject of Amusement, a poetical efsay, by Hen- North and South America, 400. 631

sy James Pye, csq.410. 496 Biograpbia Britannica; or, the lives An Answer to the bisop of Coma- of the most eminent persons, who

na's paftoral letter, by a protesting have flourished in Great Britain and catholis, 8vo.

385 Ireland, from the earliest ages to the Apologist, for the religion of naa prefent times : coilected from the belt Vol. LXIX.


ao dion

authorities, printed and manuscript, any degree, from the year 1659, ta and digested in the manner of M.

1787, 4to.

235 Bayle's historical and critical di&io. Car. Lud. ! Heritier Cornus, Specie pary, the second edition with correc

men Botanicum, fiftens Descriptiones en tions, enlargements, and the addition

Icones Specierum Cerni, zinus cognita. of fone new lives, hy Andrew Kip- rum, Paris, large folio. pis, D.D.F.R S. and S. A. with the Proteflant Catechism, for the use of altistance of the rev. Joseph Towers, young persons, originally publish. LL. D. and other gentlemen, vol. iv. ed in French, and translated by S. folio,

1, 389
Catlow, 12mo.

470 Bilops, an address to the, upon the An exbortation to all Christian people, subject of a let:er from one of their

to refrain from Trinitarian worfhip, Jordfhips to certain clergy in his

the second edition, r2mo. 478 diocese, 8vo.

343 Characters of the kings and queens a letter to the, on the ap- of England, selected from different plication of the protestant Dissenters histories, vol. iii. by J. Holt, 8vo. to parliament for a repeal of the

2; corporation and test acts, 8vo. 344 Two Charges, delivered to the cler. Blansay, a novel taken from the gy of the archdeaconry of Leicester,

French, by the authur of Vidorina, in the years 1786, and 1987, by the Louis, and Nina, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. rcv. Andrew Burnaby, D.D. 8vo. 357

585 The Blunders of Loyalty, and other Chemistry, the first principles of,

miscellaneous poems; being a selec- by Wm. Nicholsot, 8vo. 651 'tion of certain ancient poems, partly

elements of, in a new on subjects of local history. Together fystematic order, containing all the with the original notes and illustra- modern discoveries, illustrated with tions, &c, The poems modernised by thirteen copper-plates, by M. La

Ferdinando Fungus, gent. 4to. 355 voifier, translated from the French, Boxing, a letter on the practice of, ad- by Robt. Kerr, F. R. and A. SS. E. drelied to the king, lords, and com- 8vo.

407 muns, by the rev. Ed. Barry, A. M. A Chew of tobacco, for certain gedand M. D. 8vo.

tlemen in livery, by a member of Brother Tom to brother Peter, or Pe. parliament, 8vo.

597 ter paid in his own pence, with the Christ crucified : or, the scripture articles of partnership between the doctrine of the atonement, briefly Devil and Peter Pindar, esq. an his. illustrated and defended, in four distorical epistle, by a muon-raker, 4to. courses upon that subjed, by Caleb


Evans, M. A. fmall 8vo. 163 The Brunoniad, a poem, in fix can- a hiftory of, for the use of

161 the unlearned; with short explana

tory notes, and practical reflc&tions,

by W. Dalrymple, D. D. 8vo. 299 C.

Christian Sabbath,' the observation

of the, recommended to the higher THE fair Cambrians, a novel, 3 vols

. degrees in life, by a minister of the 712

estab.ished church, 8vo. 113 Camphor, an oil not nearly so vo- Christianity, influence of, on the

lacile as commonly supposed, accord- condition of the world : a sermon ing to the informacion of M. Kunse- preached in Trinity-chapel, Conmuller,


duitestrect, on Sunday, Dec. 1}, Cancers, a treatise on, with an ac- 1789, by Thomas Coombe, D. D. count of a new and successful me


23! thod of operating, particularly in

the grounds and reasons cancers of the breasts or testis, by of the truth of, by way of ques.

Hon. Fearon, third edition, 8vo. 230 tion and answer, deligned for the use Contabrigienfes Graduati; five Catalo- of younger, and less inftruded Chrif. gus, &c. an alphabetical list of the tians, by the late rev, Mr. Milway, names of those on whom the unie

712 verúty of Cambridge has bełtowed The Christian's spelling-bouk, intendo




tos. 4to.

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ed for the use of fchools and private Cookery, the English art of, according
families; especially for Sunday- to the present practice: being a com-

schools, by J. Blaynıires, 8vo. 600 pleat guide to all housekeepers, on a
Annales de chymie, ou recueil des Me. plan eatirely new, 8vo. Izo
moires concernant les chymic Con les arts

and Pastry : as taught and
qui en dependent, per M. M. de More pra Alfed by Mrs. Maciver, teacher
veau, Lavoisier, Monge, Bershollet, de of those arts in Edinburgh, 235
Fourcroy, le Baron de Dietricb, Hafen Corporation and rest acts, reasons
fratz, Adel, a Paris, 8vo. London, for seeking a repeal of the, by a


Diflenter, 8vo.
Civil Power, in ecclefiaftical causes, a

and test acts, bifhop Sher-
treatise of, the author John Mil. lock's arguments against a repeal of
ton, 8vo.

the, 8vo. 347.— The dispute adjuft-
Lord de Clifford, a letter from, to the ed, about a proper time of apply-
worthy and independent electors of ing for a repeal of the,

the town of Downpatrick, 8vo. 594

and cest acts, a dialogue
A Collection of odes, songs, and epi- between the bishops Hoadly and

grams, against the whigs, alias the Sherlock on the, 8vo.
blue and buff; in which are in-

and telt-acts, the oppres-
cluded Mr. Hewerdine's political five, unjust, and prophane nature
fungs, 8vo.

715 and tendency of the, exposed in a fer-
Cumetilla, or views of nature, by Po- mon preached before the

lingrove Robinson, esq. vol. i. be- tion of protestant Diflenters, meeting
ing an introduction to astronomy, in Cannon-street, Birmingham, Feb.

237 25, 1790, by S. Pearce, 8vo. 469
Commercial tables; exhibiting a view

and cest-acts, observations
of the weights, measures, coins, and fuggested by the perusal of Mr,
monics of France compared and Loft's history of the, by a clergy-
equalized with those of Great Bri- man of the establishment, 8vo. 706
tain, by a British merchant, 238

and test-acts, a collection
Confables, the duty of, containing of the resolutions passed at the

instructions to constables, petty con- meetings of the clergy of the
ftables, headhoroughs, tythingnien, church of England, of the coun-
&c. in the several particulars of their ties, corporations, cities, and towns,
office, &vo.

717 and of the society for promoting
.Conftitution, the spirit of the, and Christian, knowledge; asembled to

that of the church of England, take into consideration, the late ap-
compared. To which are added, plication of the Diffenters to parlia-
by another hand, remarks on two ment, for the repeal of the, 8vo. 706
letters, addressed to the delegates of Criticism, the art of, as exemplified
the several congregations of Protes. in Dr. Johnson's lives of the moft
tant difsenters, who met at Devizes, eminent English poets, 8vo. 154
Sept 14, 1789, 8vo.

343 Cures from Velno's vegetable syrup, an
.Conftitutional connection between account of, by J. Swainson, 235

Great Britain and Ireland; and the M. Curioni, written by and for, Methode
mischievous, effects of introducing pour commencer l'etude de la langue Ita.
British party into Ireland, stated in lienne, partie I.-Metbod pour se per-
a letter to the right hon. Thomas fectioner dans la langue Italienne, partic
Conolly, secretary, to the Irish whig II. 718.- Idiomes de la langue Fran.
club, 8vo.

594 coise, traduits par des Idiomes Italiens,
Tbc Contraft, or the opposite conse- littéralement conformes aux idiomes dhe
quences of good and evil habits, ex-

la longue Angloise; avec des commentaires
hibited in the lowest ranks of rural pour servir de Syntax à la grammaire
life, for the benefit of intelligent de ces trois langues, 719.-Le Genie de
servants, and the best proficients in la langue Italien, ib.-Breve Iftoria
Sunday Schools, 12mo. 597 del poeti Italioni, ad uso de principian.
A Controversial letter of a new kind, ti nella lingua Italiana, ib.-Morale

co the rev. Dr. Price, from a cler di moise ad uso de principiante nella
gyman of the church of England, lingua Italiana, 12mo.

and observations on Dr. Price's Cynancbe Maligna, or putrid sore throat,
Revolution fermon, Svo.

352 an eslay, for a nosological and com-

Didz parative

parative view of the, and the Scar- origin, chara&er, and views of the,
latina ringinosa, or scarlet fever with


angina, the second edition with a Proteftant Diffenters, with reference to
fupplement, containing a posological the corporation and test acts, 8vo,
account of the Febris Apibosa, or

thrush fever, by Wm. Lee Perkins,

the rights of, to 2
M. D. Svo.

708 compleat toleration afierted, con,

tainiog an historical account of the

teft laws. Third edition, 8vo. 339

Diflenters, a letter to a nobleman, cou.

taining confiderations on the laws
THE Debate in the house of com-

relative to; and on the iotended apo
mons, on Mr. Beautoy's motion plication to parliament for the sea
for the repeal of fuch parts of the test pcal of the corporation and test acto,
and corporation acts as affect the 8vo.

protestant Diflenters, ou Friday 7be Dissenters' present claims confidere
the 8th of May, 1789, 8vo. 239

ed in a fermos, preached in the pa.
The Debates in the house of commons, rish church of Warrington, on the

on the repeal of the corporation and 3oth of January, 1790. By Edward
teft ads. - And,

Owen, M.A. 8vo.

Tbe Debate in the house of commons, Meral Dramas, intended for private

on the motion of Mr. Fox, for a re- represez ta:iun. By Mrs. Hughes,
peal of the corporation and test acts, 8vo.


351 Duelling, fridures on; felected from
The Debate in the house of commons the most authentic authors : with

on the repeal of the corporation and additions, by a gentleman, late of
test ads, March 2, 1790. Second the university of Oxford, 8vo. 478
edition. 8vo.

466 Dying wool, filk, and cotton, the art
The Defence of Innes Monro, efy. a- of: translated from the French of

gainst a charge of plagiarism from M. Hellot, M. Macquer, and M. le
the works of Dr. William Thom- Pileur d'Apligny, sro.

fon, 8vo.

Delia, a pathetic and interesting tale,

4 vole.

The Deluge, a poem. By the rer. John AST Tartary, the natural histosy

Roberts, M. A. fellow of king's col- of, traced through the three king-

lege, Cambridge, 4to. 156 doms of nature. Translated from the
Derbyshire, a view of the present state French. By William Radcliffe, A.B.
of: with an account of its most re.

markable antiquities; illustrated by Edinburgh, a prem, in two parts. Als
an accurate map and plates.' By J. su, the weeping bard, a poem in fiz-

Pilkington, 2 vols. 8vo. 133, 447, tren cantos. By Robert Alves, A.M,
A Diary of the weather during the


year 1786, 8vo.

Education, lectures on. Read to a so-
Dipping not bathing: or, the author's ciety for promoting reasonable and

opinion of the subject, mode, and humane improvements in the disci.
importance of water-baptism, . ac- pline and instruction of youth. By the
cording to the Scriptures. By R. El. rev. David Williams, į vuis. 489
liott, A. B.


Ele&ricity, the air-pump, and the bag
Proteftant Diflenters, public documents rometer, miscellaneous experiments

declaratory of the principles of the, and remarks on; with the defcrip
shewing, that the repeal of the cor- tion of an electrometer of a new
poration and test acts was earnestly construction. Illustrated with cop-
desired by king William Ill. aad king per-plates and notes. By A. Brooke,
George 1. 8vo.
341 4to.

observations on Tbe Elementary principles of natnre,
the conduc of the, No. I. and II.- and the finiple laws by which they
And the same, second edition. 8vo. are governed; being an attempt to


demonftrate their existence, and to
', an eBay on the explain their mode of actius, parti:





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cularly in those states in which they The Female's medication; or, common
produce the attractions of cohesion, uccurrences spiritualised, in verse.
gravitation, magnetism, and electric By Hannah Wallis, 4to. 116
city; and also fire, light, and water. Female characters in married life; an

By E. Peart, M.D. 8vo. 286 crigrammatic satire, 4to. 471
Elizabeth, queen, the progresses and revers, a treatise on, wherein their

public proceffions of, by J. Nichols, causes are exhibited in a new point
7. S. A. lo two vols. 4to. 48.- Leto of view, 8vo.

ter from, to lady Drury, on the Foreign Literary lutelligence, contain-
death of her husband, 50-To lady ing chiefly, i. A discourse on the
Paget, on the death of her daugh- slavery of the negros, and on the

ib. idea of their emancipation in the co-
Ellen Woodley, a novel. By Mrs. Bon- lonics, by a colonist' of St. Domin.

hote, auchor of the Parental Moni. g9, 324.-2. On the same subject, by

tur, &c. 2 vols. 12 mo 592 a German writer, 326.-3. On the
Elwes, Juhn, esq. the life of the late, fame, already examined in an Eng.

member in three succeflive parlia- lish dress, and entitled, " The Neo
ments for Berkshire. By Ed. Top- gro equalled by few Whites,' 327-
ham, esq. 8vo.

599 4. On the question, ' Are there any
England, picture of, containing a de. means of rendering the Jews more
scription of the laws, cuftoms, and happy and more useful in France ?"
manners of England, by M. D'Ar- 329.-5. On a valuable manuscript
chenholz, formerly captain in the in the western Moorith character,
fervice of the king of Prussia. Trans- lately discovered, 33!-333
lated from the French. 2 vots. 12mo.

is here

taken up chiefly with medical obfera
Epigrams, translated into English verse vations; but of little consequence,
from the original Greek; and se-

lected from the compilation of Rich.

,574. -
Fr. Phil. Brunck, published at Stras. Containing chiefly, 1. The political

burg, A. D. 1773, snall 8vo. 677 situation of France, and its present
Epittle in verse, to his most serene connection with all the powers of
highnefs the duke of Orleans, 4to. Europe, by M. Peyssonel, 575, 576.

354 -2. The patriotic jourual, concern-
An Epistle to the chief priests and el- ing the history of the revolutions of
ders of the Jews. By the rev. Rich. Liege and the Low Countries, by a
Beere, 8vo.

149 suciety of citizens, 577, 578.-3.
A new Essay on the celebrated prophe- • The History of the Vacancy in the

cy, Isaiah, vii. 14, 15, 16. compared Imperial Throne, drawn from au-
with the Gospel of Matth. i. 18-23. thentic Memoirs,' published lately
By Phil. David Krauter, D. D. 8vo. at Paris, 579.-4. Claflical informas
586 tion, &c.

Isays on important subjects. By D.

-, 695.---
Turner, M. A. 2 vols. 12mo. 120 Contains chiefy, 1. The opinion of
A free Exan ination of Dr. Prices and M. Arthand, that the black inhabia
Dr. Prickley's sermons. By the rev. tants of Africa are of a different fpe-
W. Keate, 8vo.

717 cies from Europeans, 696.-2. Expe-

riments of Arneman on the regene.

ration of different parts of the living

body, as well in beings of animal

life, as in mankind, with a differ-
ACTS, submitted to the confider- tacion on the effects of the cold of

ation of the friends tu civil and the last severe winter, 697, 698.-
religious liberty, but more particul- 3. Zoology, by Melirs. Fabricius and
arly addressed to the Proceffant Dir- Olivier, 699-701.-4. M. A. L. de
sesters of England and Wales, 8vo. Juffieu's genera of plants, 702-705


Foflil-wood, remarks on, by M. Sage
New Fads, or the whice-washer, or and others,

the second part of Gabriel Quecast, Fragments of original letters, of ma.

470 dame Charlotte Elizabeth of Bava.

Ddd 3 ria,



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