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ria, duchess of Oricans; written from of the utility, general or particular the year 1735 to 1720, to his serene plans, dimensions, soil, fituation, &c. highness Anthony Ulric, duke of By J. Abercrombie, 12mo. 237 B-W-; and to her royal highness The Garland, a collection of poems, Carolina, princess of Wales. 'Trans- 4to.

116 lated from the French, 2 vols. Genesis

, annotations upon, with obser12mo.

204 vations do&rinal and practical, By France, the history of, from the first the rev. T.Harwood, late of Cpiver.

establishment of that monarchy to sity College, Oxford, 8vo. 355 the present revolution, 3 vuls. 8vo. Germanic empire, an historical deve

667 lopement of the present political French language, the art of pronounc- conftitution of the, by J. S. Putter.

ing the, with propriety. By M. du Translated from the German with Fresuoy,

notes, and a comparative view of the

revenues, population, forces, &c. of G.

the respective territories, from the

ftatistical tables lately published at Allery of portraits of the national Berlin. By J. Dornford, of Liucoln's

iun, LL.D.


434 by count de Mirabeau. Trans. Glory to God and peace to men, the laced from the French, 2 vols. small bleffed effects of divive grace in the

redemption of finners by Jesus Chrift. Gangrenes and mortifications accon- Considered, .by R. Taprell, 410. 587

panxed with, or occafioned by, con- Anew Grammar to teach French and vullive spasms, or arising from local Eaglishmen. By D. Blondin, proinjury, producing irritation, obfer- fessor of divinity at the Fuillans, vations on. By Charles White, esq. Paris, 8vo.

235 F.R.S. 8vo.


Greenwich, an historical account of the Tbe complete kitchen Gardener, and hot- royal hospital for seamen at, 1789, bed forcer; with the thorough prac, 4to.

319 tical management of hot-houtes, fire- The lady's compkte Guide; or cookery walls, and forcing-houses, and the and confectionary in all their improved modern culture of the branches. By Mrs. Cole, 8vo.. 235 pinery-ftoves, and pine-apples, being a thorough pra&ical display of these most capital branches of gardening in their general culture, and agree. ably co the present greatly improved L Usinda Hartley; or, the adventures modern process. By J. Abercrom- of an orphan, containing the hubie, author of every Man his own morous history of Mr. Goodwin. By Gardener, commonly called Maw's the author of Lord Winworth, &c. Gardener's Kalendar; but the work 2 vols. 12mo. of J. A. only, 12mo.

236 Hear, theory.of, by:Castrdon, &c. 105, The universal Gardener's kalendar, and

109 lyftem of pradical gardening; dif- Lutre sur le nom de la planete Herfebell. playing the compleatest general di- Par M. de lo Lande,

450 rections for performing all the vari- The fair Hibernian, 2 vols. 12mo. 23: vus practical works and operations Hints, &c. submitted to the serious at. necessary to every month of the year, tention of the clergy, nobility, and agrecably to the present most suc

gentry, newly affociated. Bya Laye cessful methods, &c. By J. Aber- man. The fourth edition, revised, crombie, ibid. with addicions, 8vo.

596 Tbe Garden vade mecum, or compen- Histoire, memoires de la focieté rozale

dium of gardening, and descriptive de medecine, années 1784 & 1785, edisplay of the plants, fowers, shrubs, vec les messoires de nedecine & de pbe erces, and fruits, and general cul- foque medicale, pour les mêmes années, cure; comprising a systematic display 4to.

93 and descriptiun of the several districts de l'academie royale des sciences, of gardening and plantacions, under

217 Separate heads; giving intimations Ejai sur l'histoire naturelle des restes de






Trapp, contenant leur analyse des re- casion. Together with some account aberches sur leur charactere dißinctifs, of the journies of our sovereigns of fuivi du tableau systematique de toutes les the house of Brunswick to their dofpeces & varietés de Trapp, &c. Per minions on the continent, the go. M. Faujas de St. Fond, izmo. Paris, verament established in their ab334 sence, &c. 8vo.

479 Historic tales, a novel, 8vo. 232 Public Improvement; or, a plan for Tbe History of three brothers, '12mo. making a convenient and handsome

234 communication between the cities of of Charles Mandeville. A London and Westminster. By W. sequelto Lady Julia. By Mrs.Bruoke, Pickett, ely. 8vo.

234 2 vols. Ilmo.

476 India, a short review of the Britih goBilbop Hoadly's refutation of bishop vernment in, and of the fate of the Sherlock's arguments against the re- country before the company acquired peal of the telt and corporations the grant of the Dewanny, 8vo. 512 aas, 8vo.

342 Iunocence, an allegorical poem. By Homilies of the church of England, miss Mary Young, 410.

588 obfervations on the, in a series of An Inquiry, whether any doctrine reletters, 8vo.

712 Jating to the nature and effects of Horace, a dissertation concerning two the Lord's supper can be jusly

odes of, which have been discovered founded on the discourse of our Lord, in the Palatine library at Rome, recorded in the 6th chapter of the 4to.

Gospel of St. John. Being a supDr. Horley's ordination sermon, re- plenient to a treatise, intitled, “ An

marks on, in a letter to the lord bi- Attempt to ascertain and illustrate shop of Gloucester. By G. Wakefield, the Authority, Nature, and Design of . B. A. 8vo.


the Institution of Christ, communly Hortus Kewenfis; or, a catalogue of called the Communion and the

the plants, cultivated in the royal Lord's Supper." By William Bell, botanic garden at Kew. By W.Aitan, D. D. 8vo.

584 gardener to his majesty, 3 vols. 8vo. Inrolling all deeds, wills, and codicils,


affecting lands, throughout England Hot-beds, hints for the management of, and Wales, impatial thoughts upon

and directions for the culture of ear- the beneficial consequences of, by ly cucumbers and melons. To which Francis Plowden, esq. 8vo. 359 are added brief instructions for prun- Insanity, observations on the general ing wall and espalier-trees, 8vo. and improper treatment of ; with a

716 plan for the more speedy and effecThe little Hunchback; or, a frolic in tual recovery of insane persons. By Bagdad. A farce in two acts. As it

B. Faulkner, 8vo.

230 is performed at the Theatre-royal Integrity; or, the history of Sophia Covent Garden. Written by John Francourt. From the French. 2 O'Keefe, 8vo.

vols. 12mo.

713 Journal of the proceedings on board

his majesty's ship the Guardian, 1.

commanded by lieut. Rinu, bound

to Botany Bay. From the 22d of DR. James's powder, thoughts and December, 1789, to the 15th of Jaobservations on the nature and

nuary, 1790. 8vo.

599 use of, in the preverition and cure Ifrael's salvation; or, an account, from of diseases. By a gentleman of the the prophecies of scripture, of the faculty. 8vo.

709 grand events which await the Jews, Imperial election, and journey to Hana to the end of time. By T. Reader. over: containing an account of the 8vo.

114 manner of eleding an emperur of Julia, a novel. By Helen Maria Wila Germany: thoughts on the impor. liams, 2 vols, 12mo.

592 tance of that event at this particular Julius; or, the natural fon, trauslated crisis, and on the propriety of the from the French. 2 vois. 12mu. king of Great Britain reliding at Hanover, on fo momentous an 06. Juvenal and Persius. A new and literal

Ddd 4 traura



Le Conseil moral and religions in


etan Pation of: with'copious and ex- the only fure means of preserving planatory antes, in two volumes. the church from the dangers that By the rev. Mr. Madan. 8vo. now threaten her. By an upper

graduate, &vo.

405 A Letter to the parliament of Great K.

Britain, on the intended application

of the protestant Diffenters, for obTHE Kalish Revolution : containing taining a repeal of the corporation

obfervations on man and manners, and test ads. By a member of the by Duras, king of Kalikan, who was univerfity of Cambridge. To which Born in the reign of the emperor is added, a genuine extract of a let. Augustus, travelled over mot of the ter from king Charles I. to his son, globe, and dill exists. 8vo. 394

the prince of Wales, afterwards king of England, 4to.


from carl Scanhope to the L.

sight hon. Edmund Burke : containing a fhort answer to his late speech

on the French revolution. Second fru, 114 edition, 8vo.

474 Letteraddressed to the delegates

to the right rev. Dr. Wil from the several congregations of liam Cleaver, lurd bifhop of Chester, proteftant Diflenters, who met at on the subject of two fermops ad. the Devizes, on September 14, 1789. dressed by him to the clergy of his


diocese; comprehending also a rin. Afecond Letter, addressed to the dele- dication of the late bilop Headley, legates, from the several congrega.

Svo. tions of proteftant Dissenters, who

- from the right hon. lord Petre, met at the Devizes, on September to the right rev. Dr. Horsley, bi14,1789. By the aathor of the first fhop of St. Davids. 8vo.

70; letter. 8vo. Both publifhed by Wil- - addrefled to the hon, court kie.


of directors of the Eatt lodia cum. Letrer to the rev. Dr. White, con- pany, containing propofats for print*taining remarks upon certain pal- ing a history of the revolutious of fages in the notes Tubjoined to his the empire of Iudoftan, from the Bampton-lectures. By Philalethes, carlieft ages to the present, 8vo. 600 Sver


to the rev. Rich. Price, D.D. Letters on the politics of France. By LL, D. F. R. S. &c. upon his “ Difa gentlemen at Paris, 8vo.

course on the Love of our Country." on love, marriage, and adul- &c. &c. By W. Coxe, A. A. F. R. tery, addressed to the right hon. the S. F. A. S. 8vo. earl of Exeter, 8v.

163 Levi's discourse to the nation of the -, chiefly from India : contains Jews, 8vo. 176.And a meer, ing an account of the military trang succine, and candid examination of Mr. actions on the coast of Malabar, David Levi's objections against Jefas during the late war. Together Christ and the Gospel History: in with a short description of the reli- his letters to Dr. Priestley, by Phi. giun, mammers, and customs, of the lip David Krauter, D. D. 8v0.inhabitants of Hindoftan. By John And Jupplement to the exemtinaties of le Couteur, efqi trandated from the Mr. Levi's objections in his letters French, 8vo.

311 to Dr. Priestley. Occasioned by his to the people of England, a. gross misrepresentations of it, in his gainst the repeal of the test and anfwers to Dr. Prichley's letters. corporation ads, Sve.

350 Part 11. By Philip David Krauter, A Letrer to the rev. Dr. Parr, occa- D. D. 8vo. Dilly.

117 fioned by his republication of tracts Liberty or Death.' A trad, by John by Warburton ard a Warburtunjan, Lowe, jun. 4to. 8vo.


The Life of the late John Howard, elg. to the A.R. the archbishups with a review of his travels. Ridge and bifiops of England, pointing out way.









And anecdotes of the Life and charadcr of the date and faculties of; and

of John Howard, elg. 8vo. Hook. of the nature and sources of huham,

man happiness. Being a series of Lines on a late relignation at the royal didactic lectures, in four volumes, academy, 4tu,


51 Literary Relics: containing original The Man of enterprize, a farce, aded

letters from king Charles II. king at Norwich, 8vo. James II. the queen of Bohemia, Modern Manners, ellaye ou; addrefied Swift, Berkeley, Addisou, Steele, to persons of every denomination, Coogreve, the duke of Ormond, and particularly to parents; and humbly bihop Rundle. To which is pre- dedicated to Beilby, lord bishop of fixed, an inquiry into the life of London, by G. Neale, 8vo. Dean Swift. By George Monk Manuscripts, in the library of the king Berkeley, esq. 8vo.


of France, acwunt and extraas of London's Glory! on St. George's day, the,

55 the 23d of April, 1789. With en- Tbe Island of St. Marguerite ; an opera, tertaining observations on the late in two acts, and first performed at royal excursions in the south and the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane, western counties of England. Dedi. 8vo. cated to the hon. William Gill, lord St. Mark's Day; or, king John's freemayor of the city of London, by J. men, a poem': comprchending aa Weft, 410.

228 account of the origin and ceremony A Look io che last century; or, the of making free burgesses at Alowick,

Disenters weighed in their own in Northumberland, by a native of (cales, 8vo.

464 Alnwick, To which are added, the Love of our country : a discousse on bellows, or country jaunt; love in

che, delivered on Nov. 4, 1789, at an oven, or the parochial batch; and the meeting-house in the Old Jewry, the failor and the monkies, 46. to the fociety for commemorating

714 the Revolution in Great Britain, The Marriage law of Scotland stated, With an Appendix, containing the by J. Martin, one of the folicitors of report of a committee of the society, the court of sellion in Scotland, 8vo. an account of the populatiou of

2 36 France, &c. Second edition, by Materiality of the soul, an attempt to Richard Price, D. D. LL.D.F. R. S. prove the; by reason and scripture. 8vo.

With an Appendix, Mewing the i3Additionts to Dr. Price's Anence of this opinion upon the discourfe on the, containing com, faith and

practice of Christiaus. By munications frona France, occasioned the rev. Edw. Holmes, A. M. 310 by the congratulatory address of the Revolution fociety to the wational Maxims and observations, woral and assembly of France, wich the answers physical, 8vo.

234 to them, 8vo.

Medical commentaries for the year Love in many

Masks, as altered bý). 1989. Vol. XIV, By Andrew Dun. P. Kemble, from Mrs. Behn'a Rover; can, M. D. 8vo.

294 and fire acted at the Theatre Royal Areview of tbe Medical department in in Drury-Lane, March 8ch, 1790, the British navy, with a method of 8vo.

593 reform proposed, by Thomas Troca Loaifa; or, the reward of an affec- ter, M. D. 8vo

472 cionate daughter. 2 vols. 12mo. 118 Memoire pour le peuple François, Second

edition, 8vo. Paris.

337 Memoirs and travels of Mauritius M.

Augustus, count of Benyovsky,

magnate of the kingdoms of Huna Acbeth recunlidered : an effay gary and Poland, one of the chiefs intended as an answer



of the copiedcration of Poland, ke. of the remarks on some of the cha. &c. Confisting of his military opeo

raders of Shakespeare, 8vo. 116 racions in Poland, bis exile into The Maid of Kent, 3 vols, 12mo. 592 Kamchatka, his escape and voyage Man, moraland philosophicaleftimates from that peninsula chrough the


to part


Mears, of the royal navy, date de ore O farly in refped to perjung. By

borthern Pacific Ocean, &e. Write ber, 7789, being the anniversary a ten by himself. Trandated from the his majesty's acceffion to the throne. original munuscript. 2 vols. . 410. By the rev. Walter Harper, affift

ant-ledurer, 4to.

113 Memoirs and opinions of Mr. Blen- Nation, considerations on the present

field, by the author of the Tales of ftate of the addressed to the right Sympathy, 2 vols 12mo.

592 hon. lord Rawdon, and the other of prince William Henry, members of the two houses of par. duke of Gloucester, from his birth, liament, associated for the preserve July 24th, 1689, to Odober, 1697, ation of the conftitution, and pro8vo.

716 moting the prosperity of the Brit:th of the life of Robert Adair, empire. By a jace under secretary efq. 400. 717 of fate; 8vo.

212 Semi-Metal, new, discovered by M. Normau Tales, from the French of M. Klaproth of Berlin,

le Grand, 1200.

118 Authentic Copy of the Memorial to the

right hun. William Wyndham Grenville, one of his majesty's principal

0. secretaries of ftate: by lieut. Jokn

ATHSparticuof April, 1790, and presented to the house of commons, May 13th, 1790, the rev. R. P. Finch, D. D. 8vo. 355 containing every particular respect. Observations upon the rev. Mr. Ow. ing the capture of the vessels in en's sermon, preached in the parish Nootka Sound, 8vo.

594 church at Warrington, on the zoth De Montmorency, a novel, founded on of Jan. 1790. By the rev. J. Bealey, a recent fact, interspersed with a


466 translation of an original manuscript

on Mr: Dundas's India found in the Bastile, 2 vols. 12mo. budget, 8vo.

594 356 Ode to hope, 4to.

us Moral philosophy, the principles of, on the diftant view of France

investigated, and briefly applied to from Dover-cliff, in the year 1789, the constitution of civil society, to

4to. gether with remarks on the princi- An Ode on the marriage of his grace ple assumed by Mr. Paley, as the the duke of Dorset with miss A. D. basis of all moral conclulions, and Cope, humbly dedicated and infcribon the other positions of the same ed to their graces the duke and duauthor. By Tho, Gisborne, M. A. chess of Dorset, 4to.

588 8vo.

360 Oeuvres softbumes de Frederic II. roi de Mural Science, elements of. By James Prulle; or, pofthumous works of Free

Beattie, LL. D. Vol. I. 8vo. 620 deric II. Music, a general history of, from the Ideos sur l'opera, presentées a mejiri. la

earliest ages to the present period. fouscripteurs, les actionnaires, les By Charles Burney, Muf. D. F.R.S. amateurs de ce Spectacle. Par M. le 34 Texier, 8vo.

716 Ancient Northern Mythology, dramatic An Oration, delivered on the secular

sketches of the by F. Sayers, M. D. anniversary of the Revolution. By 4to.

679 W. Sharp, jun. 8vo.







Ation, thoughts on the state of
the; or,

the real situation of Ainting personified; or, the cariGreat Britain delineated and de

and sentimental pi&tures of monftrated. 8vo.

77 the principal artists of the present -, the state of the, with respect to times fancifully explained. By A. religion and manners : a fermoni, Bicknell, esq. 2 vols. Izmo. freached at Uxbridge-chapel, Mid Parliament, confiderations on the apdefex, on Sunday the 25th of Octo- proaching diffolution of; addrefied



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