Hearings on Military Posture and H.R. 2614 ... and H.R. 2970 (H.P. 3519) Department of Defense Authorization for Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1982 and Consideration of Report on the First Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 1982 Before the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, First Session ....

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Стр. 32 - Includes all effort directed toward projects which have moved Into the development of hardware for experimental or operational test. It Is characterized by line item projects and program control is exercised on a project basis. A further descriptive characteristic lies In the design of such items being directed toward hardware for test or experimentation as opposed to items designed and engineered for eventual service use.
Стр. 290 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. The CHAIRMAN. Mr. McDonald? Mr. MCDONALD. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Стр. 177 - His military decorations and awards include the Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Legion of Merit with one oak leaf cluster, Distinguished Flying Cross with two oak leaf clusters, Air Medal with 13 oak leaf clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal with one oak leaf cluster. Purple Heart, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award Ribbon with "V...
Стр. 227 - The main objective of our collective security system must be the maintenance of an overall military balance with the Soviet Union no less favorable than the one that now exists.
Стр. 916 - IBM contributed to university computing in the late 1950s until the Consent Decree and subsequent anti-trust activity made this infeasible. Flow of Research The most effective way to bring up the levels in both industry and education is through joint research. While one can argue about whether any work should be done on a quid pro quo basis by the university, the fact is that a quid pro quo arrangement solves the fundamental problem of technology and idea transfer, given that results arise from the...
Стр. 916 - Government Policy Reevaluation Industry contributions to universities could be effectively multiplied by a revised interpretation of what donations qualify as deductible contributions. In particular, enabling equipment donations to be written off on the basis of a fraction of list price rather than internal cost would help. So would a revised view of the capital value of software. It is also time to reevaluate government antitrust actions for their effect on university education and research.
Стр. 906 - unless the trend reverses, we will soon lose our lead in computer technology because we cannot conduct the basic research to ensure a continuing supply of new concepts for the long term future.
Стр. 244 - If you can, if you could also identify the dollars that we need to go with that that would be very helpful. [The following information was received for the record...
Стр. 205 - The committee stands adjourned until 2 o'clock this afternoon. (Whereupon, at 11:45 am, the subcommittee recessed, to reconvene at 2 pm the same day.) AFTER RECESS (The subcommittee reconvened at 2 pm, Hon.
Стр. 915 - ... specific needs. Currently the flow of people is perceived to be only out of the university in the form of students at all levels, of faculty and even operational staff. A number of policies and attitudes can effect the flow. The possibilities include: 1. Graduate (master's level) study programs and Ph.D. fellowships. Bell Laboratories has been a leader in programs of this sort. 2. Exchange sabbaticals both at the university and in industry. Government or Foundation subsidies may be required to...

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