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Pago African girl, the, and her Follow me (from the French) 126 enemy 351 Flying fish, the.

80 Africans, the, and the look George and his rabbit 49 ing-glass 273 Golden city, the

140 Arab school in the desert 95 God glorified

C sheik, visit to an 289 everywhere

352 Barometer, the .

116 Good words Bees, the swarm of

152 Grandfather's lesson books 225 Butterflies, the .


Grave, a tiny, and a few
Butterfly story, a .

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thoughts about it

345 Blind Robert 151 Great dreamer, tho

209 Bible lessons :

Has your sin found you out? 25.5 The value of the word Happy Christmas, a . 35,2 of God. 193 Happy new year, a

1 The spread of the gospel 233 Home among the flowers 252 What is meant by the I cannot be good

297 gospel.

266 I forgot
What the gospel has Higher and higher

73 done

292 How my magazine is made 171 What can children do How to avoid quarrels 373 for God?

330 Japan, a drawing from 130 The parting command Jim Dick

86 of the Saviour 353 Just in time.

31-4 Chameleon, the.

Lamb, the

158 Charlotte Richmond's letter 249 Last sixpence, the

365 Children may now go to Laughing jackass, the 181 Jesus

26 Library, the . can believe in Jesus 58 Little Clara

43 at prayer


girl, the, who took Coffee-carriers, the 264 care of her mother

90 Conceited Cornelius

girls in Syria

175 Corporal Try and Captain

gleaner, the

257 Perseverance

German girl, the

296 Crushed casket, the

Lock of hair, the

169 Curly-wigged bird, the 248 Lynx, the. Dead baby, the.

Mines, a visit to the

113 Do you love the Bible ? 180 Missionary anecdotes : Empty well, the

185 Love of the word of English boys in America 230

God in India Faithful dog, the

329 Missionary's reward First garden, the, and what My Sunday scholars, a les

took place there . 82, 123, 138 son for

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Never tell a lie.
22 Rent, way to pay .

Of what use are insects ? 379 Sailor-boy, the home of 201
One day at a time

18 Sarah Goodwin and her
Our dog Carlo

boys (a true story). 2-13
Parables of our Lord, ques Silkworms, a true story of 337
tions on the

Slow-paced Loris, the
The rich farmer

17 | Snowy owl, the
The lost sheep-Piece South Sea convert, the
of money
40 Spider lesson, a

The sower

81 Susie's mistako 8, 33, 65, 97,
The faithful steward 121

129, 161
The great supper

115 Tahles of stone, the
The labourers hired 179 Thoughts .
Forgiveness taught in Three arks, the
a parable

214 Thunder storm, tho
Unjust judge – Publi. Truthfulness.
can and Pharisee. 241 Walnut, the .

The vineyard . 279 | Watch, the; or, coveting
A royal feast and the

what others have

wedding garment 305 Why should you love the
Parable of the tares ex-


plained - Others de Widow Bell

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Will you give your hearts
Picture gailery, tho
177 to Jesus?


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Be Thou my guide 327 | January verses.
Child's versc, a

128 Little pilgrim, the
faith, a

303 Lord's day morning
Christmas hymn, a


Do what you can

23 Oh, make me thine
Faithful inurror.

159 Saviour, praise to the
Four seasons, the

183 Seek the Lord
God's love seen in creation 64 | Snow, treasures of the
Gospel, praise for the 63 Suffer us to come.
Happy boy, the

The friend you need

111 Violet, tho
Infant's prayer.

239 White robes .

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A HAPPY NEW YEAR. A HAPPY NEW YEAR! young readers. In the passing hours of the new year may you find a happy, happy

No. 193. JANUARY, 1861.


time. May you be as happy as those who love you wish you to be. By day and night, in school or at home, may you be happy, and find this year one which you will ever remember for its delight and its profit.

The whole world seeks to be happy, and no doubt you will too. One takes one road, and one another. The boy chases the butterfly among the flowers, and thinks that he is happy.

Did you ever catch a butterfly ? Did you not see how your fingers had a small shining dust on them, rubbed from the wings of the little insect? It is just 80 with us all. We catch the butterfly, but it is of no use, and all we get is the glossy, shining dust, which is rubbed off in a moment. We have more pleasure in chasing them than in having the dust. So of the happiness of the world, and all its flying pleasures. They look beautiful and bright, but they are nothing when we catch them.

But if you wish to be happy, you must give your heart to Jesus ; you must look to him as your Saviour; you must be like him. Then the happy heart inside will make a happy world outside. You must try, by smiles and kind acts, and by loving words, to make happiness instead of unhappiness and your homes will be cheerful, happy homes.

A little boy saw two young birds pecking at each other, and he asked his brother what they were doing.

They are quarrelling," was the answer. that cannot be," said the loving child," they are brothers !” What a happy year you might have, if the little boy's thought of the birds could only be a picture of your home. Let brothers and sisters make up their

" Oh no,

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