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your Father is never heard an oath or a lie, and that God expects better things of his sailor-boy.

There is in the Bible a beautiful story spoken by Jesus Christ, of a son who asked his father for a share of his possessions, and, directly going away, wasted all until he became a beggar; and when food grew scarce, he, the rich man's son, was starving and glad to do the humblest work that he might earn a morsel of food. Then, in the midst of the misery he had brought upon himself, he thought of the good father whom he had used so ill; and he made up his mind to try and see if he would have anything to say to him again. He said that he would confess he had behaved badly, and that he did not deserve to be counted any more a


You often, perhaps, repeat his words: "I will arise and go to my Father; and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy son;" so he turned away from the land where he had known so much sin and sorrow, and went towards the dear old home where he had known so much happiness and peace; and he thought that if he might be let in again there, only as a servant, he would be only too thankful. And on he went, weary, and hungry, and broken-hearted; hoping that from the only one he had to look to, he might not be turned away.

Long before he got near his home, his father saw him-perhaps he may have been in the habit of looking along that road in case the wanderer might be coming; and so it was his father saw him, and in a moment knew him, and, running to meet him, kissed him, say◄

ing, "My son." There was no word of reproach; and he took back his child with a glad and loving wel


And so does your Father, my boys; your Father and mine. Bitterly we grieve him, and far away do we wander from him, in thought, and word, and act; but if ever you or I turn away from what is wrong, and make one step towards him, saying, like the wandering son, "I have sinned," be sure he will be watching for us, and will meet us before we get half way.

Remember always-remember when you go wrong, that you cannot stray so far from him that he will not meet you if you turn to him. The Bible says, "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you." When Jesus spoke the parable, or story, you have just heard, he was, as you know, on earth, looking for God's wandering children, and inviting them to go to their Father; and for God's poor wandering children he laid down his life, and shed his precious blood to take away sin, and for his sake God forgives sinners, and opens his home to those who have gone astray.

Now will you think of this? You know God is not to be thought of only on Sunday, and then forgotten for six days until Sunday comes again: it is not so that he serves you and me.


When you have a pleasure, thank him, for he sends it; when you have a trouble, tell him, for he can help you; and when thus you pray, say, Father," and remember that as your Father is in heaven so heaven is your home.

The steamer and the train, I said just now, took many away to their homes; but on earth there is no

home that never sees sorrow. In heaven there is; and grander and brighter and happier than the palace of our queen, is that home of the sailor-boy.



THIS is a question for you. Will you answer it? Attend to a few words which may help you to do so.

The word "heart" is often used to signify the powers and affections of the soul, as love, hope, joy, and trust. So that you are asked, will you give the affections of your soul to Jesus ?

If you give your heart to him, you will think much of him; you will think highly of him; you will love him; you will trust in him; you will rejoice in him; you will take pleasure in thinking of what he is as the Saviour of sinners; of what he has done for you in dying on the cross. If your heart be given, your life will be given to him also. You will try to obey him in all you do, and live to honour him all your days.

Give your heart deliberately; that is, with thought and care. When men are about to do a great work, as the making of a railway, or the building of a ship, or a palace, they have many thoughts about it. Now, the giving the heart to Jesus is the greatest of all works, and you should be very serious and thoughtful in what you do.


Give it cheerfully. He loves a cheerful giver," (2 Cor. ix. 7.) It is the best thing you can ever do. It will not take from you any comfort, nor will

you lose anything worth having. Indeed you will receive many and great blessings in return.

Give it humbly. The King of kings, the Lord of angels, the God of heaven and earth, is pleased to say, "Give me thine heart," Prov. xxiii. 26. He asks for that which cannot make him richer or greater than he is. He seems to ask it as a favour of a child; and yet it is only a sinful heart that can be given. With what humility, then, should we say, "Lord Jesus, I will give you my heart." And when it is thus given, you will not be ashamed of his name, or of your young companions, seeing that you have become a disciple of Jesus.

Give it wholly. Not half of your heart-not part of your love-half of your trust; but a whole heart, an undivided heart.

Give it in faith. You must commit yourself to his power and grace to save and bless you. Like a little boy who awoke at night and found the house on fire. He saw no way of escape, except he threw himself from the window. But there, down below, stood his father, with open arms. "My dear child, cast yourself into my arms, and I will save you." The boy knew that his father loved him, that he was a strong man, and that he was waiting to save him. In a moment he threw himself down, was safely caught, and carried away to a place of safety. He had faith in his father.

linger or put it off

Give it without delay. Do not till you are older; there never will be a better time than now. If you wished to give a bunch of flowers to any one you loved, would you hold it back till the

flowers had quite faded before you gave it? No; while the flowers were in their bloom and sweetness you would offer your gift. So give your heart to Jesus to-day.

Why should you give your heart to Jesus? Because it is very pleasing and acceptable to him. It is the best thing you have to give, and better to him than the offering of silver and gold. The loving heart of a child is of more value in his eyes than all the riches of the world.

If you give him your young heart, he will renew and cleanse it, By nature it is corrupt and sinful; he can make it loving, and gentle, and obedient. A hard heart can be made soft by his grace. A barren heart can be made fruitful. Also, if you give it to him, he can make it happy. Your sins he will take away; he will save you now, and at last will say, "Come, sit with me on my throne, and live with me for ever."

Oh, seek for the help of the Holy Spirit, that you may give your heart to a loving Saviour. Offer it to him, and he will come forth to meet you, and receive that which you in faith present to him. From "Leaflets for the Young," just published by the Religious Tract Society, price 6d. per packet.

THY Holy Spirit, Lord, impart;
Impress thy likeness on my heart.
May I obey thy truth in love,
Till raised to dwell with thee above.

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