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prize before the hunter can reach it. Its notes are very doleful and unpleasant to the ear. It is about two feet long, and from one tip of the outstretched wing to the other it extends to more than five feet.

CHILDREN CAN BELIEVE IN JESUS, PERHAPS you are not old enough to know what it is to believe, and what faith is. The sweet rose does not know how the dews of the night and the rain refresh it. The lily, that catches a few of the bright beams of the sun, does not know how they help to make it grow. But the dew, and the rain, and the sun do refresh the flowers, and make them what they are. So a child may not be able to know much about faith, and yet it may be in his heart, and he may be a Christian child.

If your father or mother promise to do anything for you, you believe them. If they tell you that they will take you on a visit, you trust their word. You have faith in them; and you are quite sure that they mean what they say. They always speak the truth, and you know that they love you too well for tliem not to do what they promise. Ånd in the same way you can believe the words and promises of Jesus. Yoti can rely on what he tells you in the Bible. You can trust in him as the Saviour of sinners,

One night a house was on fire. The smoke and flames rose up very high. The family rushed out of the door, all but a little boy. In his fright he ran up-stairs, and soon was seen at a window. The poor fellow cried aloud for help. His father missed him. He looked up, and then heard his cries. “Throw yourself into my arms, my dear boy," he called to him : “I will catch you.”

“ Oh, I cannot see you, father." “But I can see you, my child. Be quick, jump


Do you

Then the smoke grew more thick, and the fire was fast reaching the poor child. He stood for a moment, and with a bold spring threw himself from the window, and in an instant was in his father's arms. not see that he had faith in his father?

We are all in danger of being lost-lost for everlost through sin. But Jesus can save us. save us now. He will save us if we cast our souls on him. He must, for there is no one else who can

He can

save us.

Come, then, like Mary, whom we read of in the gospel, and sit at his feet. Come like John, his disciple, and lean on his bosom. Come like the children of old, and cry, “Hosanna : save, Lord, we pray thee." Like the little boy who threw himself into his father's arms, cast yourself by faith on Jesus.

We will now tell you of another little boy-of one who looked to Jesus-who had faith in him.

This child, when four years old, was very much burnt. His clothes took fire. As he grew older he often was kept to his bed for three, four, or six months at a time. He was very weak, and mostly full of pain. His great comfort was to go to a Sunday school when he was able. He used to go there on crutches. He loved his school, and was one of the best boys in it.

But he got so bad that he could not walk there, even on his crutches. Some kind lads then got a little cart, and used to call for him; and in this way he was carried to his Sunday school.

At last he got so much worse that he could not go at all, and he was kept to his bed—a poor sick boy.

You will be glad to know that he had been led by the Holy Spirit to believe in Jesus. Though he was so very ill, he was quite happy. His heart was full of love to the Saviour.

When he got any rest for his body, or when anything was done for him, or given to him, he would say, "I thank Jesus for that help.”

About a week before he died, his teacher asked him if he had any word to send to the school. He smiled, and said, " Tell them to mind what you say. Ask them to be at the school as often as they can.

And tell them to look to Jesus.”

These words, “ Look to Jesus,” were often on lis lips. He had looked to him, and was happy ; and he wished every one to do so, that they might be happy too.

When he was dying, his teacher went to see him again. He found him with his eyes closed, and he seemed fast sinking. His mother bent over him, and asked if he had anything to say to his teacher. Yes, he had some words to speak : they were these " Look to Jesus,” he said, with a soft, weak voice.

The last words he spoke were to a little girl named Ellen, who had often called to sing to him. And what were those words ? They were the same he had so often spoken, and which had given joy to his own heart: “Look to Jesus.

Soon after this he went to be with the Saviour in whom he trusted and whom he loved. *

THE THREE ARKS. We read about three arks in the Bible. One was the ark which Noah made. It was something like a ship, and was intended to save Noah and his family, and some of the animals, from being drowned in the Deluge.

Another ark was that which Moses made in the wilderness. This was called “the ark of the cove. nant.” It was covered all over with pure gold. It was not so large but that four men could easily carry it on their shoulders by means of two poles which were fastened to its sides. The Israelites carried it about with them all the time they were marching up and down the wilderness.

But then we read of another ark in the Bible. It was a very little one. It was the " ark of bulrushes" which the mother of Moses made to put him in when a baby, in order to keep him from being drowned in the river. Pharaoh, the wicked king of Egypt, wanted to destroy the Israelites. He ordered all the male children to be thrown into the river. When Moses was born, his mother tried to save him. For three months she managed to keep him hid. At last

* From “The Sweet Story of ốid,” a book for little children, lately published by tbr Religious Tract Society.

she found she could not hide him any longer. Then she made this little ark” of bulrushes. She put her dear boy into it, and laid it in the flags near the banks of the river Nile. Look at that "little ark” floating among the flags, and learn two lessons from it.

It teaches us how God controls everything that happens. Suppose that Pharaoh, or one of Pharaoh's

oldiers, had happened to come along and find this ark: what would have become of Moses! He would have been thrown into the river in a moment. But it was Pharaoh's daughter who happened to come by and find the ark. God ordered it so. She had a woman's tender heart. She saw the little ark, and sent her maid to fetch it. When it was opened, “Behold, the babe wept." The sight of the helpless babe, exposed to death, and in tears, touched her heart. It was a good thing that the babe cried just at that moment. If it had not been for those tears, it might have happened that Pharaoh's daughter would have pushed the ark out into the stream, and let it sink there. Some would say it was very lucky that the child cried at that very moment. But it was not luck that did it. God did it. He controls everything. That baby's tears saved his life. They secured him a home and an education, and thus he became the greatest man of the age.

But take another look at that “ little ark." What else does it teach us? It teaches us what a foolish thing it is to fight against God. Pharaoh did this, He thought he was wiser than God and stronger than God. God meant to preserve the Israelites and have them to grow into a great nation. Pharaoh wanted to destroy them. He resolved to make the river Nile

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