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Nassr State Enterprise for Mechanical Industries (or Nesser
Establishment for Mechanical Industries): Part of the Ministry of
Industry and Military Industrialization (MIMI), described above.
Nassr procured equipment for Project 1728, a SCUD modification
effort; was involved in Iraq's nuclear program; was the procurement
arm for Taji, a site used to produce chemical munitions; and,
according to Western intelligence documents, was "responsible for the
development and manufacture of gas centrifuges for uranium
enrichment."/16 Nassr also ran artillery ammunition plants; purchased
"high-capacity driving nozzles" for missiles from a German company;
may have been a part of the European procurement network run by
Iraqi front company TDG in London; was the main customer of
Matrix Churchill

, another Iraqi front company in England; and was linked to the Condor II intermediate-range missile project.

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