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a Congresswoman from my home State of Virginia to me and Roxanne, and someone that we rely on v.

So, thank you very much, Congresswoman, for be Mr. Chairman, as of course you know, and for Commission that we have, that has been establ mission on this advisory Commission to the C ism, weapons of mass destruction, and domestic ties, was established by you, your leadership a mittee, all the way back in January of 1999. think the Chairman said, the thought was s but the truth was that the Congress and pa ship that you provide was very concerned ab and ability to respond to a terrorist attac Commission was established.

We, by statute, are required to report De We, in fact, did report on December 15th and completed all of our work and sent t utory report to be published on Decemb. late August, when of course the Septe Then under your proposal, your leader. tended an additional two years. We a man, on the end of the fourth year. year to go under the present status.

I want to thank you very much f fied before your committee before. been the person who has really fo man Weldon, and I want to tha ship in this. We look to you as these critical issues, particula a national strategy.

The panel composition, as that is traditional in Wash typical blue ribbon commis working men and women these issues each and ev fire, police, rescue, emer local leadership, people general officers, a very to deal with many of th

Ray Downey was a leader of the New Yor this Commission, and on the World Trade stood in the place of or who have passed continues to be ver

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›, emergency servicesat work.

he National Guard, and Deople from the commufact that becomes necof course with specialty ng in the regular military e believe that this is the d feeling of the American and not to overreact by too of the military.

1 health and medical issues, for a bioterrorism attack. We utical stockpile usage, we are ve focused our attention on the es to be prepared for bioterror

are a lot of concerns about this Congress on December 15th, paral reimbursement for any types of es, localities, private sector, for im

there needs to be constant interoperparticularly telecommunications. I hat are before the Federal Communicaight now and before the Committees of ectrum and the ability to distribute that as to enhance inter operability-Federal,

nat, we are focusing a great deal of attention of the critical infrastructure is in private rical companies, water companies critical, foe if there is a major attack-will need to be y communicate as well.

erns that we are bringing forward, including the need to be prepared to maintain the food ne case of a major attack.

1, the second issue that I would bring forward today the Committee has asked us to specifically address, equipment needed, and policies and procedures and ity of entities and common training requirements. It essential issue that we still have to answer, Mr. Chairnation, and that is, what is readiness? Until we define is and we understand the level of risk that inevitably we n, only then can we begin to focus our attention on what sary to reduce that risk to a minimum while maintaining vil liberties. That is the principal policy goal that the Conand the administration will need to reach towards.

ow do we best set our priorities? Mr. Chairman, it is not posto buy everything that people want to sell to the government. body is coming forward with systems; some work and some But most do work and most do enhance security, but it will ossible to do everything. So we have to define what the pri

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Jadi Te areas at we ae recommending 11 w gare som and analysis center, & Pyth Me Charman, that we can begin to shar twin down wit ng normation together which is properly an A, it was different lines, all the intelligence Vatalang wether in order to be able to share inform him Thate hina hen a lot of discussion about this, of course. A Wh, in #Adition to that, we are recommending a separate comp her, # rate, additional agency to do domestic intellige gathering with respect to terrorist and foreign activities here in Tinted Sintex, and that that be moved from the Federal Burea Investigation (B) into a new organization.

This is a very important discussion that we have had. ThisJeet has been lengthily discussed in our Commission this year The concern is that this work must be done and must be done. Hively, and therefore this Commission is making that reconi.

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We will have additional recommendations of course v report, but we are also focusing a great deal of att od f the Congress to establish a separate auth fo and related appropriations subcommittee wit1 deral programs and authority for combating: fand appurity The Commission, over the year cerned about the proliferation of the large particularly in appropriations, that the: in address, and there is concern the ********* and this will retard the At Homeland Nxunity to get off the We Are wwwmmended cont::: Use of the www and ap

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work of you and your commistelling us what we should be threat assessment mechanism prepare; and you, being the goveeded to relate down to the State all be coming from Washington. ta fusion, I don't think there is anyas I am concerned, because if you can efore it arrives here, you can deal with nan of this subcommittee which oversees spending. We can buy all the tanks and ant, but I think a far better investment beis to make sure that we understand that


before I yield to my colleagues for questions, iting to me was, back in 1997 when I took a deleour colleagues to Vienna to negotiate with five Rusframework to end the Kosovo War, and I knew the e bringing a guy who was very close to Milosevic-his Dragomir Karic. So I called the Director of the Central e Agency (CIA), George Tenet, and I said, Can you give information about Karic? And he came back about two or urs later and gave me a couple of sentences saying they he was tied in with the Russian Mafia.

telling anyone, I went to the Army's Information Dominter down in Fort Belvoir. At that time, this committee ing up funding for our Information Dominance Centers

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