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-Ope pull test facility and test/certify wire rope (used in device emplacement
Festing. Examples include reconstitution of big hole caliper logging, reconstitute via

pdate design and fabrication plans for device racks/canisters.
Oct drill-back nuclear chemistry exercise; conduct nuclear diagnostics training, el

zade Las Vegas Valley seismic monitoring; reconstitute slant hole drilling and out
detailed problems that these nations encounter, specifically Britain and France
Problems of stockpile reliabilities, performance and security. Yet, you do not specht
Would you please provide a summary of how these two nations are addressing the

Mr. KIRK. In your prepared statement, you mention that our allies face simile
faced with stockpile issues like those in the United States. They also must confirm
the reliability, performance and safety of their nuclear weapons without nuclea

General GORDON. Our allies, specifically the United Kingdom and France, et
testing. Thus, they have research and experimental programs that are similar
ours. They are doing extensive research and experimental programs that are similar
to ours. They are doing extensive research and experiments to improve their under
standing of aging materials, building and using advanced radiographic and laser
perimental facilities to study weapon hydrodynamics and high-energy-density phys
high-energy-density physics area, the French already have an eight-beam laser facil
ics, and developing weapons simulation capabilities on advanced computers. In the
which will be comparable to our National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore

ity in operation and are planning a major laser facility (Laser Megajoule or LMJ)
National Laboratory.
great many of STRATCOM's personnel are familiar with it as being Libya's high
what the capability it can provide. In 1986 we went after Libya's Rabta facility. A

Mr. KIRK. When we look at the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP), and
command for chemical and biological weapons. After the strike there, the Libyan
mittee in classified form whether conventional munitions could take out Rabta at

significantly hardened the site. Would there be a way for you to report to the con-
this point? Can you provide a classified list of other nations that have hard targets
similar to this?
in areas related to the axis-of-evil? Also, can you specify the munitions that are be

Mr. KIRK. Can you provide a list of hard targets that you are aware of, specifically
lieved to be held in these targets?
Admiral BYRD. [The information referred to is classified.)


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