Inspirational Reflections: Mirror Images of Our Lives Through the Holy Scriptures

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2007 - 468 pages
We see the decay in the movies and on TV as well as what we read in the newspaper every day. There is really no regard for the welfare for others any longer. We could care less as long as number one is taken care of, ourselves. No morals are left. Violence and sexual acts are so common everywhere that we don't even blink an eye about it. Without morals, it's natural now to even take the Lord's name in vain. People have taken the word freedom literally to do whatever they please. Lust has taken over our motivation. This is not just referring to the flesh, rather a greed within us that has corrupted the minds of every person that you meet. We lie, cheat and steal for their own personal gain no matter what the consequences may be. Anyone that we can roll over that gets in our way is an objective that we have in life to become the big shot. It's no longer keeping up with the Joneses. Now we try to do it to them before they to it to us. A dog-eat-dog world is an understatement now days. Now it is shooting them first before having the opportunity. If you can knock them out before hand, it is less competition later. Inspirational Reflections is not just a book of poems. It is a reflection of Holy Scripture on the world today with an enlightenment of the views of the author. He reflects much of his personal experience as well as his poetic creativity for making this a classic before its time. All Scripture used is taken from the King James Version.

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