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Of even valour's temperate heat,
And toils to stubborn patience sweet ; se
Of nodding plumes and burnisht arnis,
And glory's bright terrific charms,

The potent sounds like lightning dart
Resistless through the glowing heart;
Of power to lift the fixed soul
High o'er fortune's proud controul ;
Kindling deep, prophetic musiug,
Love of beauteous death infusing;
Scorn, and unconquerable hate
Of tyrant pride's unhallow'd státe.
The boy abash'd, and half afraid,
Beheld each chaste immortal maid :
Pallas spread her ægis there;
Mars stood by with threat'ning air ;
And stern Diana's icy look
With sudden chill his bosom struck,

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“Daughters of Jove, receive the child,"

The queen of beauty said, and smiled :
(Her rosy breath perfumed the air,
And scatter'd sweet contagiou there; ,
Relenting nature learnt to languish,
And sicken'd with delightful anguish:)

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66 Rcceive

« Receive him, artless yet


Refine his air, and smooth his tongue;" }
Conduct him through your fav’rite bowers,
Enrich'd with fair perennial flowers,
To solemn shades, and springs that lie
Remote from each uphallow'd eye;
Teach him to spell those mystic names
That kindle bright immortal flames;
And guide his young uapractised feet
To reach coy Learning's lofty seat."

Ah luckless hour! mistaken maids !
When Cupid sought the Muses' shades;
Of their sweetest notes beguiled
By the sly insidious child,
Now of power his darts are found
Twice ten thousand times to wound.
Now no more the slacken'd strings
.Breathe of high immortal things,
But Cupid tunes the Muses' lyre
To languid notes of soft desire :
In every clime, in every tongue,
"Tis love inspires the poet's song.
Hence Sappho's soft infectious page ;
Monimia's woe, Othello's rage ;
Abandon's Dido's fruitless prayer,
And Eloisa's long despair ;


The garland, blest with many a vow,
For haughty Sacharissa's brow;
And, wash'd with tears, the mournful verse
That Petrarch laid on Laura's hearse.

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But more than all the sister quire,
Music confess’d the pleasing fire,
Here sovereign Cupid reign'd alone;
Music and song were all his own.
Sweet as in old Arcadian plains,
The British pipe has caught the strains ;
And where the Tweed's pure current glides,
Or Liffy rolls her limpid tides,
Or Thames his oozy waters leads
Through rural bowers or yellow meads,
With many an old romantic tale
Has cheer'd the lone sequester'd vale;
With many a sweet and tender lay
Deceived the tiresome summer day.

'Tis yours to cull with happy art
Each meaning verse that speaks the heart,
And fair array'd in order meet
To lay the wreath at Beauty's feeto

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Page A WRETC, long tortured with disdain,

198 Ah! Chloris, could I now hut sit, Ah, how sweet it is to love ! Dryden.

110 Ah stay! ah turn ! ah whither would you fly, Congreve.

97 Ab! tell me not that jealous fear

99 Ah! tell me no more, my dear girl, with a sigh, Wolcott. 112 Ah! the shepher:l's mournful fate ! Hamilton.

72 Ah! why must words my flame reveal?

85 Alexis shunn'd his fellow swains, Prior.

19 All in the Downs the fleet was moord Gay.

3 All my past life is mine no more, Rochester.

219 As Amoret with Phyllis sæt Sir Car Scrope.

144 As on a summer's day Rowe.

13 As near a weeping spring reclined Mrs. Barbauld. 95 As the snow in valleys lying,

233 Awake, awake, my lyre ! Cowley.

190 Away, let nought to love displeasing, Gilbert Cooper. 151


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Blest as the immortal Gods is he, 4. Phillips.
Born in yon blaze of orient sky, Darwin.
Busy, curious, thirsty fly!
By my sighs you may discover
By the gaily-circling glass Dalton,

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64 Can

Can love be controled by advice Berkeley.

145 Can loving father ever prove

197 Celia, hoard thy charms no more Celia, too late you would repent, Walsh. Child, with many a childish wile, Joanna Baillie. - 171 Chloc brisk and gay appears,

229 Chloe's the wonder of her sex, Lansdown.

223 Chloris, yourself you so excel Waller.

245 Come, all ye youths whose hearts e'er bled Otway. 131 Come, dear Amanda ! quit the town, Come here, fond youth, whoe'er thou be Mrs. Barbauld.. 87 Come, let us now resolve at last Sheffield D. of Buck. 128 Come, shepherds, we'll follow the hearse, Cunningham. : 34 Come, tell me where the maid is found Little. Come, thou rosy-dimpled boy, Parrat.

105 Oorinna cost me many a prayers

213 Corinna in the bloom of youth, Lansdown.

207 Cupid, forbear thy childish arts;

179 Cupid, instruct an amorous gwain

229 Cynthia frowns whene'er I woo her, Congreve. a 199

. 244

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Daphnis stood pensive in the shade,


17 Hear Chloe, while thus beyond measure

149 Dear Colin, prevent my warm blushes,

2102 Dear is my little native vale, Rogers. Despairing beside a clear stream, Rowe.

:ll Dorinda's sparkling wit and eyes

204 Dried be that tear, my gentlest love, R. B. Sheridan. : 1987

Fair Amoret is gone astray, Congreve
Fair, and soft, and gay, and young,



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