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One day, when he had been much perplexect with fears upon the subject, he threw open his chamber window, and the first ohjeet that attracted his notice was a hen, with a numerous brood of chickens: she was busily employed in seeking provisions for her family'; and seemed happy in calling them to partake of whatever she could obtain for them. - His reasoning upon this circumstance quieted his fears : and encouraged him to trust in God. What a beautiful object to calm and trànquilize the mind, by bringing to recollection the instruction which our Saviour gave to his disciples : “ Consider the fowls of the air, which have neither store houses nor barns, and yet God provideth for them.” Faith in God, my dear Sir, is of great importance to our happiness; and they that put their trust in him, will often enjoy such sacred recollections of providential care, as will fill their hearts with gratitude, and occasion them to experience such delightful and inexpressible pleasure, as Jacob must have felt, when he said, “ With my staff I passed over this Jordan; but now I am become two bands.” I do not say there are no circumstances that can justify the conduct of the man who resolves

to live a single life; but it should be recollected, that every one who does so, adds one to the enormous number of females who are obliged, contrary to the order of nature, to pass their lives in celibacy, instead of being happy wives, and joyful mothers. That this is a very great and grievous injury to society, must be manifest to every reflecting mind; and that the fault is chargeable on those inen who pass their lives in a single state, is too obvious to require proof. Such certainly do not demonstrate by their conduct, that they believe the word which says: “He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, and obtaineth a favour froin the Lord.” But you, my dear Sir, have the happiness to believe, that “ the words of the Lord are pure words, like silver seven times purified in the furnace:" and you will certainly find to your great satisfaction, that you will never have reason to repent of your obedience to him, who appointed that a man should leave his father and his mother, and should cleave to his wife.

It has been said with much truth, and great propriety,

" That marriage rightly understood,
Gives to the virtuous and the good
A Paradise below.”

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It is with considerable pleasure that the Author embraces this opportunity, to express his gratitude to those Friends, whose generous exertions, in procuring Subscribers, have enabled him to bring this little work before the Public. Sincerely praying that it may be attended with a divine blessing, and be made instrumental in contributing to the comfort and edification of Married Persons, he most gratefully subscribes himself, their much obliged Friend and Servant,


Clapham Common,

Oct, 26, 1813.

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