Developing Learning in Early Childhood

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SAGE, 17 февр. 2004 г. - Всего страниц: 248
`This book is useful for students and lecturers of early childhood. It provides concise overviews of relevant research of early childhood development, theories of play and can be utilised as a contemporary, reference book by a range of professionals′ - Debate

`The chapter on young children becoming symbol users make a valuable contribution to the literature, and I shall be inspired and haunted in equal measure by the plea that epitomises this book and its story′ - Marian Whitehead, Early Years

`It′s an excellent and easy-to-read text to read, blending theory and research with practice. Each chapter format is clear, with the key themes outlined at the beginning the main body, followed by useful and thought-provoking questions for good practice to ponder and relevant further reading at the end′ - Nursery World


Tina Bruce clearly loves children and delights in their development. She has produced an academic work which is both sensitive and stimulating but decidedly unpreachy′ - Kirsty Wark, Broadcaster

This book shows how adults can support children and actively help them develop their learning in early childhood. Drawing on traditional approaches as well as recent research and theories, Tina Bruce shows the need for balance in early years education and care between the biological and socio-cultural aspects of the development of learning. The book includes a wide range of examples from practitioners, including nursery teachers, health visitors, and community workers.

Features include:

- what does it mean to develop learning ?

- learning by doing real things

- how language helps

- creativity and imagination

- diversity and inclusion.

This book is essential for students, practitioners and tutors of Foundation Degrees and Early Childhood Studies Degrees.

The 0-8 series edited by Tina Bruce, deals with essential themes in early childhood, which concern practitioners, parents and children.

Titles in the 0-8 series

Marian Whitehead: Developing Language and Literacy with Young Children Second Edition

Rosemary Roberts: Self-Esteem and Early Learning Second Edition

Cath Arnold: Child Development and Learning 2-5 - Georgia′s Story

Pat Gura: Resources for Early Learning

Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram: Effective Early Learning: Case Studies in Improvement

Mollie Davies: Movement and Dance

Second Edition

John Mathews: Drawing and Painting

Second Edition

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Professor Tina Bruce CBE is an Honorary Visiting Professor in Early Childhood at the University of Roehampton.

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