Problems in the Metal-mining Industry (lead, Zinc, and Other Metals): Hearings Before the Select Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives, Eighty-third Congress, First Session, Pursuant to H. Res. 22, a Resolution Creating a Select Committee to Conduct a Study and Investigation of the Problems of Small Business

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953 - Всего страниц: 520
Apr. 22 and 23 hearings were held in Denver, Colo.; Apr. 25 hearing was held in San Francisco, Calif.; Apr. 27 hearing was held in Spokane, Wash.; Apr. 30 hearing was held in Phoenix, Ariz.

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Стр. 152 - Accordingly, it is hereby declared to be the policy of the people of the United States that, subject at all times to the paramount objective of assuring the common defense and security, the development and utilization of atomic energy shall, so far as practicable, be directed toward improving the public welfare, increasing the standard of living, strengthening free competition in private enterprise and promoting world peace.
Стр. 213 - Now, therefore, be it Resolved 'by the Senate and Assembly of the State of Nevada, jointly, That the...
Стр. 135 - I am going to encourage that in every possible way. We shall have hundreds of thousands of disbanded soldiers, and many have feared that their return home in such great numbers might paralyze industry by furnishing suddenly a greater supply of labor than there will be a demand for. I am going to try to attract them to the hidden wealth of our mountain ranges, where there is room enough for all.
Стр. 135 - Tell the miners for me, that I shall promote their interests to the utmost of my ability ; because their prosperity is the prosperity of the nation ; and," said he, his eye kindling with enthusiasm, " we shall prove, in a very few years, that we are indeed the treasury of the world...
Стр. 181 - University and a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia since 1911, and was admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals in 1915.
Стр. 135 - During the war, when we were adding a couple of millions of dollars every day to our national debt, I did not care about encouraging the increase in the volume of our precious metals. We had the country to save first. But now that the rebellion is overthrown, and we know pretty nearly the amount of our national debt, the more gold and silver we mine, we make the payment of that debt so much the easier. Now, " said he, speaking with more emphasis, "I am going to encourage that in every possible way.
Стр. 135 - Mr. Colfax, I want you to take a message from me to the miners whom you visit. I have," said he, "very large ideas of the mineral wealth of our nation. I believe it practically inexhaustible. It abounds all over the Western country — from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific, and its development has scarcely commenced. During the war, when we were adding a couple of millions of dollars every day to our national debt, I did not care about encouraging the increase in the volume of our precious metals....
Стр. 190 - All expenditures in excess of net receipts from minerals sold shall be charged to capital account recoverable through depletion while the mine is in the development stage. The mine will be considered to have passed from a development to a producing status when the major portion of the mineral production is obtained from workings other than those opened for the purpose of development, or when the principal activity of the mine becomes the production...
Стр. 95 - COUNTY OF GRUNDY. \ " I, DC Pugh, clerk of the County Court, in and for said county, hereby certify the above and foregoing to be a true copy of the...
Стр. 38 - That country might well take a liberal view of lending its currency to the Fund as a means of preventing unemployment in its export industries, of reducing the need for other countries to take new discriminatory measures against its exports, and of giving effect to the spirit of its international full employment commitments.

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