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shall obey (speaking of Antichrift.) The terrible and dreadful Pomp of this Army is largely described by the Prophet Joel and Nabüm, and some small touches of it in Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Daniel and Zachary; which, because it may appear to be a new and unwarrantable Affertion, I shall endeavour to strengthen by two or three Confiderations. The Prophecy then of Joel has not been yetperfectly fulfilled, either in the Destruction of the City and People of the Jews, by Nebuchadnezzar, or in that by Titus Vespasian. Now this Exprefsion is much like that of our Saviour, Mark 13. 19. In those Days shall be Afflictions, such as was not from the Beginning of the Creation wbich God created, even to this time, nor ever shall be. Which Words, as they relate indeed to the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, yet are ultimately to be compleated at the End of the World: So likewise those of the Prophet. Foel. For in V. 2. a Day which is called The Day of the Lord, is described as a Day of Darkness, and of Gloominess, of Clouds, and of thick Darkness: And this shall herein consist, that a mighty and a strong people, of whom there has not been ever the like, neither shall be any more to all Eternity, shall come upon Jerusalem as the Morn. ing Spread upon the Mountains. 2dly, From the 12th to the 16th Verse of the 2d Chapter, the Prophet gives Counsel how the Inhabitants of Jerusalem ought to behave themselves, and what they ought to do to be exempted from the Calamity, which


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does not so properly agree to the Babylonish Expedition, because it was known out of the Prophet, that not only at that time there would be no Remedy; but that the . Fews were bound, according to God's Will, to surrender themselves up to the Babylonians ; which, when they refused to do, the King, together with the Nobles, made their Misery fall heavier upon themselves, their City, and their People, Jer. 21. 9. 38. 2. 52.7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Further, in the

, 17th Verse Foel prosecutes the Counsel, by advising the Priests to weep between the Porch and the Altar, and to say, Spare thy People, O Lord ! &c. whereupon follows in the 18th Verse, to the 27th, the Answer of this. Prayer, viz. that God would be jealous for his Land, and pity bis People. Now it is not found that either the Priests did then make such a Prayer, or that the promised Answer followed; the Temple, City, and whole Land being utterly destroy'd and made desolate. Neither did this at all comé to pass in the Destruction from the Romans; for the Temple was destroy'd some Weeks before the City, and then no Relief followed, but such a Desolation as continueth tọ this very Day. 3dly, If the Promise of the Effusion of the Spirit upon all Flesh, v. 28. be accomplished fully and ultimately (as some contend) at Pentecost, then it was accomplished full Forty Years before the Desolation; which nevertheless the

2 Prophet says must come after. This Prophecy then is yet to be fulfilled ; and what

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can be meant by this great and terrible Army, but that of Antichrift, who is the Confummation of the Curse, and who by the Magical Power of his Spirit shall unite all his Followers in the Principle and Powers of Hell; to which also we may reasonably refer all those great Things in Prophecy, which cannot with any Congruity be apply'd to any other notable Period of History. The Prophet Joel begins in such a manner, as plainly to point out to us the last and great Amiction of the Church. Compare Chap. 1. v. 2. Chap. 2. 2. with Dan. 12. 1. Matth. 24. 21. In the 4th Verse of the first Chapter, he nameth Four grand Caufes of the great Desolation. The Palmer-worm, Locuft, Canker-worm, and Caterpiller : By which Four Species of Infects, which are frequently the natural Causes of a Famine, he does probably point out to us Four grand Divisions of the Antichristian Army. The Three last of these being apply d in Scripture by way of Comparison to Men, we need not doubt but that the first, bears the fame Relation in this place. These. Four Divisions may march under Antichrist their Head, at some Distance from each other; the Second plundering what was left by the First; the Third what was left by the Second; and the Fourth utterly consuming what, was left by the Third. These may properly be typified by the Four Angels, mentioned Rev. 9. 14, 15. and may really be under the Influence of the Four dark Hie.


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rarchies, mentioned Eph. 6. 12. Moreover, v.9. The Meat-Offering, and the Drink-Offering is cut off from the House of the Lord. This may be upon a double Account. First, In respect of the Famine, and decay of the Fruits of the Earth, so that there will not be Corn and Wine enough for the Continuation of such Offerings. And, 2dly, In respect of Antichrist, who will not suffer such Oblations to be made, but take away the daily Sacrifice, according to Daniel, Chap. 8. 11, 12. Which is another Argument that the Vermin, V.4. and the strong and innumerable Nation, v.6. is the Army of Antichrist ; as the Meat-Offering and Drink-Offering is the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ. V, 11, 12. saith Foel, Be je ashamed ze Husbandmen, howl o ye Vine-dreffers, &c. because the Harvest of the Field is, perished, the Vine is dried up. Whence it appears, that this Antichristian 'overflow will be in Autumn ; which is also confirmed by Jer. 8. 13, 16, 20. Mystically it expresses the last Times, when the Fulness of Bleffings (expressed by Harvest or Autumn) is expected. Chap. 2. v. I. Blow the Trumpet, Sound an Alarm; the first gathers the Congregation together, and the latter sounds an Alarm against the Enemy, Numb. 10. 7, 9. and serve both here to advise of the coming of the Enemy, and to gather the Congregation to the Temple to afflict their Souls, This great Sounding before the Day of Amiction, answers to the Feast of Trumpets on the first Day of the Seventh Month, which precedes the great Day of Humiliation on the Tenth; and shews that a Ministry will go forth to convince the World of Sin, Isa. 58. 1. call them to a solemn Repentance and Humiliation, and forewarn them and prepare them against the coming of Antichrift, that they may be ready to oppose him. V.2. A Day of Darkness, &c. See Zeph. r. 15. A Fire" devoureth before them, and behind them a Flame burnéth. Hence it appears, that they are the same with the Judgments mentioned before, Chap. 1. v. 4. otherwise the Land devoured by those, could not have been as Eden before the face of these. The Fire may be Odvalg, and the Flame 'Ads, which are represented marching together in the Northern Army, Rev. 6. 8. compared with Zech. 6. 3, 6. Isa. 28. 15,18. It is observable in the fame Place of the Revelations, that Odrala and '"Adis; or the Northern Army, destroy by Four Meańs, kv paced, cs amuo, e Savera, and Tod 7 Juieiar gris. which, as they are the same mention'd Ezek. 14. 21, so may they very well correspond to the Four Kinds of Evils enumerated Foel Chap. 1. 4. it being certain that Antichrift, the End and Accomplishment of the Four Beasts, contains in himself, and comes in the Properties of all the Four, Rev. 13. 2. *

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V. 4. The Appearance of them is as the Appearance of Horses, Jer. 6. 23. 8. 16. As Horsemen so fhall they run, Ezek, 28. 1. 8. Expressions denoting their Strength and Agility

4,15. Hab.

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