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some Preparations or Dispositions for the Kingdom of the Meffiah by the drying up of Euphrates, so does it in the next Verse begin to prepare for the Destruction of the Antichristian Powers. For v, 13. Three unclean Spirits, like Frogs, came out of the Mouth of the Dragon (in e. the Devil) and out of the Mouth of the Beaft (i e. Antichrist) and of the false, Prophet ; V. 14. And they are the - Spirits of Devils (or Diabolical Spirits) working Miracles, which go forth unto the Kings of the Earth, and of the whole world to gather them to the Battle of that great Day of God Almighty. By which is signified some strong Magical Influence diversified by the Operations of Satan, Antichrift, and the Falle Prophet; to excite the Kings of the Earth, or Antichristian Powers, to meet together to oppose the Kingdom of the Lamb, who was then begining to overcome the Beaft, and that in the place called Armageddon v. 16) where God had appointed to destroy them; as is shown under the Seventh Vial. Now the word Armageddon in the Hebrew Tongue fignifies the Hill of Megiddo called Megiddon by the Prophet, Zech. 12. 11. 17720 777 Maydney LXXII. ' a Royal City in the Tribe of ilfachar, but belonging to Manaffetb; which the Canaanites poffeffed in despight of them. 7o. 17. 11, 12, and this City was famous in Scripture for the Miraculous defeat of Sisera and the Kings of Canaan ( a Type of the Kings of the Earth :) by Baraka and the Israelites who came down from Mount Tabor (which was not far from that


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place,) and discomfited them at the Waters of Megiddo in the Hilly and Mountainous Parts of that Place, as Grotius, upon the Place conjectures. It was also famous for the Death of Abaziah, 2. Kings 9. 27. but especially of Fofiah, who received his dead ly Wound with a great flaughter in the Vally of Megiddo, 2 Kings. 23. 29, 30. z Chron. 35. 20---27, where he was bewailed with fó great'a Lamentation, that the mournings of that Valley is used by way of a Proverbial Speech by the Prophet Zechariab, Chap. 12. 11. and Megiddo is interpreted by the LXXII. the Valley of the Stain, or cut off, as if it dignified a Place of great Grief and Slaughter ; and Megiddo may be chosen to be a Type and Symbol of the Place of this Valley of Decision, to fhew that as the Nation of the few did yearly bewail the Death of fofiab in that Place Co they should likewise bemoan him whose Type Fosiab was, and was flain near that Place just when he had prepared the Temple of God, which was the Emblem of Christ's Kingdom. See Zech. 12. 11. It may be also signifie (2dly) that God, who overrules Evil Designs for Good, and who de clares, Judg. 47: (the Place here alluded to) that he drew-Sisera and his Multitude together, had ordained that these King's fhould be totally overthrown as the Kings of Canaan were at Megiddo ; and that the Lamband his Companyfhould triumph over them and bless God for the great Victory, -as Febofaphat and the Israelites did in the

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Valley of Berdcha for the defeat of that great Multitude of wicked People that con: federated against Israel, 2 Chron. 20. 26.

5.11 cu Y VII. And now the Seventh Angel pours out

his Vial, v. 17. into the Air, and there came a quake ungreat Voice out of the Temple of Heaven saying, der the It is done, ice. This is the last compleará Sevent le ing A&t of Vengeance upon the Antichri. Visla kian. World, in order to make way for the Kingdom of Chrift. Under this Vial are comprized and effected Two notable Events. The First is the Destruction of Bab bylon, i 1. e. the Antichristian City Rome and of the great City Ferufalem. The Second list the Destruction of the Great Antichristian Army at Armageddon, én!

I THAT the Great City, the Destructi on whereof is fo pompously described, Chap. 17*18, Rome, has been (1 think) plainly and fully proved by Dr. More, Mr. Mede and all the Reformed Commen

tators. And this City is to be destroyed under this Vial, upon the Effusion whereof, Chap. 16. V. 18. There were Voices, and Thunders, and Lightnings, and a Great Earthquake, such as was not since Men were upon the Eartb ; fo mighty and so Great. Upon which the Great City (viz. Jerusalem) was divided into three parts, and the Cities of the Nations fell, and Great Babýlon came into remembrance before God, to give unto ber the Cup of the Wine of the Fierceness of bis Wrath. And the Iflands, and the Mountains fled away, and a Great Hail fell from Heaven ipon-the Men that survived, which


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Hail was exceeding Great. It may poflibly be this Hail that føb means by the treasures of Hail, which God hath reserved for the Time of Trouble, against the Day of Battle and War, Job, 38. 22. This being indeed the Great Day of Battle and Destruction of the Antichriftian Powers out of the whole Earth, to which that Ancient Writer frequently refers.

2w II. The Second Great Transaction, and which more immediately concerns this difcourse is the Destruction of Antichrist and his Great Army at the Barcle of Armageddon, It is the Opinion of some, that the Prophe cy of Ezekiel, Chap. 39. concerning Gog and Magog is to be understood of Antichrist and his Army; though all know very well that by Grg and Magog, Rev, 20. is to be underftood that valt Diabolical Multitude that shall encompass the Holy City after the Millennium. How true this Opinion may be I shall not presume to say, but muft acknowledge, that it seems to be favoured by several Circumstances of thař Prophecy. 1. The fame Invitation is made to the Fowls of Heaven, Ezek. 39.v. 17–21. as is made, Rev. 19. 7. 17, 18. for the Slain of the Battle of Armageddon. 2. The Gog and Magog mentioned in the Revelations are to be deyoured by Fire, and consequently not left to be eaten by the Fowls of Heaven. 3.

The Destruction of the last Gog by Fire in the Revelations is said to be immediately followed by the Great and last Judgment. Whereas in Ezekiel, the destruction of Gog

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is mention'd with no such Confequences,
but rather with a happy Succession of Peace
and Repofe to the Church in the very fame )
Earth; mention being made of burying
the Dead, burning, the Weapons, and a
Duration of Seven

Years of Strangers tra-
velling that way, and of the Heathens glo-
rifying God upon the Account of his Judge
ments, which may be understood of their
Conversion, even as we believe that the
Millennial Glory will follow after the Dez
ftru&ion of Antichrist. Before this Battle
of Armageddon, there is an Invitation to the
Fowls of Heaven made by an Angel stand-
ing in the Sun, Rev. Chap. 19. v. 17, 18.
saying, Come and gatber your selves together to the
Supper of the Great God, that ye may eat the
Flesh of Kings, and the Flesh of Captains, and
the Flesh of Mighty Men, and the Flesh of Horses,
and of thein that fit thereon, and the Flesh of all
Men (i. e. all sorts of Men) both free and bord,
both small and great. As it is also Ezek. 39.
-17, 18, 19. Many different Opinions there
are about this place among the Commen-
tators. Those of them who interpret it in
an Allegorical and Myftical Sense, infift
upon the Incongruity of setting an Angel
in the Literal Sense to invite all the Fowls
of the Air to a Banquet. But fuppose we
should grant that this pase may be nothing
more than an Oriental form of Speech; who
attributed every thing, especially in Pro-
phetical Writings, to the Ministry of An-
gels, yet I see no reason why we may not
understand the other Part literally, that is,


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