The Taliban: Ascent to Power

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Oxford University Press, 2000 - Всего страниц: 158
For many Westerners, Islam appears to contradict democratic values, yet these perceptions result from the characterization of certain Islamic movements as "radical" or "fundamentalist." This book describes one such movement that has been condemned in the West: the Taliban in Afghanistan. Shedding light on their doctrine, it analyzes the rise of the Taliban and their effect on Afghan society, their impact on Afghanistan's neighbors, and their troubled relationship with the United Nations. It concludes with a short chapter on the life and views of Bin Laden, an elusive radical who has famously and brutally translated his beliefs into action.

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The Mujahideen
The Talibans Islamic Theology
Political Infrastructure of the Taliban Rule
The Taliban and Economy
Social Order and Human Rights under the Taliban
The Taliban and Afghanistans Neighbours
Bin Laden
A Word on the TalibanUN Dilemma
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