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But I am resired on a reformation, Mr Mirror, and stal lat my wife and daughters know, that I will be master of my own house and my own expences, and will neither be made a fool or a bega gar, though it were after the manner of the greatest lord in Christendom. Yet I confess I am always for trying gentle methods first. I beg, therefore, that you will insert this in your next paper, and add to it some exhortations of your own, to prevail on them, if possible, to give over a behaviour, which I think, under favour, is rather improper even in great folks, but is certainly ruinous to little ones. I am, &c.


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I HATE long had a tendze for a roung lady, who is very beautiful, but a little capricious. I think myself unfortunate enough not to be in her good graces; but some of my friends tell me I am a simpleton, and don't understand her. Pray, be so kind as inform me, Mr Virror, what sort of rudeness amounts to encouragement. When a lady calls a man impertinent, does she wish him to be somewhat more assuming? When she never looks his way, may he reckon himself a fas vourite? Or, if she tells erery body, that Mr Such-a-one is her aversion, is Mr Such-a-one to take it for granted, that she is downright fond of him? Yours respectfully,


No. 30. SATURDAY, May 8, 1779.

It has sometimes been matter of speculation, whether or not there be a sex in the soul : that there is one in manners, I never heard disputed; the same applause which we involuntarily bestow upon honour, courage, and spirit in men, we as naturally confer upon chastity, modesty, and gentleness in women.

It was formerly one of those national boasts which are always allowable, and sometimes useful, that the ladies of Scotland possessed a purity of conduct, and delicacy of manners, beyond those of most other countries. Free from the bad effects of overgrown fortunes, and of the dissipated society of an overgrown capital, their beauty was natural, and their minds were uncorrupted.

Though I am inclined to believe, that this is still the case in general; yet, from my own observation, and the complaints of several correspondents, I am sorry to be obliged to conclude, that there begins to appear among us a very different style of manners. Perhaps our frequent communication with the metropolis of our sister kingdom, is one great cause of this. Formerly, a London journey was attended with some difficulty and danger, and posting thither was an atchievement as masculine as a fox-chace. Now the goodness of the roads and the convenience of the vehicles, render it a matter of only a few days moderate exercise for a lady ; 6. Facilis descensus Averni ;our wives and daughters are carried thither to see the world ; and we are not to wonder if some of them bring back only that knowledge of it, which the most ignorant can acquire, and the most forgetful retain. That knowledge is communicated to a

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