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end, its perfect cure.

Here too, in some sort, is the Ayropors, and here evidently the IIepieteid, the two great beauties of a perfect drama; the Ayvapeous, the providen

Αγνωρισις, tial discovery of Maredant's drops; the Περιπετεια, the changeofsituation from pimples and scales to a blooming complexion, from blotches and ulcers to smoothness of skin and soundness of flesh, from extreme debility and languor, to being the father of healthy children.

Nor is this class of writers less remarkable for adaptation of style than for correctness of composition. The advertisement above recited of Dr Dominiceti, and the daily performances of Messrs Christie and Ansell, shew to what elevation they can raise it, when the subject requires elevation. On the other hand, where shall we find more truly characteristic simplicity than in the following notice from a gentleman-tailor? “ Wanted, by a single


gentleman-tailor a servant-maid, to act as house-keeper and cook, where a girl is kept to attend and wait upon the master. None need apply who will pretend to manage the kitchen fire without his directions, as he understands the manage ment of coal-fires, which few servants in this town do. As he commonly dines out of a Sunday, he expects his servants to go to church, instead of cooking dainties to themselves, such as shoulders of veal stuffed, &c.; as, though he is a single man, he is very well instructed by a neighbour how to manage his family. Apply next door to the steps, Panton Square.”

Other writers, often equally poor and proud, may perhaps object to the elass of authors whom I commemorate, that they write not from the love of science, or the desire of fame, but from motives merely interested and selfish. But a little acquaintance with many of their produc


tions will effectually remove this reproach. Is it not benevolence alone that forces Mr Speediman, in spite of his natural modesty, to address the public in an advertisement ? “ Mr Speediman would be unjust to the public if he any longer delayed acquainting them of the virtues of his stomach pills.” Are there not daily advertisements of sales “ far below prime cost,” which continue for several years, to the evident advantage of the public, and loss of the advertiser? and does not Mr Molesworth press adventurers in the lottery to purchase his tickets and shares, though he knows, by certain calculation, that they are to be drawn prizes?

To such men, may not the above quoted motto of the illustrious Dr Dominiceti be most deservedly applied ?

Non sibi, sed toto genitum se credere mundo;"

which, however, as malice is always ready to detract from merit, I heard a wicked wag of my acquaintance, translate t'other day to a company of ladies, that the doctor's fumigations “ were to make himself live, and to kill all the world beside.”

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No. 81. TUESDAY, February 15, 1780.


SIR, Some time ago you inserted in your paper a letter from a lady, who subscribed herself S. M., giving an account of the hardships she has suffered as the daughter of a man of fortune, educated in the midst of affluence, and then left to the support of a very slender provision. I

. own the situation to be a hard one; but it may, perhaps, afford her some consolation to be told, that there are others, seemingly enviable, which are yet as distressful, that derive their distresses from circumstances exactly the reverse of those in which Miss S. M. is placed.



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