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Title 16—Commercial Practices

(This book contains Parts 0 to 149)



CHAPTER 1-Federal Trade Commission

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Application and definitions.
Commercial dental laboratory industry.
Gummed paper and sealing tape industry.
Public seating industry.
Corset, brassiere, and allied products industry.
Frozen food industry.
Jewelry industry.
Paper bag industry.
Combination storm window and door industry.
Refrigeration and/or air-conditioning contracting industries.
Brick and structural clay tile and allied products industry.
Blueprint and diazotype coaters industry.
Plastic housewares industry.
Crushed stone industry.
Melamine dinnerware industry.
Cut stone industry.
Nursery industry.


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Wall coverings industry.
Poultry hatching and breeding industry.
Engraved stationery and allied products industry of the New York City

trade area.
Steel bobby pin and steel hair pin manufacturing industry.
Environmental testing equipment manufacturing industry.
Metal awning industry.
Building wire and cable manufacturing industry.
Outlet and switch box manufacturing industry.
Millwork industry.
Work glove industry.
Manifold business forms industry.
Tire and tube repair material industry.
Embroidery industry.
Cut and wire tack industry.
Fluorocarbons industry.
Common or toilet-pin industry.
Interior marble industry.
Walnut wood industry.
China recess accessories industry.
Pleasure boat industry.
Residential aluminum siding industry.
Golf, baseball, and athletic goods industries.
Metallic watch band industry.
Stationers industry.
Rebuilt, reconditioned and other used automotive parts industry.
Electrical contracting industry.
Kosher food products and kosher products industry.
Wire rope industry.
Phonograph record industry.
Braided rug industry.
Knitted outerwear industry.
Fresh fruit and vegetable industry.
Household furniture industry.
Scrap iron and steel industry.
Waste paper dealers and packers.
Warm air furnace industry.
Fabricators of ornamental iron, bronze, and wire.
Electrical wholesalers.
Saw and blade service industry.
Ice cream industry, District of Columbia and vicinity.
Mopstick industry.

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