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Dartiguenave, President of Haiti,
Darwin, disturbances, 118, 195-rail-

way from, 188, 192-temperature,
189 employment of Chinese
coolies, 192-cost of running a
steamer, 194.

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Paris,' 12.

Day, Mr Clive, on the policy of the
Peace Conference, 16.

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'Prussische Jahrbücher,' 317.

• Demonstration Farms ' in the
Northern Territory, 188.

Denifle, Heinrich, 'Die Entstehung
der Universitäten,' 121.

Development Commissioners, on agri-
cultural education, 72-plans for
research, 77.

Diaz, Porfirio, President of Mexico,
administration, 152.

'Die Hard' party, 422, 427.

Dillon, Dr E. J., 'Mexico and World
Reconstruction,' 145.

Draft Constitution for Ireland, 206-

Dryden, John, character of his
writings, 322, 323.

Dublin, Law Courts, seized, 201-

destruction of the Four Courts
and the Public Record Office, 392
-meeting of the Irish Parliament,

Du Parcq, 'Life of David Lloyd
George,' 280.

Dyer, General, repression of the
Jullianwallah rising, 418 — dis-
missal, ib.


Echmiadzin, 59-cathedral, 60-the
Katholikos, 61-churches, ib.-
lake, 62.

Election, General, result of the next,

Elton, Mr Oliver, biography of York
Powell, 315.

Erivan, 64-population, 65-Gyök
Jami', ib.

Eton, Headmasters, 1-buildings, 8
-School of Mechanics, 9-Mission
at Hackney Wick, 10.

Evelyn, John, sketch of, 322.


Far East Questions and the
Washingion Conference, 101–116.
Farm Institutes, cost, 73-number,
73 note-course of instruction, 75.
Farmers, method of farming, 69-72,

Faucit, Helen, character of her act-
ing, 323, 324. See Martin.
Favaro, Prof. Antonio, 'L'Università
di Padova,' 121.

Fletcher, Mr C. R. L., Life of
Edmond Warre, Headmaster and
Provost of Eton College,' 1.

Foch, Marshal, Commander-in-Chief
of the Allied Armies, 294.
Fount of Honours, The, 361-374.
Four Power Treaty, 104.

France, relations with Germany, 165,
173-reluctance to reduce arma-
ments, 174-opinion of Germany,

Freeman, John, 'The Work of Walter
de la Mare,' 32.

Freud, Dr, originator of psycho-
analysis, 258, 260.


Gandhi, arrested, 130, 132-Swaraj
propaganda, 130.

Genoa Conference, 300.

George, Rt Hon. D. Lloyd, at the
Paris Conference, 16, 169; Honours
List, 368, 370-policy, 409, 426.
George, Mr Lloyd; A Page of
History, 279-305.

Georgia, Republic of, 48-Church, 50
-Capitals, 54.

Georgians, the, 51-appearance, 52.
Germany, potato crop, 81-relations
with France, 165, 173-exclusion
from the League of Nations, 175.
Gibbon, Edward, extract from, 245.
Gilruth, Dr, Administrator of the
Northern Territory, reports, 189,

[blocks in formation]

Haig, Earl, address at the British
Legion, 328.

Haiti, administration, 147, 161.
Hamilton, Alexander, on the result
of corruption to the Constitution,

Hankey, Sir Maurice, ‘Diplomacy by
Conference,' 168.

Harding, President, policy against
Mexico, 159-opinion of the United
States, 162.

Hardy, Mr Thomas, 'The Dynasts,'

Hasan Khan, Sirdar of Erivan, 65–67.
Headlam, Prof. A. C., on the Report
of the Royal Commission on Oxford,
347-member of the Oxford Council
and General Board, 355.

Henequen fibre or Sisal grass, 148.
Hobhouse, Mr Stephen, English

Prisons To-day,' edited by, 376, 379,
384 et seq.

Honours, The Fount of, 361–374.
Hookworm or ankylostomiasis dis-
ease, 248.

House, Col E. M., 'What Really
Happened at Paris,' edited by, 15.
Howard, John, reform of prisons,

Huddleston, Mr Sisley, article in the
'Westminster Gazette,' 298.
Hughes, Mr, attitude to Mexico, 159.

[blocks in formation]

Lamont, Mr T. W., Economic Ad-
viser to the American Peace Com-
mission, 12.

Lansdowne, Marquis of, letter on
peace, 291.

League of Nations, value, 170-
principle of arbitration, 171-plans
for disarmament, 172-admission
of Germany, 175-cost, 176-re-
sponsibilities, 178-work, 179.
Lee, Lord, of Fareham, Minister of
Agriculture, 75.

Legge, Arthur E. J., 'Mental Heal-
ing,' 252.

Leslie, Mr Shane, 'The Oppidan,' 2.
Leslie, Shane, Ulysses,' 219.

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Mesmer, methods of healing, 254.
Mexico and World Reconstruc-
tion, 145-162.

'Mile-a-minute' weed, 242.

Miners, wages, 337-working con-
ditions, ib.

Minorities Treaties, principles, 22-24,
Montagu, Rt Hon. E. S., Secretary
of State for India, dismissed, 130,
419-result of his administration,
416, 419-treatment of British
officials, 417-speech in Parlia
ment, 418.

Moore, Mr George, novels on Ireland,

Morley, Viscount, saying on demo-
cracy, 215.

'Morning Post,' the, excluded from
Dublin, 399.

Mtzkhet, capital of Georgia, 54—
cathedral, ib.

Mulcahy, Mr Richard, Commander-
in-Chief of the Irish troops, 396,

Mulinuu, 'fono' or conference at,

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Rat depredation, loss from, 83.
Rawlinson, Lord, Commander-in-
Chief in India, 140.

Reading Institute of Dairying, 83.
Reading, Lord. Viceroy of India,
interview with Gandhi, 130-tribute
to Mr Sastri, 144.

Renan, E., 'La Reforme Intellectu.
elle,' 296.

Research Institutes, 78.

Reynard the Fox, 265–278.
Ridgeway, Prof. Sir William, ‘Cam-
bridge and the Royal Commission,'

Rivers, Dr W. H., distinction between
functional and organic disease, 263.
Robin, General, Acting Adminis
trator of Samoa, 237.

Roch, Mr Walter, 'Mr Lloyd George
and the War,' 289 note.
Rothamsted Research Institute, 78.
Rousseau, Jean Jacques,
• Con-
fession,' 97.

Royal Commission and Cam-
bridge, 347-360.

Rumania, population, 25.

Rupee, fall in the value, 142.

Russia, result of the revolution,' 293
-the Soviet rule, 341-system of
'syndicalist self-government in in-
dustry,' 342-Supreme Economic
Council or 'Trust of Trusts,' 343.


Salisbury, Marquis of, leader of the
Conservative Party, 404.
Saltpêtrière School of Medical Psy-
chology, 257.

Samoa under New Zealand, 235-

Sastri, Mr Srinivasa, at the Wash-
ington Conference, 144.

Savaii island, 236-territory, 241.
Seymour, Mr C., What Really
Happened at Paris,' edited by, 15.
Shadwell, Arthur, 'Prisons and Im-
prisonment,' 375.

Shakespeare, William, review on,

Shantung question, history, 110-112
-provisions of the Treaty, 112.
Shirley, Mr James, character of his
writing, 320.

Silesia, Upper, award on, 26.

Smuts, General, memorandum, 17.
Snowden, Mrs Philip, on the position
of women in industry, 338.
Somerville, Dr William, head of the
School of Rural Economy, 82.
Soviet Republic, foreign relations, 172
-exclusion from the League of
Nations, 175.

'Spectator,' the, excluded from
Dublin, 399.

Spender, Mr Harold, 'David Lloyd
George,' 286, 304.

Stanhope, Earl, criticism on the
abuse of honours, 365.

Stenning, Mr H. J., translation of
'Socialisation in Theory and
Practice,' 341.
Stevenson, Mr R. L., grave on Mount
Vaea, 237.

Stratford, Memorial Theatre at, 323.
Ströbel, Herr Heinrich, Socialisa-
tion in Theory and Practice,' 341-

Synge, Mr, literary works, 222.


Tardieu, M. André, 'La Paix,' 28-31.
Temperley, Major H. W. V., 'A
History of the Peace Conference of
Paris,' edited by, 12-15.

Thomas, Mr J. H., on railway
nationalisation, 330.

Thucydides, the father of scientific
history, 279.

Tiflis, 48-hot spring, 49-bazaars,
ib.-buildings, 51-population, 52
-capital of Georgia, 54.

Townsville, Institute of Tropical
Medicine, experiments, 194.

Trail, Dr, Medical Superintendent of
the Hospital at Apia, 248.
Transcaucasia, Cities of, 48–68.
Treaty, The Four Power, 104-The
Nine Power, 105-107.

Triggs, W. H., 'Samoa under New
Zealand,' 235.

Turkey, mandated territories, 177.


Ulster, warfare with Ireland, 202-

Ulysses, 219-234.

United States, policy to China, 102
-relations with Mexico, 149, 159.
Upolu island, 236-territory, 241.


Vagharshabad, 59.

Valera, Mr de, on the outrages in
Ireland, 204-pact with Michael
Collins, 205.

Vasconcelos, Don José, Minister of
Public Instruction in Mexico, 157.
Versailles, Peace of, 299.
Vincent, Sir William, indictment on
the Ali brothers, 133.


Wales, H.R.H. Edward, Prince of,
visit to India, 130.

Wallace, Sir R., on the Probation
Act, 390.

Wallis, Mr B. C., statistical tables in

the Peace History, 24.

Walsh, Mr Frank, on the administra-
tion of Haiti, 161.

Waltham Cross Station, 78, 82.

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