Iraq Speaks: Documents on the Gulf Crisis

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DIANE Publishing, 1992 - Всего страниц: 92
Includes 85 translated letters, speeches, messages, interviews from 1955 through January 1991. Presents the Iraqi point of view from Iraqi governmental officials. Represents a sampling of official Iraqi commentary on various aspects of the Gulf Crisis. Includes various UN Security Council resolutions.

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Стр. 91 - the Security Council Resolution 660 and all subsequent relevant Resolutions and to restore international peace and security in the area; 3. Requests all states to provide appropriate support for the actions undertaken in pursuance of paragraph 2 of this resolution;
Стр. 85 - 1 August 1990; 3. Calls upon Iraq and Kuwait to begin immediately intensive negotiations for the resolution of their differences and supports all efforts in this regard, and especially those of the League of Arab States; 4. Decides to meet again as necessary to consider further steps to ensure compliance with the present resolution. RESOLUTION 661
Стр. 90 - Diplomatic and Consular Relations, general principles of international law and the relevant resolutions of the Council; 4. Reaffirms further its demand that Iraq permit and facilitate the immediate departure from Kuwait and Iraq of those third-state nationals, including diplomatic and consular personnel, who wish to leave; 5. Demands that Iraq
Стр. 90 - compliance by Iraq with the Security Council resolutions by maximum use of political and diplomatic means, [A] 1. Demands that the Iraqi authorities and occupying forces immediately cease and desist from taking third-state nationals hostage, and mistreating and oppressing Kuwaiti and third-state nationals,
Стр. 90 - nationals, and from any other actions such as those reported to the Council and described above, violating the decisions of this Council, the Charter of the United Nations, the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations and international law; 2. Invites states to
Стр. 89 - concerning the safety and well-being of third-state nationals in Iraq and Kuwait, Deeply concerned at the economic cost and at the loss and suffering caused to individuals in Kuwait and Iraq as a result of the invasion and occupation of Kuwait by Iraq. Acting under
Стр. 48 - Races and Tribes. That you may Know One Another. Surely the Noblest among you in the Sight of God is the most God fearing of you. God is
Стр. 90 - Council will need to take further measures under the Charter; 11. Decides to remain actively and permanently seized of the matter until Kuwait has regained its independence and peace has been restored in conformity with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council. [B] 12. Reposes its trust in the
Стр. 89 - resolution; 12. Decides to consider, in the event of evasion of the provisions of resolution 661 (1990) or of the present resolution by a State or its nationals or through its territory, measures directed at the State in question to prevent such evasion;
Стр. 9 - chance of a high standard of living, then we will cease to care and death will be the choice for us. Then we would not care if you fired 100 missiles for each missile we fired because without pride life would have no value....

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