New Creature Being Revealed

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2007 - 244 pages

This book is designed to acquaint you with the knowledge of how to work through your creation to define good vs. evil or right from wrong, this is why you are created evil and good also why you have two eyes to see two ways, life and death, creation becomes you points of reference to authenticate true from false, we have a false nature and a true nature and we see from the inside out because we see through understanding, we see through our senses even though our eyes are the vehicle but our senses are the tools of our person.

It's a very simple matter, our lives are maintained through the conditions of life and these are not physical but spiritual constantly pointing to our person, some of the conditions of your person is hunger, thirst, pain, hurt, desire, lust, smell, taste, life, death, thoughts, reasoning, thinking, care, pride, humility, judgment, salvation, and these conditions do not pertain to our natural side even though they are produced through said conditions of our humanity that bring about these results in our person.

This book gives expositions in knowledge of existence revealed in how to know and realize your soul, mind, thoughts, feelings, seeing, hearing, aim, origin, governments, food sanctification, prayer, judgment, time, dispensations, calendar, and many other travels that are essential to salvation, and this is why it is called New Creature Being Revealed, and it is well worth the look. Thank you.

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