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Made the bells of Sandon
Sound far more rand on
The pleasant waters of the river Lee!

I have heard bells colling "old Adrian's mole" in

Their thunder rolling from the Vati


With cymbals glorious, swinging uproar. ious

In the gorgeous turrets of Notre

But thy sounds were sweeter than the dome of Peter

Flings o'er the Tiber, pealing solemnly !

Oh the bells of Shandon

Sound far more grand on
The pleasant waters of the river Lee !

There's a bell in Moscow, while on tower and kiosko,

In Saint Sophia, the Turkman gets, And loud in air calls men to prayer From the tapering summits of tall minarets.

Such empty phantom I freely grant



It's folly to keep you from going, Though, faith, it's a mighty hard case; For, Kathleen, you know there's no knowing

When next I shall see your swate face. And when you come back to me, Kathleen,

None the better will I be off then; You'll be speaking such beautiful English,

Sure I wont know my Kathleen again. Aye now, where's the need of this hurry! Dont flusther me so in this way; I forgot, 'twixt the grief and the flurry, Every word I was maning to say. Now just wait a minute, I bid ye;

Can I talk if you bother me so ? Oh, Kathleen, my blessings go wid ye, Every inch of the way that you go.


Scotch Air.

To the Lords of Convention 'twas Claverhouse spoke :

"Ere the king's crown go down there are crowns to be broke;


Will cry, "Hey! for the bonnets o Bonnie Dundee."

Come, fill up my cup, &c.

"Then, awa' to the hills, to the lea, to the rocks!

Ere I own a usurper, I'll crouch wi' the fox.

And tremble, false Whigs, in the midst o' your glee;

Ye hae nae seen the last o' my bonnets and me."

Come, fill up my cup, &c.



Do they miss me at home, do they miss me?

"Twould be an assurance most dear, To know that this moment some loved one,

Were saying, "I wish he were here;" To feel that the group at the fire-side, Were thinking of me as I roam, Oh yes, 'twould be joy beyond measure, To know that they miss me at home To know that they miss me at home.

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