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The bold independence that labor shall


Shall strengthen our hands and forbid us to sigh;

Away, far away, let us hope for the best, And build up a home in the land of the west!

To the west! &c.



"TWAS a calm still night, and the moon's pale light,

Shone soft o'er hill and vale;

When friends mute with grief, stood around the death-bed,

Of my poor lost Lilly Dale.

Oh! Lilly, sweet Lilly, dear Lilly

Now the wild rose blossoms o'er her

little green grave,

'Neath the trees in the flow'ry vale.

Her cheeks that once glowed, with the rose tint of health,

By the hand of disease had turned pale,


And the death-damp was on the pure white brow,

Of my poor lost Lilly Dale.

Oh! Lilly, etc.

I go, she said, to the land of rest,
And ere my strength shall fail,

I must tell you where, near my own loved


You must lay poor Lilly Dale.
Oh! Lilly, etc.

'Neath the chestnut tree, where the wild
flowers grow,

And the stream ripples forth through the vale,

When the birds shall warble their songs

in spring,

There, lay poor Lilly Dale.
Oh Lilly, etc.


KIND friends, your pity now bestow,
On one who stands before you ;
And listen to my tale of woe,
Though I promise not to bore you.
I longed to be a soldier's bride,
In my heart there burnt ambition's

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For I loved a gay young colonel, who From Constantinople came, Constantinople, Constantinople, Constantinople the colonel came. Chorus.-

C-O-N, with a con, S-T-A-N, with a stan,

With a constan, T-I ti, with a constanti,

N-O no, with a no, with a constantino, P-L-E, with a pull, Constantinople.

I met the colonel at the ball,
To me he was presented;
Upon his knees the youth did fall,
And lots of staff invented.

He said he was a Turkish Prince,
And begged that I would bear his


So I accepted the young colonel,
Who from Constantinople came ;
Constantinople, Constantinople,

Constantinople the colonel came.
CON, with the con, etc.

One evening while we sat at tea,
We'd a visit quite informal;
The police came, and gracious me,
They took away my colonel !

I soon found he a swindler was,
And long had carried on that game;
So I lost the gay young colonel,

Who from Constantinople came;
Constantinople, Constantinople,
Constantinople the colonel came.
CON, with a con, etc.


THE dearest spot of earth to me,
Is home, sweet home;

The fairy land I've long'd to see,
Is home, sweet home.

There, how charm'd the sense of hear

There, where hearts are so endearing,
All the world is not so cheering,
As home, sweet home.

I've taught my heart the way to prize.
My home, sweet home,

I've learn'd to look with lover's eyes,
On home, sweet home,

There, where vows are truly plighted,
There, where hearts are so united,
All the world beside I've slighted,
For home, sweet home.


On! I'm lonely to-night love, without you,
And I sigh for one glance of your eye;
For, sure there's a charm, love, about
Whenever I know you are nigh.

Like the beam of the star when 'tis smiling,

Is the glance which your eye can't conceal,

And your voice is so sweet and beguiling That I love you, sweet Nora O'Neal. Chorus.-Oh! don't think that ever I'll doubt you,

My love I will never conceal, Oh! I'm lonely to-night, love without you,

My darling, sweet Nora
O'Neal !

Oh the nightingale sings in the wildwood,

As if every note that he knew

Was learned from your sweet voice in childhood,

To remind me, sweet Nora, of you

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