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Who for rude blow or gibing word Would answer with the Freeman's


Come, let him wear, etc.

Does Erin's foully slandered name Suffuse thy cheek with generous shameWould'st right her wrongs-restore her fame?

Come, then the soldier's weapon claimCome, then, and wear, etc.

Come, free from bonds your father's faith, Redeem its shrines from scorn and scath ; The Hero's fame, the Martyr's wreath, Will gild your life or crown your death. Then, come, and wear, etc.

To drain the cup-with girls to toy,
The serf's vile soul with bliss may cloy;
But would'st thou taste a manly joy?
O! it was ours at Fontenoy!

Come, then, and wear, etc.

To many a fight thy fathers led,
Full many a Saxon's life-blood shed;
From thee, as yet, no foe has filed-
Thou wilt not shame the glorious dead?
Then, come, and wear, etc.

O! come--for slavery, want, and shame,
We offer vengeance, freedom, fame,
With Monarchs, comrade rank to claim,
And, nobler still, the Patriot's name !
O! come and wear, etc.


My Darling, I swear I will love you for ever;

O, look in my face, love, and dry those sad eyes;

Though to-morrow we part, yet this bosom shall never

Forget the dear home where my soul's treasure lies.

The bee loves the flowers, the small birds the bowers;

Fair meadows look gay when the sunlight they see,

But ah, more sincerely my heart prizes dearly,

The bloom on thy cheek, my sweet
Gra Gal Machree.

Long years I may wander o'er earth and wide ocean,

From the friends of my youth doomed an exile to roam;

Long years, yet the thoughts of this bosom shall never

Forget the dear friends of my own dearest home.

By night or by day, love, dejected or gay, love,

Never from thee, love, my thoughts they can stray,

Till the exile, returning with hopes brightly burning,

Claims the vows of his betrothed Gra
Gal Machree.


CHEER! boys, cheer! no more of idle sorrow;

Courage true hearts shall bear us on

our way,

Hope points before, and shows the bright to-morrow;

Let us forget the darkness of to-day; So farewell, Erin, much as we may love


We'll dry the tears that we've shed before ;

Why should we weep to sail in search of fortune,

So farewell, Erin, forevermore. Cheer! boys, cheer! for Erin, dearest Erin;

Cheer! boys, cheer! the willing strong right hand:

Cheer! boys, cheer! there's wealth for honest labor;

Cheer! boys, cheer! for the new and happy land.

Cheer boys, cheer! the steady breeze is blowing,

To float us freely o'er the ocean's breast,

The world shall follow in the track we're going,

The star of empire glitters in the West. Here we had toil, and little to reward it, But there shall plenty smile upon our pain,

And ours shall be the prairie and the forest,

And boundless meadows ripe with golden grain.

Cheer! boys, cheer! for Erin, dearest

Erin Cheer! boys, cheer! united heart and hand;

Cheer boys, cheer! there's wealth for honest labor;

Cheer! boys, cheer! for the new and happy land.


THE flowers are blooming, Katy, darling, And the birds are singing on each tree,

Never mind your mother's cruel snarling, My love, you know I'm waiting for thee;

The sun is sweetly shining,

With his face so clear and bright, Haste to your lover, Katy, darling, Ere the morning will change into night. Katy, Katy, The flowers are blooming, etc.

Meet me in the valley, Katy, darling, When the moon is shining o'er the sea,

O, meet me near the stream, Katy, darling,

And tales of love I'll tell to thee; When the twinkling stars are peeping, Sure these eyes shine far more bright,

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