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A man that's fond of boozing,
His cash goes daily oozing,
His character he's loosing,
And its loss he will deplore.
His wife is unprotected,
His business is neglected,
Himself is dis-respected,-
So do not get drunk

any more.



I'LL seek a four-leaved shamrock in all
the fairy dells,

And if I find the charmed leaves, oh, how
I'll weave my spells!

I would not waste my magic might on
diamond, pearl, or gold,

For treasure tires the weary sense,-
such triumph is but cold;
But I would play the enchanter's part
in casting bliss around,-
Oh! not a tear nor aching heart should
in the world be found.

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To worth I would give honour !—I'd dry the mourner's tears,

And to the pallid lip recall the smile of happier years;

And hearts that had been long estranged, and friends that had grown cold, Should meet again--like parted streams --and miugle as of old ! Oh! thus I'd play the enchanter's part, thus scatter bliss around,

And not a tear nor aching heart should in the world be found!

The heart that had been mourning o'er
vanish'd dreams of love
Should see them all returning,--like
Noah's faithful dove,

And Hope should launch her blessed bark on Sorrow's dark'ning sea, And Mis'ry's children have an Ark, and saved from sinking be;

Oh! thus I'd play the enchanter's part, thus scatter bliss around,

And not a tear nor aching heart should in the world be found!



IN the Gap of Dunlo There's an echo or so ; And some of them echoes is very sur


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You'll think in this stave
That I mane to desaive-

For a ballad's a thing you expect to find lies in.

But sartin and thrue

In that hill forminst you

There's an echo as sure and as safe as the bank too; If you civilly spake,

"How d'ye do, Paddy Blake?" The echo politely says, "Very well, thank you."

One day Teddy Keogh

With Kate Connor did go

To hear, from the echo, this wonderful talk, sir;

But the echo, they say,

Was conthrairy that day,

Or perhaps Paddy Blake had gone out for a walk, sir.

'Now," says Teddy to Kate, "Tis too hard to be bate

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By this deaf and dumb baste of an echo, so lazy;

But if we both shout

To each other, no doubt

We'll make up an echo between us, my

daisy !"

"Now, Kitty," says Teddy,
"To answer be ready."

"Oh, very well, thank you," cries out
Kitty, then, sir;
"Would you like to be wed,
Kitty darlin'?" says Ted.


Oh, very well, thank you," says Kitty again, sir;

"Do you like me?" says Teddy, And Kitty, quite ready,

Cried, "Very well, thank you," with laughter beguiling.

I think you'll confess Teddy could not do less Than pay his respects to the lips that were smiling.

Oh, dear Paddy Blake,
May you never forsake

Those hills that return us such echoes en


And may girls all translate

Their soft answers like Kate,

No faithfulness doubting, no treachery


And, boys, be you ready,
Like frolicsome Teddy,

Be earnest in loving, tho' given to joking⚫

And thus, when inclined, May all true lovers find Sweet echoes to answer from hearts they're invoking.




AIR-"The Foggy Dew."

-ON Carrigdhoun the heath is brown,
The clouds are dark o'er Ardnalia,
And many a stream comes rushing down
To swell the angry Ownabwee;
The moaning blast is sweeping fast
Thro' many a leafless tree,
And I'm alone, for he is gone,

My hawk has flown, ochone machree.

The heath was green on Carrigdhoun,
Bright shone the sun on Ardnalia,
The dark green trees bent trembling down
To kiss the slumb'ring Owaabwee;
That happy day, 'twas but last May,
"Tis like a dream to me,
When Doinnall swore, ay, o'er and o'er,
We'd part no more, oh stor machree.

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