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And what better exercise, pray, can employ you,

Than to sweep all vexatious intruders away.

Buy a broom! buy a broom! Buy a broom! buy a broom! Than to sweep all vexatious intruders away.

Ere winter comes on, for sweet home soon departing,

My toils for your favour again I'll


And while gratitude's tear in my eyelid

is starting,

Bless the time that in England I cried,
Buy a broom!

Buy a broom! buy a broom! Buy a broom! buy a broom! Bless the time that in England I cried, Buy a broom!


AIR-"My Lodging is on the Cold Ground." BELIEVE me, if all those endearing young charms,

Which I gaze on so fondly to-day,


Were to change by to-morrow, and fleet in my arms,

Like fairy gifts fading away! Thou wouldst still be adored, as this moment thou art,

Let thy loveliness fade as it will, And around the dear ruin, each wish of my heart

Would entwine itself verdantly still!

It is not while beauty and youth art thine own,

And thy cheeks unprofaned by a tear, That the fervor and faith of a soul can be known,

To which time will but make thee more dear!

Oh! the heart that has truly loved, never forgets,

But as truly loves on to the close, As the sun-flower turns on her god, when he sets,

The same look which she turn'd when he rose !

AIR-Lough Sheeliny.

COME, rest in this bosom, my own stricken dear?

Though the herd have fled from thee, thy home is still here


Here still is the smile, that no cloud can o'ercast

And the heart and the hand all thy own to the last!

Oh! what was love made, for if 'tis not the same

Through joy and through torrents, through glory and shame ?

I know not, I ask not, if guilt's in that heart,

I but know that I love thee, whatever thou art!

Thou hast call'd me thy angel in moments of bliss,

And thy angel I'll be, 'mid the horrors of this

Through the furnace, unshrinking, thy steps to pursue, And shield thee, and save thee, or— perish there too.

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AIR-Sios agus sios Liom.

WHERE is the slave, so lowly,
Condemn'd to chains unholy,
Who, could be burst
His bonds at first,

Would pine beneath them slowly?
What soul, whose wrongs degrade it,
Would wait 'till time decay'd it,
When thus its wing
At once may spring

To the throne of Him who made it?
Farewell, Erin-farewell all
Who live to weep our fall!

Less dear the laurel growing,
Alive, untouch'd, and blowing,
Than that whose braid
Is pluck'd to shade
The brows with victory glowing!
We tread the land that bore us,
Her green flag glitters o'er us,
The friends we've tried
Are by our side,

And the foe we hate before us!
Farewell, Erin!-farewell all
Who live to weep our fall!

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We may roam through this world like a child at a feast,

Who but sips of a sweet, and then flies to the rest;

And when pleasure begins to grow dull in the east,

We may order our wings and be off to the west.

But if hearts that feel, and eyes that


Are the dearest gifts that Heaven supplies,

We never need leave our own green


For sensitive hearts and for sunbright eyes.

Then remember, wherever your goblet is crown'd,

Through this world whether eastward or westward you roam,

When a cup to the smile of dear woman

goes round

Oh! remember the smile which adorns her at home.

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