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FAREWELL-farewell to thee, ARABY's


(Thus warbled a PERI beneath the dark sea ;)

No pearl ever lay, under OMAN's green water,

More pure in its shell than thy spirit in thee.

Oh! fair as the sea-flower close to thee growing,

How light was thy heart till love's witchery came,

Like the wind of the south o'er a summer lute blowing

And hush'd all its music and wither'd its frame !

But long upon ARABY's green sunny highlands,

Shall maids and their lovers remember the doom

Of her who lies sleeping among the Pearl Islands,

With nought but the sea-star to light up her tomb.


And still, when the merry date season is burning,

And calls to the palm-groves the young and the old,

The happiest there, from their pastime returning,

when thy story

At sunset, will weep
is told.

The young village maid, when with flowers she dresses

Her dark-flowing hair, for some festival day,

Will think of thy fate, till, neglecting her tresses,

She mournfully turns from the mirror


Nor shall IRAN, belov'd of her hero! forget thee,

Tho' tyrants watch over her tears as they start;

Close, close by the side of that hero she'll set thee,

Embalmed in the innermost shrine of her heart.

Farewell-be it ours to embellish thy


With every thing beauteous that grows in the deep : Each flower of the rock,

and each gem

of the billow,

Shall sweeten thy bed, and illumine thy sleep.

Around thee shall glisten the loveliest amber

That ever the sorrowing sea-bird has wept;

With many a shell, in whose hollowwreath'd chamber,

We, Peris of ocean, by moonlight have slept.

We'll dive where the gardens of coral lie darkling,

And plant all the rosiest stems at thy head:

We'll seek where the sands of the Caspian are sparkling,

And gather their gold to strew over thy bed.

Farewell-farewell-until pity's sweet fountain

Is lost in the hearts of the fair and the brave,

They'll weep for the chieftain who died on that mountain; They'll weep for the maiden who sleeps in this wave.

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OH! leave the gay and festive scenes, The halls of dazzling light,

And rove with me through forests

Beneath the silent night;
Then as we watch the ling'ring rays,
That shine through every star,
I'll sing a song of happier days,
And strike the light guitar.
I'll sing, &c.

I'll tell you how the maiden wept,
When her true knight was slain,
And how her broken spirit slept,
And never woke again;

I'll tell thee how the steed drew nigh,
And left his lord afar,

But if my tale should make thee sigh,
I'll strike the ight guitar.
But if my tale, &c.

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ISLE OF BEAUTY, FARE THEE WELL SHADES of ev'ning close not o'er us,

Leave our lonely bark awhile, Morn, Alas! will not restore us, Yonder dim and distant isle : Still my fancy can discover,

Sunny spots where friends may dwell, Darker shadows round us hover, Isle of beauty, fare thee well.

'Tis the hour when happy faces,

Smile around the taper's light; Who will fill our vacant places?

Who will sing our songs to-night? Through the mists that float above us

Faintly sounds the vesper bell; Like a voice from those who love us, Breathing fondly, fare thee well.

When the waves are round me breaking,
As I pace the deck alone,
And my eye
in vain is seeking,

Some green leaf to rest upon: What would I not give to wander, Where my old companions dwell, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Isle of beauty, fare thee well!

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