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Then the toast, then the toast be dear


Let each breast that is manly ap


Then the toast, then the toast be dear


And nine cheers to the girls that we love ;

Hip, hip, hip, hurrah! hip, hip, hip, hurrah!

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for the girls that, we love

Come, raise the wine-cup to heaven high,

Ye gods, on Olympus approve! The off'ring thus mellow'd by woman's bright smile,

Out rivals the nectar of Jove. Now, drain, drain the goblet with transport,

The spell of life's best joys impart; The cup thus devoted to woman, Yields the only true balm of the heart.

Then the toast, &c.

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OFT in the stilly night,

Ere slumber's chain has bound me, Fond memory brings the light Of other days around me; The smiles, the tears of childhood's


The words of love then spoken,
that shone, now dimmed and



The cheerful hearts now broken!
Thus in the stilly night, &c.

When I remember all

The friends so linked together, I've seen around me fall,

Like leaves in winter weather, I feel like one, who treads alone Some banquet hall deserted, Whose lights are fled, whose garland's


And all but me departed.

Thus in the stilly night, &c.


As slow our ship her foamy track
Against the wind was cleaving,
Her trembling pennant still looked back
To that dear isle 'twas leaving.
So 'oth we part from all we love,
From all the links that bind us;
So turn our hearts where'er we rove,
To those we've left behind us!

When, round the bowl, of vanish'd years

We talk with joyous seeming, And smiles that might as well be tears, So faint, so sad their beaming; While mem'ry brings us back again Each early tie that twin'd us, Oh! sweet's the cup that circles then To those we've left behind us!

And when in other climes we meet,
Some isle or vale enchanting,
Where all looks flow'ry, wild and

And naught but love is wanting; We think how great had been our bliss, If Heav'n had but assign'd us.


To live and die in scenes like this, With some we've left behind us!

As travellers oft look back at eve,
When eastward darkly going,
To gaze upon that light they leave

Still faint behind them glowingSo, when the close of pleasure's day

To gloom hath near consign'd us, We turn to catch one fading ray Of joy that's left behind us.

AIR.-The Maid of Lodi.

My thoughts delight to wander
Upon a distant shore,
Where lovely, fair, and tender,
Is she whom I adore ;
May heaven, its blessings sparing,
On her bestow them free,
The lovely Maid of Erin,

Who sweetly sang to me.

Had fortune fix'd my station

In some propitious hour, The monarch of a nation,

Endowed with wealth and



That wealth and power both sharing,
My peerless queen should be
The lovely Maid of Erin,
Who sweetly sang to me.

Although the restless ocean

May long between us roar,
Yet while my heart has motion,
She'll lodge within its core !
For artless and endearing,

And mild and young is she,
The lovely Maid of Erin,

Who sweetly sang to me. When Fate gives intimation, That my last hour is nigh, With placid resignation,

I'll lay me down and die; Fond Hope my bosom cheering, That I in heaven shall see The lovely Maid of Erin, Who sweetly sang to me.


DARK eyed one, dark eyed one, come hither to me,

I'll sing thee a song, 'neath the tama◄ rind tree,

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