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Keep out of the way, she'll not scruple

to slay,

For death is the blow of Bet Carey,

She looks like a hag of the devil,
And deeply she's tainted by evil,
And whoe'er stands a blow, from Bet's
fleshy paw,

Will die by the hand of Bet Carey


WHEN other lips and other hearts
Their tales of love shall tell,
In language whose excess imparts
The power they feel so well;
There may, perhaps, in such a scene,
Some recollection be

Of days that have as happy been,
And you'll remember me.

When coldness, or deceit, shall slight
The beauty now they prize,
And deem it but a faded light
Which beams within your eyes.
When hollow hearts shall wear a mask,
'Twill break your own to see—
In such a moment I but ask

That you'll remember me.

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A BEAUTIFUL beautiful damsel of fame and renown,

A gentleman's daughter of fame and


As she rode by the barracks this beautiful maid,

She stood in her coach to see the dragoons parade.

They were all dress'd out like gentlemen's sons,

With their bright shining swords and carbine guns.

With their silver mounted pistols she observed them full soon,

Because that she lov'd her Enniskillen dragoon.

You bright sons of Mars who stand on the right

Whose armour doth shine like the bright star of night,

Saying Willy, dearest Willy, you've 'Listed full soon,

For to serve as a royal Enniskillen dragoon.

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O! Fiora, dearest Flora, your pardon I crave,

It's now and for ever I must be a slave, Your parents they insulted me, both morning and noon,

For fear that you'd wed an Enniskillen dragoon.

O! mind, dearest Willy, O! mind what you say,

For children are bound their parents to


For when we're leaving Ireland they will all change their tune, may be with you,


Saying the Lord niskillen dragoon.

Fare-you-well, Enniskillen, fare-youwell for a while,

And all around the borders of Erin's green Isle,

And when the war is over we'll return in full bloom,

And they'll all welcome home the Enniskillen dragoon.


WHEN nigger's meet it's a pleasure But when they part it's pain, "I can't forget, oh never, My lovely Mary Blain.

Den farewell, farewell,
Farewell poor Mary Blain
Do take care yourself, my dear,
I'se coming back again

One morning I lay snoring,
Ole master says to me,
Sam, get up, I'se going

To take you to Tennessee.

Den farewell, farewell, &c.

I cotch our old horse Barley,
So nice I comb his main,
I hear some body call me,

'Twas lovely Mary Blain.

Den farewell, farewell, &c.

Now Mary I'se going to leave you,
Now Mary don't complain,
I neber shall deceive you,

For I'se coming back again,
Den farewell, farewell, &c.


Now Mary commence crying,
De tears ran down like rain,
But oh, I felt like dying,
When I kiss poor Mary Blain.
Den farewell, farewell, &c.

I kiss her mouf, I kiss her hand,
I gib it a hardy shake,
Į say now Mary leave me,
Or else my heart shall break.
Den farewell, farewell, &c.

Now Mary dear a breast pin,

Go wear dat in your head,
Keep him so long as you live,

For I want him when you dead
Den farewell, farewell, &c


HUSH thy vain sighs, fair maiden,
Tears flow no more in vain,
Heart, cease thy fond upbraiding,

Lips, no more breathe his name
'He's gone, aye, gone for ever,
Far, far away from me,
Fond maidens, then endeavour,
To shun credulity.

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