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GAILY the Troubadour touched his


When he was hastening home from the war,


from Palestine hither I come, Lady love, lady lo welcome me home."

She for the Troubadour, hopelessly wept,

Sadly she thought of him while others slept,

Singing "in search of thee would I might roam, Troubadour, Troubadour, come to my home."

Hark! 'twas the Troubadour, breathing her name,

Under the battlement softly he came, Singing "from Palestine, hither I come, Lady love, lady love, welcome me home."

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MISS MYRTLE is going to marry,
And a number of hearts she will


There's Lord George, Tom Brown and Sir Harry

Are dying of love for her sake! 'Tis a match that we all must approve― Let the gossips say all that they can . For indeed, she's a charming woman, And he's a most fortunate man!

Yes, indeed, she's a charming woman,

And she reads both Latin and Greek, And I'm told she solved a problem

In Euclid before she could speak. Had she been but a daughter of mine,

I'd have taught her to read and to sew,

But her mother (a charming woman!) Could'nt think of such trifles, you know.

Oh, she's really a charming woman!
But I think she's a little too thin;
And no wonder such very late hours
Should ruin her beautiful skin

It may be a fancy of mine,

But her voice has a rather sharp tone

And I'm told that these charming


Are apt to have wills of their own!

She sings like a Bulfinch or Linnet, And she talks like an Archbishop,

rubber and win


She can play you it,—

If she's got nothing better to do! She can chatter of poor laws and tithes, And the value of labor and land'Tis a pity when charming women,

Talk of things they don't understand '

I am told that she hasn't a penny,
Yet her gowns would make Maradan


And I fear that her bills must be manyBut you know that's her husband's affair!

Such husband's are very uncommon,

So regardless of prudence and pelf; But they say such a charming woman, Is a fortune you knov in herself!

She has brothers and sisters by dozens,
And charming people, they say,
And she's several tall Irish cousins,

Whom she loves-in a sisterly way.
Oh, young men if you take my advice,
You would find it an excellent plan—
Don't marry a charming woman,
If you are a sensible man!


THE lords of creation, men we call,

And they think they rule the whole; But they're much mistaken after all,

For they're under woman's control.
As ever since the world began,

It has always been the way,
For did not Adam, the very first man,
The very first woman obey, obey,

The very first woman obey?

Ye lords who at present, hear my song,
I know you will quickly say;
"Our sizes more large, our nerves

more strong,

Shall the stronger the weaker obey!'

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But think not tho' these words we hear, We shall e'er mind the thing you say;

For as long as a woman's possessed of

a tear

Your power will vanish away.

But should there be so strange a wight As not to be moved by a tear, Though much astonished at the sight,

We shall still have no cause to fear; Then let them please themselves awhile,

Upon their fancied sway,

For as long as a woman's possessed of a smile

She will certainly have her own way

Now ladies, since I've made it plain,
That the thing is really so,
We'll even let them hold the rein,
But we'll show them the way to go,
As ever since the world began,
It has always been the way,
And we'll manage it so that the very
last man
Shall the very last woman obey.

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