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Over lofty hits and mountains, along the lonesome dales,

Through shady groves and fountains, rich meadows and sweet vales,

We climb'd the rugged woods, and rid o’er silent lawn,

But I was overtaken with my dear Coolen Bawn.

They hurried me to prison, my hands and feet they bound,

Confin'd me like a murderer, with chains unto the ground;

But this hard, cruel treatment, most cheerfully I'll stand,

Ten thousand deaths I'd suffer, for my dearest Coolen Bawn.

In came the jailor's son, and to Reily he did say

Rise up, unhappy Reily, you must appear to day,

Proud Squire Falliard's anger and power to withstand,

I fear you'll suffer sorely, for your dear Coolen Bawn.

This is the news, young Reily, last night I heard of thee:

The lady's oath will hang you, or else will free.

set you

If that is true, said Reily, some hopes begin to dawn,

For I never can be injured by my dear Coolen Bawn.

The lady she is sensible, and her tender youth,

If Reily has deluded her, she will declare the truth;

Then, like a spotless angel, before them she did stand,

You are welcome here, said Reily, my dear Coolen Bawn.

Next spoke the noble Fox, who stood attentive by,

Gentlemen of the jury, for justice we


To hang a man for love, is foul murder, you may see,

So save the life of Reily, and banish'd let him be.

Then spoke the lovely lady, with tears in her eyes,

The fault is not sweet Reily's, on me alone it lies;

I made him leave his home, sirs, and go along with me,

I love him to distraction, such is my



The noble lord reply'd, we may let the

prisoner go,

The lady hath quite clear'd him, the jury well doth know,

She has releas'd young Reily, the bill must be withdrawn,

Then set at large the lover of the fair Coolen Bawn.

But stop, my lord, he stole her bright jewels and nice rings,

Gold watch, and diamond buckles, with many costly things:


gave them to my daughter;-they cost a thousand pound,

When Reily was first taken, those things with him were found.

She said, my lord, I gave them in token of true love,

He never stole my jewels, I swear by all above;

If you have got them, Reily, pray send them home to me;

I will, my generous lady, with my thanks said he.

There is a ring amongst them, I wish for you to wear,

'Tis set with costly diamonds, and plaited with my hair;


As a token of true friendship, wear it on your right hand,

Think of my broken heart, love, when in foreign land.


COME, all you young men and maidens, attend unto my rhyme,

It's of a young maiden who was scarcely in her prime;

She beat the blushing roses and admired by all around,

Was lovely young Caroline of Edinburgh Town.

Young Henry was a Highland man, a courting to her came,

And when her parents came to know, they did not like the same;

Young Henry was offended, and unto her

did say,

Arise, my dearest Caroline, and with me run away.

We will both go to London, love, and there we'll wed with speed,

And then lovely Caroline shall have happiness indeed.

Now enticed by young Henry, she put on her other gown,

And away went Caroline of Edinburgh Town.

Over hills and lofty mountains together they did roam,

In time arrived in London, far from her happy home;

She said, my dearest Henry, ray never on me frown,

Or you'll break the heart of Caroline, of Edinburgh Town.

They had not been in Loarr more than half a year,

When hard-hearted He

proved too

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Said Henry, I will go t3,
did on me frown,
So beg your way, with
burgh Town.

our friends

lelay, to Edin

Spithead, drop

The fleet is fitting out ping down, And I will join that f, to fight for king

and crown; The gallant tars may the water drown Yet I never will retur

the scurs, or in

dinburga Town.

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