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With equal skill, and godlike


He govern'd in the fearful hour
Of horrid war; or guides, with


The happier times of honest peace.
Firm-united, &c.

Behold the chief who now commands,

Once more to serve his country stands

The rock on which the storm will beat: The rock on which the storm will beat:

But arm'd in virtue, firm and true,
His hopes are fix'd on heaven and


When hope was sinking in dismay, And glooms obscured Columbia's day,

His steady mind, from changes
· free,

Resolved on death or liberty.
Firm-united-let us be,
Rallying round our liberty;
As a band of brothers join'd,
Feace and safety we shall find.



BEHOLD! how brightly breaks the morning,

Though bleak our lot, our hearts are warm;

To toil inured, all danger scorning, We'll hail the breeze, or brave the storm.

Put off, put off, our course we know,

Take heed, whisper low:

Look out, and spread your net
with care

Take heed, whisper low-
The prey we seek we'll soon


Away! no cloud is lowering o'er us, Freely now we'll stem the wave: Hoist, hoist all sail, while full before us, Hope's beacon shines to cheer the


Put off, put off, our, &c.


SHE's all my fancy painted her:
She's lovely she's divine!
But her heart is another's-
She never can be mine.
Yet loved I, as man ne'er loved,
A love without decay,
Oh! my heart is breaking
For the love of Alice Gray.

Her dark brown hair is braided o'er
A brow of spotless white,
Her soft blue eye now languishes-
Now flashes with delight.

The hair is braided not for me,
The is turn'd away-
Yet my heart, my heart is breaking,
For the love of Alice Gray.

For her I'd climb the mountain side,
For her I'd stem the flood:
For her I'd dare the battle strife,
Though I seal'd it with my blood.
By night I'd watch her slumbers,
And tend her steps by day-
But scorn'd is the heart that's breaking
For the love Alice Gray.

I've sank beneath the summer's sun,
And trembled in the blast,
But my pilgrimage is nearly done,
The heavy conflict's past.

And when the

wraps my grave,

green sod

May pity haply say, "Oh! his heart was broken For the love of Alice Gray."


HE strikes the minstrel lyre again,
And happy is his song;

For brightly beams his laughing eye,
And rapture's on his tongue:
The clouds that darken'd all his hopes
Have floated all away;

Her heart, her heart is now his own,
He's loved by Alice Gray.

He quits the dark and sorrowing scene
His cares are hush'd to rest,
His pilgrimage is past and gone,
His faithful love is blest.

And now for him, and him alone
Her eye shines bright and gay,
Her heart, her heart is now his own,
His bride is Alice Gray.


Ar dawn Aurora gayly breaks,
In all her proud attire,
Majestic o'er the glassy lakes,
Reflecting liquid fire.
All nature smiles to usher in
The blushing queen of morn;
And huntsmen, with the day, begin
To wind the mellow horn.
And huntsmen with, &c
At eve, when gloomy shades obscure
The tranquil shepherd's cot-
When tinkling bells are heard no more,
And daily toil forgot;

'Tis then the sweet enchanting note,
On zephyrs gently borne,
With witching cadence seems to float
Around the mellow horn.
With witching cadence, &c


THE wealthy fool, with gold in store,
Will still desire to grow richer;
Give me but these, I ask no more,
My charming girl, my friend, and

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