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A PLENTEOUS place is Ireland for hospitable cheer,

Uileacan dubh O!

Where the wholesome fruit is bursting from the yellow barley-ear; Uileacan dubh O!

There is honey in the trees where her misty vales expand,

And her forest path, in summer, are by falling waters fanned, There is dew at high moontide there, and springs i' the yellow sand, On the fair hills of holy Ireland.

Curled he is and ringletted, and plaited to the knee,

Uileacan dubh O!

Each captain who comes sailing across the Irish sea,

Uileacan dubh O!

And I will make my journey, if life and health but stand,

Unto that pleasant country, that fresh and fragrant strand,

And leave your boasted braveries, your wealth and high command,

For the fair hills of hely Ireland.

Large and profitable are the stacks upon the ground;

Uileacan dubh O!

The butter and cream do wondrously abound,

Uileacan dubh O!

The cresses on the water and the sorrels are at hand,

And the cuckoo's calling daily his note of music bland,

And the bold thrush sings so bravely his song i' the forests grand, On the fair hills of holy Ireland.


AIR-" Aileen Aroon.

ERIN the tear and the smile in thine


Blend like the rainbow that hangs in thy skies!

Shining through sorrows-streams,
Saddening through pleasure's beam,
Thy sons with doubtful gleam,
Weep while they rise!

Erin! thy silent-tear never shall cease, Erin! thy languid smile ne'er shall increase,

'Till, like the rainbow's light,
Thy various tints unite,
And form in Heaven's sight,
One arch of peace!

Maltese Air.

GAILY sounds the Castanet,
Beating time to bounding feet,
When, after daylight's golden set,
Maids and youth by moonlight meet

Oh! then, how sweet to move

Thro' all that maze of mirth, Lighted by those eyes we love, Beyond all eyes on earth.

Then the joyous banquet spread

On the cool and fragrant ground, With night's bright eye-beams overhead, And still brighter sparkling round.

Oh! then, how sweet to say,
Into the lov'd one's ear,
Thoughts reserv'd thro' many a day,
To be thus whisper'd there!


When the dance and feast are done, Arm and arm as home we stray, How sweet to see the dawning sun O'er her cheek's warm blushes play Then, then the farewell kiss,

And words whose parting tone Lingers still in dreams of bliss That haunt young hearts alone.

AIR-Washing Day.

WHEN this old hat was new,
my boy,
Full threescore years and ten,
There's few that's living now can tell
How plenty things were then.
Good liquor in a poor man's house

Was a pleasant thing to view-
Besides, we had both ale and rouse,

When this old hat was new.

When this old hat was new, my boys,
'Twas Christmas in the morn;
We did not want for the best of food-
We had both wheat and corn.
The rich they wanted no waiting on,

Which they were kindly welcome to, Besides, there was no cheating then, When this old hat was new.

When this old hat was new, iny boys,
Soldiers were not press'd;
They boldly enter'd volunteers,
Their fortunes proved the best;
The tories they all took to flight,

Which they most welcome were to do; For they might as well be hang'd as fight When this old hat was new.


FROM Teuchland I come, with my light wares all laden,

To dear happy England, in summer's gay bloom,

Then listen, fair lady, and young pretty maiden

Oh! buy of the wand'ring Bavarian a broom.

Buy a broom! buy a broom! Buy a broom! buy a broom! Oh! buy of the wand'ring Bavarian a broom.

To brush away insects that sometimes annoy you,

You'll find it quite handy to use night and day;

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