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Nimble footed, black ey'd, rosy cheek'd, Curly-headed Paddy Carey! Ogh, sweet Paddy, beautiful Paddy nate little, tight little Paddy Carey

His heart was made of Irish oak,
Yet soft as streams from sweet Kil


His tongue was tipt with a bit of the brogue,

But the deuce a bit at all of the blarney!

Now Sergeant Snap, so sly and keen, While Pat was coaxing duck-legg'd Mary,

A shilling slipt so neat and clean,
By the powers he listed Paddy Carey!
Tight and sound, strong and light,R
Cheeks so round, eyes so bright,
Whistling, humming, drinking, drum


Light, tight and airy.

All the sweet faces, &c

The sowls wept loud, the crowd was
When waddling forth came widow


Tho' she was crippled in her gait,
Her brawny arms clasp'd Paddy

Ogh! Pat, she cried, go buy the ring, Here's cash galore my darling honey, Says Pat, you sowl, I'll do that thing, And clapt his thumb upon her money!

Gimlet eye, sausage nose,
Pat so sly, ogle throws,
Leering, titt'ring, jeering, fritt'ring,
Sweet widow Leary.

All the sweet faces, &c

When Pat had thus his fortune made, He press'd the lips of mistress Leary, And mounting straight a large cockade,

In captain's boots struts Paddy Carey! He grateful prais'd her shape, her back, To others like a dromedary; Her eyes, that seem'd their strings to


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Were Cupid's darts to Captain Carey Neat and sweet-no alloy, All complete-love and joy, Ranting, roaring, soft, adoring, Dear widow Leary!

All the sweet faces at Limerick races,
From Mullinavat to Magherafelt,
At Paddy's promotion sigh and melt,
The sowls all cry, as the groom
struts by,

"Ogh, Cushlamachree, thou art lost
to me!"

The jolly boy! the darling boy! The ladies' toy! the widow's joy' Long sword girted-neat short skirted— head cropt-whisker chopp'd, Captain Carey! O! sweet Paddy! Beautiful Paddy! feather'd-boot Paddy Carey.





GENTLE Zitella, whither away?
Love's ritornella, list while I play


No, I have lingered too long on my road, Night is advancing, the brigand's abroad Lonely Zitella has too much to fear Love's ritornella she may not hear



Charming Zitella, why shouldst thou


Night is not darker than thy raven hair!

And those bright eyes, if the brigand should see,

Thou art the robber, the captive is he' Gentle Zitella, banish thy fear, Love's ritornella, tarry and hear


Simple Zitella, beware, ah beware!
List ye no ditty, grant ye no prayer


To your light footsteps let terror add wings!

'Tis Massaroni himself who now sings! Gentle Zitella, banish thy fear! Love's ritornella, tarry and hear!


TELL me the tales that to me were so dear,

Long, long a-go, long, long a-go, Sing me the songs I delighted to hear, Long, long a-go, long a-go.

Now you are come, all my grief is re moved,

Let me forget that so long you have rov'd,

Let me believe that you love as you lov'd,

Long, long a-go, long a-go.


you remember the path where we met,

Long, long a-go, long, long a-go? Ah, yes, you told me you ne'er would forget,

Long, long a-go, long a-go. Then to all others my smile you preferred,

Love when you spoke gave a charm to each word,

Still my heart treasures the praises I heard,

Long, long a-go, long a-go.

Tho' by your kindness my fond hopes were rais'd,

Long, long a-go, long, long a-go. You, by more eloquent lips have been praised,

Long, long a-go, long a-go

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