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I'VE often heard it said ob late,
Dat Souf Carolina was de state,
Whar a handsome nigga's bound to

Like Dandy Jim, from Caroline.
For my ole massa tole me so,

I was the de best looking nigga in de
country, O!

I look in de glass an found 'twas so,
Just what massa tole me, O!

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I drest myself from top to toe,
And down to Dinah I did go,
Wid pantaloons strapped down behind,
Like Dandy Jim from Caroline.
For my ole massa, &c.

De bull dog cleared me out ob de yard,
I tought I'd better leabe my card,
I tied it fast to a piece ob twine,
Signed "Dandy Jim from Caroline."
For my ole massa, &c.

She got my card an wrote me a letter,
An ebery word she spelt de better,
For ebery word an ebery line,
Was Dandy Jim from Caroline,
For my ole massa, &c.

Oh, beauty is but skin deep,
But wid Miss Dinah none complete,
See changed her name from lubly

To Mrs. Dandy Jim from Caroline.
For my ole massa &c.

An ebery little nig she had,
Was de berry image ob de dad,
Dar heels stick out three feet behind,
Like Dandy Jim from Caroline.
For my ole massa, &c

I took dem all to church one day,
And hab dem christened widout delay,
De preacher christened eight or nine,
Young Dandy Jims from Caroline.
For my ole massa, &c.

An when de preacher took his text,
He seemed to be berry much perplexed,
For nothing cum across his mind,
But Dandy Jims from Caroline.
For my ole massa tole me so,
I was de best looking niggar in de
country, O.

I look in de glass, and found 'twas so,
Just what ole massa tole me, O!

TUNE.-There's no home like my own

In de wild rackoon track,
At de break ob de morn,
'Tis de nigger's pride,
By de riber's side,

We am led on de track

By de howl ob de coon.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Dat ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

Howl to me when de coon I see, Make de heart ob dis nigga bound,

I long to be climbing up dat tree, To pull de ole coon down.

I hab crossed de Mississippi,
I hab kissed de black gals lippy,
But de happiest time were in ole Caro

When dis nigga fall in lub wid a gal named Dinah. Ha, ha, &c.

Her lips war white, her eyes war brite, Her voice war berry clear,

Her lips war big, she could sing like a pig, Her mouth stretched from ear to ear. Ha, ha, &c.

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DE BIG WHITE MOON AM SHINING. AIR.-The Young May Moon is beaming, Love. Он, de big white moon am shinin, lub, De big Tom cat is whinin, lub, Come let us meet,

Down in Small Street,

Our arms each other twinin, lub.

Den get up, de heabens am bright, my dear,

Gist like your eye, so white, my dear. For de best ob all way,

To be up before day,

Is to rise in de middle ob de night, my dear.

Now all de darkies am sleepin, lub, An de watch from his box am peepin, lub,

While I watch for my load, As de snake watch de toad. Until you come down here creepin, lub.

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Den git up, let us fly, my dear,
De moon am leabin de sky, my dear,
An if she goes down,

We'll cut dirt out town,

By de light of your big white eye, my


་་་ ་་་་་《《


TUNE.-The Alpine Maid.

THERE lived in a place I forget,

A gal like the colour of sut,-
La, la, la, la,

I went to her house to see if she was


She was down at the store a buying some gin.

La, la, la, &c.

A dashing young niggar come by,
De voice of dat black girl was nigh,—
La, la, la, la.

I went to her house which stands in de


Miss Dinah I know keeps something dats good.

La, la, la, &c.

Her teeth is de colour of snow,
Dat all of your darkies does know,-
La, la, la, la.

Her eyes like de diamond does brightly shine,

Dares none in dis place like my lovely Dine.

La, la, la, &c.

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