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On de bank ob de ribber where de trees dey hang so low,

When de coon among de branches play, and de mink he keeps below, Oh dere is de spot, and May she look so sweet Her eyes dey sparkle like de stars and her lips am red as beet.

Oh dearest May, &c. Beneath de shady old oak tree I sot for many an hour,

As happy as de buzzard bird dat sports among de flowers,

But dearest May I left her, and she cried when both we parted,

I give her a long and farewell kiss, and back to massa started.

Oh dearest May, &c.


Он, we come from de mountains,
Ob ole Virginny State,
We're a band ob darkies,


From de heel unto de pate, With a band ob music,

Now go singin through each state.


We hab leff our darkey parents,
In ole Virginny State,

Dey bid us good bye,

And we bid dem good bye-er;
We am true colored singers,
We make de ole arth ring, sirs,

We hab ten oder brothers,

An' we've sisters one and toder, Repeat
Wid one fader and one moder
In ole Virginny State.
Wid all ob us togedder,

We're a smashen woolley tribe,
Oh, handsom bleatin black sheep,
An our history we sing.
Yes, while de air am ringin,

Wid our banjo and singin,
We de news to you am bringin,
From de ole Virginny State,
We're de tribe ob Sambo,

An dar seberal names we'll sing. Cudjoe, Banjo, Pompey, Cæsar,

Rawbone, Jawbone, Chuffee, Sneezer Juba, Jumbo, Pete, an Egg-eye, And Twolips am our names, Repeat. We're the sons ob Dinah, Ob the tribe ob Sambo, And now we touch de banjo, And sing you our Virginia Song.

We're all real darkies,

Our hair an lips am curled, And we hope to please you,

An sing it through the world.

Oh leave your mammy my deary lub,

In New York we'll fry dem steaks; We'll feed de folks up to de hub,



AIR.-Come on come with me.

OH dis nigga war raised in Ole Wurginny,
And my lub her name is Dine,
She hab de sense to prefer dis nigga,
'Fore Dandy Jim ob Caroline.


My raft is on de shore, an O! she light and free,

To be a jolly raftsman is just the life for

An as I pole along, our song shall be,
Oh darlin Dinah 1 love but thee.

And you shall hurry up dem cakes.
My raft is on de shore &c.

So good bye we bid to Ole Wurginny,
Niggas we bid you all farewell;
Our masters dey may go to Guinea,
In Free States we will dwell.
My raft is on de shore, &c.


I TOOK de banjo down to play,
To give my lub a serenade,
She was up rader late a making pies.
When she went to bed she couldn't shut

her eyes.

Get up in de morning, get up in de morning,

Get up in de morning, before de broke ob day.

Sambo and Sal went a fishing one day,
In de steamboat down de bay,
Sal trowed de line and gub it a dip,
And kotched ole Sambo in de lip.
Get up in de morning, &c.

I kotched de flounder. Sal kotched de shad, Wasn't ole Sal riptaring mad

She said mine was a porgy, hern was a


She beat me about de head wid de ole shad's tail.

Get up in de morning, &c.

We fished all night before de broke ob day,
Den rode home on de load ob hay,
Sall 'gin to sing, and I 'gin to play,
Get up in de morning before de broke ob


Get up in de morning, &c.


IN Souf Carolina whar I was born
I husk de wood, an chop de corn,
A roasted ear to de house I bring,
Den de driver kotch me an I sing.

Ring de hoop, sound de horn,
I neber seen de like since I was born,
Way down in the counteree,

Four or five miles from de ole Pee Dee,

Dey take me out on tater hill,
An dey make me dance against my will,
An dey make me dance on sharp toed

While de oder nigga's laughs and groans, Ring de hoop, &c.

In Souf Carolina de nigga's grow,
If de white man will only plant his toe,
Den dey water de ground wid bacca smoke,
An out ob de dirt dar heads will poke.
Ring de hoop, &c.

Down on de bank I spied a ship,
I slide down on my unda lip,

I jumped aboard to cross de brink,
Lord, how it make dis nigga's gizzard


Ring de hoop, &c.


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