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I courted her for seven years,
My lubly Suseanna,
I started off to that shore,
By the roads of Alabama,

Will you come? &c.

1 arrived on that shore,
With my lub Suseanna,
And we are a going to spend our time
On the roads of Alabama.

Will you come ! &c.

Oh I lived so merrily,
With my lub Suseanna;
She died in happiness and peace,
On the roads of Alabama.
Will you come

? &c.

Oh! now 'tis sad to say farewell
To my lub Suseanna;
But I must rest my troubled mind,

In the roads of Alabama.

Will you come? &e


Happy are we, Niggar's so gay
Jenny Lind,

De nights when we went Coon hunting,
Bress that yaller gal,
Virginia's Lubly ground,
Black eyed Susyanna,
A life by the gally fire,
De Nigga Gal's Dream,
Good looking Cuff,

O carry me back to Old Virginny,
Gin ob ole Virginny,
Romeo and Juliet,
De Nigga's Tear,

Nigga's description of Shakspeare,


Susy Brown,

Daniel Tucker's wedding,
Dearest May,
De ole Virginny State,
The Jolly Raftsman,
Get in de Morning,
The old Pee Dee,
Way down South,
Jim Crack Corn,
O whar is de spot,

The new roads of Alabama,

De oak I'se sawed,







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MERIT to gain a heart, and sense to keep t Money to him that has spirit to use it. More friends and less need of them. May those who deceive us, be always de ceived.

May the sword of justice be swayed by the hand of mercy.

May the brow of the brave never want a wreath of laurel.

May we be slaves to nothing but our duty, and friends to nothing but real merit.

May he that turns his back on his friend, fall into the hands of his enemy.

May honour be the commander when love takes the field.

May reason guide the helm, when passion blows the gale.

May those who would enslave, become slaves themselves.

May genius and merit never want a friend. May the road of happiness be lighted by virtue.

May life last as long as it is worth wearing. May we never murmur without a cause, and never have a cause to murmur.

May the eye that drops for the misfortunes of others, never shed a tear for its own.

May the lovers of the fair sex never want means to support and spirit to defend them.

May the tear of misery be dried by the hand of commiseration.

May the voyage of life end in the haven of happiness.

Provision to the unprovided.

Peace and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.

Riches to the generous, and power to the merciful.

Short shoes and long corns to the enemies of freedom.

Success to the lover, and joy to the beloved. The life we love, with whom we love. The friend we love, and the woman we dare trust.

The union of two fond hearts.

The lovers of honor, and honorable lovers.
The unity of hearts in the union of hands.
The love of liberty, and liberty in love.
The liberty of the press without licentious-


The virtuous fair, and the fair virtuous. Th road to honor through the plains of virtue.

The hero of Saratoga-may his memory animate the breast of every American.

The American's triumvirate, love, honor, and liberty..

The memory of WASHINGTON.

May the example of the new world regen. erate the old.

Wit without virulence, wine without ex cess, and wisdom without affectation.

What charms, arms, and disarms.
Home pleasant, and our friends at home.

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Your love for mine, and ours for that of the company.

May we never want a friend to cheer us, and a bottle to cheer him.

Champaign to our real friends, and real pain to our sham friends.

May our evening diversions bear our morning reflections.

May we never, by overleaping the bounds of prudence, trespass upon the bounty of friendship.

May those who fall by misfortune be lifted up by the hand of friendship.

May friendship draw the cork, and love the curtain.

As we travel through life, may we live well on the road.

May every honest man turn out a rogue. May poverty always be a day's march behind us.

May we be happy, and our enemies know it May those we love be honest, and the land we live in free.

May honesty never be ashamed of an un fasnionable garment.

May fortune fill the lap where charity guides the hand.

All we wish and all we want.

Ability to serve a friend, and honor to conceal it.

Absalom's end to the fomenters of public mischief.

Constancy in love, and sincerity in friend.


Great men honest, and honest men great.

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