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Men tell the girls, they look best by candle or fire lights;

But they may tell them for their pains, men always look great frights; For, in spite of pencil'd eyebrows, stays, perfume, and washing-ball, Men never look even passable, in any light at all.

Oh, the days, &c.

What think you of the compound of puppy, bear, and ape?—

Men are so metamorphosed, they're scarce in human shape, That, when I hear they're dead, I hope it is no sin

To say, that now they've quit the world, they're better out than in. Oh, the days, &c



I DON'T like a nigger,

I'll be dogged if I do,
Kase his feet am so big
Dat he can't war a shoe.
Oh, 'tis a quart at the bottom,
An a gill at de top,

An its stan back gals,
Kase its all I got.

An its dance de boatmen dance.
Oh, dance de boatmen dance,
We'll dance all night,
Till broad day-light,

And go home wid de gals in de mornin.

Oh, I jump into a boat,
Wid my hog an I go,
Away down de Ohio,

Nigger cum into my boat,
An he steal my shoat,

But I chuck him in de river,
By de heel ob his coat.
An its dance de boatmen dance,
An dance de boatman, dance,
We'll dance all night,
Till broad day-light,

An go home wid de gals in de

Oh, I does hate a nigger,
Tho' its colour ob my skin,
But de blood ob dis nigger,

Am all white to de chin,
I war coloured by de smoke,
In de boat war I war borned,

And de gals say my gizzard,
Am as white as de corn.

Dance de boatmen, &c.

I can row down de riber,

De darkest night dat shine, Wid a half a dozen corn,

An a bushel ob swine.
If de fog am so thick,
I've to cut it like de ice,
I can land by de white
Ob de gals dark eyes.

An its dance de boatman dance, &o

Dars a gal in Cincinnati,

Tried to gib me de slip, But I hold fast as tar rope By her gum elastic lip. She tried to dislocate it,

But I pull her to my heel, An I tow her down de riber, Like a hoss corpse a keel. Den its dance de boatmen dance, &o

A steamer load o' whiskey,
One day elapsed her flue,
She blowed up all de spirits,
An made de water blue.
De ole Ohio staggered,

Like a salted water snake,
It made de fishes dance as if
Dey cotch de bowel ache.
Dance de boatmen dance, &c.


ROAR, raging torrent, and thou mighty river,

Dash thy wild waves on the valley below,

From the dark mountains, and shadow for ever

The deep rocky bed where the wide rapids flow.

The green sunny glade and the smoothflowing fountain

Brighten the home of the coward and


But the flood and the forest, the rock and the mountain

Rear on their bosom the free and the brave.

While pours thy broad wave, like a torrent from heaven.

Each son thou shalt rear, in the battle's wild shock,

When the death-speaking blast of the trumpet is given,

Shall charge like thy waters, or stand like thy rock.

Though his roof be the cloud, and the ground be his pillow,

Though he stride the rough mountain, or toss on the foam,

He will strike bold and true, on the field or the billow,

In triumph, Columbia, for God and his home.


I HEAR them speak of my father land, And feel like a mountain child, When they tell of the gallant yager band,

And the chamois bounding wild. Of the snow-capp'd hills to heaven that


Where the avalanches fall,

And the chalet's joys when the chase is o'er,

And the Ranz-des-vaches they call. And when the tear would dim my eyes, I raise the Alpin lay;

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