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L. S. Rowe, Citizen of the Americas

In Memoriam

DR. L. S. Rowe, who since September 1, 1920 had been Director General of the Pan American Union, died at Washington on December 5, 1946. He was the victim of an automobile accident while on his way to attend an official reception at the Bolivian Embassy.

The American Republics have lost a servant and a leader who had won their high regard. A man of complete integrity, great friendliness, and extreme modesty, Dr. Rowe had a keen mind, an unlimited capacity for work, and sure judgment in the operation of the complicated international machine entrusted to his

guidance. From the beginning of his service in the Pan American Union he

enjoyed the confidence and esteem of men and nations. His constant intercourse with influential men from all parts of the Americas gave him the breadth of judgment to deal with complex and delicate problems, and many persons sought him out to ask his counsel.

The history of Dr. Rowe's directorship is the history of the Pan American Union for the past quarter century. Possessing to a high degree that unassuming, tactful efficiency essential to the success of an international organization, he devoted to his work the full powers of his mind and heart. The ideals of Pan Americanism were the mainspring of his being, and he gave his life to advancing their realization. Few men have deserved more than he the gratitude of those who value the benefits of peace and international cooperation.

Dr. Rowe's work was carried on not only at the Pan American Union but in university classes, on the lecture platform, in the press, and over the radio. The part that he played in inter-American conferences cannot be overestimated. Here his long view, his experience, and the value that he set on justice, the preservation of peace through orderly processes, and the furtherance of constructive inter-American coop

received from International American Conferences, the Conference of Chapultepec gave special recognition to the admirable services which he had rendered to the cause of continental harmony;

He has therefore earned the gratitude of all the peoples of America in their determination to consolidate those noble ideals,

The Governing Board of the Pan American Union

eration came to the fore. Governments, universities, and learned societies throughout the Americas testified their appreciation of his services by conferring on him decorations, degrees, and memberships.

In the years of his service as Director General, Dr. Rowe had the affection and admiration of the members of his staff, for he was their friend as well as their chief. They knew, better than anyone else, his clearness of thought, faithfulness, disinterestedness, spirit of service and sacrifice, generous qualities of heart, nobility of character, and greatness of soul. With all his friends in the Americas they mourn his passing.

The Governing Board of the Pan American Union, which hastened to meet in special session on December 6, 1946, passed the following resolution:

Dr. L. S. Rowe has passed away;

For more than twenty-six years Dr. Rowe held the important post of Director General of the Pan American Union;

In that capacity he distinguished himself in his unswerving loyalty to Pan American principles;

In his activities he proved himself an untiring and wise administrator of Pan American policy;

His eminent services also showed him to be a defender of universal peace;

Among the many testimonials that Dr. Rowe


1. To express its deepest sorrow on the death of Dr. Rowe, in the name of the Governments represented on the Governing Board as well as in its own name.

2. To display the flag of the Pan American Union at half mast for a period of thirty days.

3. To suspend for three days the administra. tive activities of the Pan American Union.

4. To suspend for one month all activities of a public and social character in the Pan American Union.

5. To respect the wishes of Dr. Rowe that his remains be cremated; and to attend the act in a body.

6. To preserve his ashes in the building of the Pan American Union.

7. To honor the memory and record the distinguished career of the deceased Director General in a special issue of the BULLETIN OF THE PAN AMERICAN UNION.

8. To hold a solemn ceremony in the Hall of the Americas of the Pan American Union in homage to the person and achievements of the distinguished deceased.

9. To declare Dr. Rowe a Citizen of the Americas.

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