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Times! When that which, in the purer purer Days of the Gofpel, would have been looked upon as fhort of the ordinary Standard of the Chriftian Life, is now styled being Righteous over-much; and when a Degree of Piety and Zeal for the Honour of Chrift, and the Purity of his Religion, above the common Level, fhall go near to make a Man a By-word among the People,

mes will appear the Degeneracy of these SERMON


To a World thus fettled on its Lees, thus funk in Softnefs, and wrapped up in all the Delufions of a feeming Security, and falfe Peace; we are to cry aloud, and fhew the Folly, Sin, and Danger of every State and Condition that comes fhort of a Gospel Righteousness. A World thus befotted, afleep, and dead in Trefpaffes and Sins, is to be awakened, not by fome fmooth Lectures on moral Virtue, but by founding in their Ears the Terrors of the Lord: And, to a World decking and contenting itself with the outward Forms of a Pharifaical Religion, we must preach the Neceffity of being born again, of being John üi. created in Chrift Jefus unto good Works, and Eph. ii. of that inward Righteousness and Holiness, 10. without which no Man fhall fee the Lord.



Heb. xii.



SERMON And, as to any Difficulties and Difcouragements that may present themselves to us in the Discharge of this Duty, let us be Gallio's in these Things: It is Comfort and Encouragement fufficient, that Truth is on our Side, and that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. Let not then Wickednefs in bigh Places, nor the Overflowings of Ungodliness, make us afraid; for He whose Cause we plead, whofe Doctrine we preach and defend, and who hath all Power in xxviii. 18. Heaven and in Earth, He is, He will be, with Ib. xxviii. us always, even unto the End.





Converfion founded on Conviction of Sin.

Preached in the Parish-Church of All-Saints, in
Northampton, on Sunday, October 30, 1748.
Publifh'd by Request.

ACTS ii. 37.

Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their Heart, and faid unto Peter, and to the rest of the Apostles, Men and Brethren, What shall we do?

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E have an Account in this Chap- SERMON ter of three Thousand Souls being converted to the Faith of Chrift in one Day, by the Preaching of the Apostles. A glorious Beginning of the Work of God on the Hearts of Sinners! A convincing Demonftration of the Power of the Holy Ghoft; which now, according to our Saviour's Promife, defcended upon his Embassadors, and rendered their Ministry effectual to the Converfion of many more Thousands in all Parts of

SERMON the known World: So mightily grew the VI. Word of God, and prevailed; under the Con-* Aas xix. duct and Influence of this Heavenly Difpenfer!


The miraculous Defcent of the Holy Ghost being noised abroad throughout Je rufalem, great Numbers flocked to the Temple, many of them doubtless led by a natural Curiofity to fee fo extraordinary' a Sight. Now there happened to be prefent in this mixt Multitude Jews of Fifteen different Nations and Countries, who in Obedience to the Law of Mofes were come up to Jerufalem to the Feast: For though from the Time of the Babylonish Captivity they were difperfed almoft over the Face of the whole Earth, yet they religiously kept the Paffover at Jerufalem; and many ftayed there till after the Feaft of Pentecoft, which was inftituted in Memory of the Delivery of the Law on Mount Sinai.

Peter being moved by the Holy Ghost, takes Occasion from this great Concourse of People to preach unto them Chrift a Saviour; to prove to them from their own Scriptures, that the fame Jefus whom they had crucified was the Meffiab therein fore



told; and to infift upon his Refurrection SERMON. from the Dead, and Exaltation at the Right ( Hand of God. Upon which we read, that they, i. e. fuch of them as believed, were pricked in their Hearts, and faid, Men and Brethren, What shall we do? Then Peter Said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the Name of Jefus Chrift, for the Remiffion of Sins, and ye shall receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And with many other Words did he testify and exbort.

Now here it is obfervable, first, How God Almighty makes ufe of Natural, in conjunction with Supernatural Causes, to bring about the gracious Effect of GospelSalvation; and by a wonderful Caft of his Providence improves the most common, and to us feemingly accidental Occurrences, to the Manifeftation of his Power and Glory. Thus, out of a mixt Multitude, brought together by mere natural Curiosity, to fee some new thing, no lefs than Three Thousand Souls were caught in the Net of the Gofpel, by thofe Fishers of Men, as our Saviour forenamed the Apostles. And I doubt not but many a one, who has come to Church upon no better a Principle, has L been

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