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nefs, for his Bowels are enlarged towards all that will come within the Embrace of his Charity, which is as wide as the Eaft is from the Weft. He cannot wrangle and hate about Differences of Opinion, for he is got above them; his Call, his Univerfal Call is to Love, and he has adopted for his Motto that Saying of Luther quo aliquid Chrifti video, illum diligo


In whomfoever I fee any thing of Christ, "him I love.", In this Man, wherefoever he lives, and by what Name foever he is called, the Kingdom of Chrift is come; and of fuch heavenly Men and Women it will confift in that enlarged glorious State of it which we are given to look for: And what if it be already begun on Earth ?

I cannot conclude this Preliminary Difcourfe better than with an Extract from Dr. More's Preface to the Mystery of Godlinefs. After he had before afferted, that the End which all Parts of the Christian Mystery point at, is the Advancement and Triumph of the divine Life in the Soul, in the Exaltation of which God is most highly glorified, he declares his Belief of a future happy State of the Church when the Spirit

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and Power of the everlasting Gofpel fhall prevail in the Hearts of Men.

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"There fhall be, there fhall be, most "certainly, a Time, when the Sun of Righ"teousness being rifen, Egyptian Mists and "Darkness fhall be difperfed: When all "the Filth and Drofs of the Church fhall be "confumed and purged away by the Ardor "of divine Love: When all Barbarity of Manners, and filthy Superftitions and Ido"latries fhall be fent into the Lake of Fire "and Brimstone: When, finally, Calvinifm, Lutheranifm, Popery, and whatever other Diftinctions, fhall be melted down into one (which fhall be instead of "all) truly Catholic and Apoftolic Philadelphianifm. Which Times that God would "haften, and thereto incline the Hearts of "Chriftian Princes and People, ought to "be the fervent Defire and Prayer of all good Men."

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