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1 portion of the Coachella Canal of the Boulder Canyon project 2 in California from station 2+26 to the beginning of siphon 3 number 7, a length of approximately forty-nine miles. 4 (b) The total construction charges shall be repayable 5 without interest in equal annual installments over a period of 6 forty years beginning in the year following completion of 7 construction: Provided, That repayment shall be prorated 8 by the Secretary between the United States and the Coach9 ella Valley County Water District based upon the benefits that 10 each receives from the project authorized by section 102 (a), 11 all as determined by the Secretary. The annual repayment

12 installments shall be nonreimbursable to the extent the Secre

13 tary determines that the United States benefits from the

14 project by virtue of the use of water saved in meeting the

15 international settlement objective of this Act. In no event

16 shall the United States reserve such benefit after the Secre

17 tary reduces deliveries of mainstream Colorado River water to

18 California to 4.4 million acre-feet per year.


(c) The Secretary is authorized to acquire by purchase, 20 eminent domain, or exchange private lands or interests there21 in, as may be determined by him to be appropriate, within 22 the Imperial Irrigation District on the Imperial East Mesa 23 which receive, or which have been granted rights to receive, 24 water from Imperial Irrigation District's capacity in the 25 Coachella Canal. Costs of such acquisitions shall be nonreim


1 bursable and the Secretary is authorized to dispose of the 2 acquired lands or interests therein together with the rights 3 to any water therefor on terms and conditions satisfactory 4 to him, and the proceeds therefrom shall be deposited in the

5 General Fund of the Treasury.


(d) The Secretary is authorized to credit Imperial 7 Irrigation District against its final payments for certain out8 standing construction charges payable to the United States

on account of capacity to be relinquished in the All-Ameri



can and Coachella Canals as a result of the canal lining pro

11 gram, all as determined by the Secretary: Provided, That 12 relinquishment of capacity shall not affect the established 13 basis for allocating operation and maintenance costs of the

14 main All-American Canal to existing contractors.


SEC. 103. (a) If the comprehensive agreement on

16 ground water provided for in section 5 of minute mmbered

17 242 is not reached within two years from the date of this 18 Act, the Secretary shall consult with the Secretary of State

19 and determine whether such an agreement is likely to be

20 concluded within a reasonable time. If the Secretary deter

21 mines that such an agreement is not likely to be concluded 22 within a reasonable time, the Secretary is authorized to: 23

(1) Construct, operate, and maintain wells in the 24 areas found appropriate for well fields as a means of 25 utilizing ground waters of the Yuma Mesa division, Gila

31-174 O - 74 - 2



project, and the Valley division, Yuma project areas, Arizona, which wells shall be capable of furnishing ap



proximately one hundred and sixty thousand acre-feet


of water per year for use in the United States and for


delivery to Mexico in satisfaction of the 1944 Mexican


Water Treaty.


(2) Acquire by purchase, eminent domain, or ex


change, to the extent determined by him to be appro


priate, approximately twenty three thousand five hun


dred acres of lands or interests therein within approxi


mately five miles of the Mexican border on the Yuma

[blocks in formation]


(b) The cost of work provided for in this section shall

[blocks in formation]

SEC. 104. The Secretary is authorized to provide for 16 modifications of the projects authorized by this Act to the 17 extent he deterinines appropriate for purposes of meeting 18 the international settlement objective of this Act at the lowest 19 overall cost to the United States. No funds for any such

modification shall be expended until the expiration of sixty 21 days after the proposed modification las been submitted to 22 the Congress, unless the Congress approves an carlier date 23 by concurrent resolution. The Secretary shall notify the


24 Governors of the Colorado River Basin States of such

25 modifications.



SEC. 105. The Secretary is hereby authorized to enter

2 into contracts that he deems necessary to carry out the pro

3 visions of this Act in advance of the appropriation of funds

4 therefor.

5 SEC. 106. In carrying out the provisions of this Act, the 6 Secretary shall consult and cooperate with the Secretary of

7 State, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection

8 Agency, the Secretary of Agriculture, and other affected

9 Federal, State, and local agencies. 10 SEC. 107. Nothing in this Act shall be deemed to modify 11 the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, the Federal

12 Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, or, except as ex

13 pressly stated herein, the provisions of any other Federal

14 law.


SEC. 108. There is hereby authorized to be appropriated

16 the sum of $119,500,000 for the construction of the works

17 and accomplishment of the purposes authorized in sections 18 101 and 102, and $31,000,000 to accomplish the purpose of 19 section 103, based on April 1973 prices, plus or minus such 20 amounts as may be justified by reason of ordinary fluctuations

21 in construction costs involved therein, and such sums as may

22 be required to operate and maintain such works and to pro

23 vide for such modifications as may be made pursuant to sec

24 tion 104. There is further authorized to be appropriated such


sums as may be necessary to pay condemnation awards in



excess of appraised values and to cover costs required in con

2 nection with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real

3 I'roperty Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (Public Law

4 90-646).





7 SEC. 201. (a) The Secretary of the Interior shall imple8 ment the salinity control policy adopted for the Colorado 9

River in the “Conclusions and Recommendations" published 10 in the Proceedings of the Reconvened Seventh Session of the

11 Conference in the Matter of Pollution of the Interstate Waters

12 of the Colorado River and Its Tributaries in the States of 13 California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico,

14 and Wyoming, held in Denver, Colorado, on April 26-27, 15 1972, under the authority of section 10 of the Federal Water 16 Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 1160), and approved by 17 the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

18 on June 9, 1972.


(b) The Secretary is hereby directed to expedite the 20 investigation, planning, and implementation of the salinity 21 control program generally as described in chapter VI of the 22 Secretary's report entitled, “Colorado River Water Quality 23 Improvement Program, February, 1972”. 24 (c) In conformity with section 201 (a) of this Act and 25 the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency under

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